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The Shortcut Home

by ghandi

“To find the derivative of something like x^3, take the exponent, put it at the front, and subtract one from that exponent. That’d be 3x^2,” a voice said in the back of Ellen’s mind.

Eighteen-year old Ellen Cavendish sat in Intro to Calculus, half-listening to the teacher. Finding herself utterly unable to concentrate on the teacher, she turned her attention to more interesting things; like drawing people, flowers, and whatever else came to mind in her notebook. The boredom of sitting still for the last hour filled her mind. The only redeeming thought was that it would be over in just five minutes, then she could go home.

“Why is everything in my life so boring?” she thought to herself, “I wish I had a little spice in my life.” Ellen had plenty of friends, but in her small town of 1,500 people, there wasn’t much to do with them. Hanging out was only interesting for so long.

Ellen was shaken out of her thoughts by the ringing of the bell. Freedom. She packed up her belongings and stuffed them into her backpack. She didn’t have any homework, but she always brought her books home anyway, just to make her parents happy. Going out into the hall, she lingered in college a moment longer to make conversation with some of her friends and to be hit on by a couple of boys. The boys had taken an interest in her ever since she hit puberty. Her slim, shapely figure and early development of her breasts had made her a hit with the opposite sex. Add in silky-smooth, bright blond hair and cute face, and what do you get? A very sexy girl.

Ellen reciprocated, too. She even had sex several times with one special boy, John. He moved away last year. Since then she simply didn’t have the urge to do it with any of the other boys at her college anymore. Ellen had always been one of the most intelligent and mature students at her college. This actually posed a problem for her sex drive, since she simply couldn’t bring herself to be interested in an immature or intellectually inferior boy. She appreciated their attention, though.

With nothing else to do around college, she left and headed for home. For her it was a two-mile, half-an-hour walk. Her typical route followed roads most of the time, but took a shortcut through a field with high grasses.

Halfway through the field Ellen spotted a dog in her path. It was a large German Shepherd. It didn’t make any aggressive moves towards her or growl, so she didn’t feel any danger. Taking a closer look, she noticed it didn’t have any collar on, thought its fur looked clean and well-kept.

“Hello, boy,” she said in a soft, calming voice, “Where did you come from? Are you lost?”

Ellen had always had a deep compassion for animals, and her heart went out to the big dog. Surely it had a home to go home to. She slowly made her way over to the dog, being careful not to spook him. The entire way she tried to soothe him by talking to him softly, and holding her hands out invitingly. Her efforts were rewarded: she got all the way to him. He didn’t run away or growl in warning.

“Are you someone’s pet, boy?” she cooed as she petted him.

While she stood there petting him and talking to him softly for some time, Ellen thought about what she should do with him. She couldn’t take him home, since her parents had no tolerance for pets of any kind. She couldn’t take him to an animal shelter, since her town didn’t have one.

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when the huge German Shepherd leapt up at her, licking her face and knocked her onto her back. Since it was May, it’s quite warm, and Ellen wore a short skirt to college that day. Now that skirt rode up around her waist, and her legs reflexively spread to help her try to break her fall. The dog took this opportunity to use her pussy, which was now being covered with only a thin layer of cloth. Startled, it took her several seconds to realize what he was doing.

“Bad boy! You can’t lick me there. That’s wrong. Stop,” Ellen cried.

He either didn’t understand her or didn’t care. He just kept on licking her crotch through the panties. Instinctively, she closed her legs. The huge dog growled in response.

Realising that he could probably kill her with a single bite to the neck, she fearfully opened her legs. He immediately resumed his licking. It didn’t take long before her panties were soaked with his saliva. Ellen was very scared, and had no sexual interest in dogs. Despite her lack of interest a desire began to stir deep within her. He began to lick her panties into her pussy lips. She couldn’t deny that it felt great.

“How long is this going to last?” She asked more to herself than to him. Moments later, he dexterously grabbed hold of her panties with his teeth and tore them open. Amazingly Ellen was totally unharmed. Now with her privates exposed and vulnerable she finally made her realize what he was about to do. This was not going to end any time soon. He wanted to be satisfied. Horrified, Ellen began to back away from him. A loud growl and a gentle but pain nip on the leg let her know that he meant business. She stopped dead in her tracks.

He now had full access to her vagina. He greedily started licking all around and even into her hairless pussy. The rough wetness of his tongue rhythmically scraped against her clitoris. If she wasn’t aroused before, she was now. Every fibre of her being knew that this was wrong, and yet her primal instincts still couldn’t resist the sexual stimulation this animal was providing her. Ellen began to pant and moan under his continued assault on her clitoris and invasion of her vagina with his tongue. It didn’t take long before her lubricating juices began to flow on their own and the German Shepherd eagerly explored her pussy, seeking them out. He relentlessly lapped them up.

Despite all the pleasure she felt, she knew she couldn’t let him go any further, at least at the intellectual, civilised level. In her mind, she formulated a plan for escape. She would twist around and get up, then make a run for it. Even if she didn’t make it back to her house, almost anything was better than getting raped by a dog. Maybe, she thought, she could find a tree branch or big stone to use as a weapon to scare him off with.

Ellen made her move. She twisted around and got on her hands and knees. Just before she was able to get fully to her feet, she felt his powerful forepaws wrap around her slim waist. His weight was like an anchor and she sunk back to her hands and knees with him on top. His rough paws scratched her sensitive sides, and his course stomach hair brushed against her back. She struggled valiantly for a minute, but there was no way she, a 110-pound girl, could get him, a 190-pound dog, off of her.

“Great escape, Ellen. Way to go,” she thought to herself. “What’s he going to do now?”

That’s when she felt the tip of his cock touch her bare thigh. She hadn’t realised that he would try to actually penetrate her. She didn’t think such a thing was even possible between a dog and a human, but here she was. Ellen looked down between her hands and knees and saw it. It was huge. It was at least nine inches long, bright red, and glistening wetly.

“Oh fuck! I can’t let this happen to me!” She struggled with all her might, but all that did was exhaust her. Once she finished struggling, the victorious dog began to try to find her pussy. Ellen’s pussy was wet and open from her earlier stimulation. It was ready, even if she was not. He was used to the height a pussy was on a bitch, not a human, so he kept jabbing and missing. Each jab he went a little higher, until finally he hit what he was searching for, Ellen’s pussy. Ellen let out a cry of despair, finally resigning herself to what was about to happen.

After entering her, the German Shepherd made a quick series of thrusts, which pushed his entire cock deep into her. His cock now fully inside her, Ellen could feel the tip of his cock pushing against her cervix. At first the stretching of her pussy hurt a lot, but before long it subsided. She had to admit, this felt totally unlike her experience with John. This dog’s cock felt hot inside her. Strangely enough, that heat felt very erotic, and only heightened her pleasure. This dog was almost larger than John, filling her fully and completely.

Finally comfortable and situated, the dog began to hump her at a rapid pace. In and out. In and out. Every time he pushed fully into her, the tip of his cock would press against her cervix, and the fur at the base of his cock would brush against her clit, which by this time was engorged in arousal. Her mid-sized tits jiggled back and forth with every hump, and her nipples hardened. The pleasure rapidly built within her. Before long she couldn’t help herself, and she began to hump back at him. Feeling something wet hit her neck, Ellen looked up at him.

His tongue was hanging out of his mouth and was dripping his saliva all over her hair and neck. At this point, Ellen was so horny to be past all reason and morals. She opened her mouth and let some of his saliva drop into it. Surprisingly, it tasted good to her. The thought of performing such a taboo act hit her then, and pushed her over the edge into oblivion. She orgasmed. Hard. She screamed out in bliss for what seemed like forever.

The sounds of her screams were muffled by the old-growth trees surrounding the field. No one would be hearing them. The orgasm seemingly made every muscle in her body fire spasmodically, and still the dog continued to hump. Seconds after the orgasm subsided, she felt a pressure developing at the base of his penis, just outside of her pussy– his knot.

A sudden fear of being torn apart by it seized Ellen. She took hold of the base of his cock to prevent it from entering her. It felt hard, hot, and a slightly slimy. It continued to grow until it was almost as big as a baseball. Then his frantic pace slowed to a stop. Thinking it was over, she let go of his cock. Suddenly, he pushed forward with tremendous force, almost knocking her face into the ground. The huge knot pushed itself halfway into her. Before she could stop him, he humped again and it was pushed the rest of the way into her vagina, where it lodged itself. Her pussy hurt, as it was stretched to unbelievable proportions to allow the knot to enter.

The huge dog humped a couple more times, softly, then stopped and seemed to tense up. He howled, and she felt his cock begin to spew cum deep into her womb. His cum was even hotter than his cock and it boiled deliciously into her. He continued to spurt cum into her for what seemed like forever. Ellen felt their combined juices running down her leg. Finally it stopped. The huge dog let out a contented sigh, and licked her neck affectionately. After a beat, he tried to pull out of her, but his knot held him it, and it caused her some pain.

“How could I let this happen to me?” She thought. “I’ve got to get out of here.” He tried to pull away quickly, hoping it would yank out. The knot held fast however, and pain shot through her abused pussy. She almost panicked, but realised that if she struggled it would only hurt her more. Reluctantly she resigned herself to waiting it out. It had to go down eventually, right?

After a minute, his cock shrivelled inside her, but his knot stayed inflamed. He kept dribbling cum into her slowly, and by now the back of her hair was soaked with his drool. Ellen ignored it and waited impatiently. Twenty minutes later she tried to put it out again. With a wet pop it slid out of her. The pop was followed by a gush of their combined juices down her legs.

Realising she was free, she shuffled out from under the big dog as fast as she could. He looked at her for a moment, and then ran off into the high grass. All alone, Ellen broke down. A loud sob escaped her mouth, and she collapsed onto the soft grass.

“What could be more humiliating or awful? I can’t even tell a single person about this. If anyone ever knew…” Ellen cried. After a few minutes, she gathered her emotions, and decided to get home and clean up before her parents could find out. She quickly gathered up her belongings and torn panties and headed home. She walked with her legs spread widely. Walking normally hurt her abused pussy.

When she arrived home she saw her mom’s car in the driveway. Shit, how late am I, she thought.

Knowing that she must look like shit, she crept into her bedroom window as quietly as she could. Silently, she changed her cloths then made her way to the bathroom. Before she made it there, her mum saw and intercepted her.

“Oh there you, you’re late– what happened to you? You’re all dirty.” Her mom asked, with genuine concern in her voice.

“Uh… I stayed late to go over some things with my one teacher, uh, on the way home I tripped on a branch and fell,” Ellen replied as convincingly as possible.

“Are you sure you’re OK? Well, get a shower,” her mom said. Ellen exhaled in relief. “I’m making dinner now. Your father is working late, so we’ll be on our own tonight.”

Ellen took a long hot shower. The water felt great, washing all the dirt and grime of her traumatising experience from her tired body. After the shower she ate dinner and spent the night with her mom, watching TV and chatting as casually as she was able.

Night came, and Ellen lay in her bed, thinking. She touched herself gently on her nether lips and realised that the dog hadn’t actually hurt her permanently in any way. In fact, he had never acted threatening; as long as she had done what he wanted. She pushed her finger further into her vagina. His cum filling her had felt so… good. I bet there is still a ton of his sperm swimming around within me.

“What is wrong with me? Having sex with dogs is wrong. And yet… It felt good. That, I cannot deny. If it felt good, what is so bad about it? He’s a fucking animal,” she argued back and forth with herself in her thoughts.

After thinking about it for almost an hour, she decided to go through the field again the next day on the way home. If the dog was there, she’d give herself to him freely. The pleasure he gave her was too good a thing to pass by. With those thoughts in mind, she finally let herself fall into deep sleep.


Ellen woke the next morning feeling more content and rested than she had been in a long time. She was still a little achy, but in a way it made her feel more alive. Slowly she got up and got dressed. Today she decided to wear another skirt, this one slightly shorter than the one she wore yesterday, and a white blouse. After getting dressed, she followed the smell of breakfast in the kitchen, where her mother was making bacon and eggs.

“‘Morning, mom.”

“Good morning, Hun,” her mom replied, smiling.

Soon after Ellen came out, her father did too. They greeted each other and they all sat down to eat. Stuffed, she got up from the table, retrieved her books from her room, said goodbye to her parents, and began her walk to college. This time she avoided the field, not wanting to run into the dog again prematurely.

Ellen’s day at college progressed like almost any other. This time, however, she thought about her episode with the German Shepherd the entire day, even drawing pictures of him in several classes. At lunch she paid half-attention to the conversations her friends were having. Several periods later, she was delighted to hear the sound of the last bell. Ellen already had her belongings packed up, and she rushed out of college, not stopping to chat with anyone. Her friends looked at each other and wondered why Ellen was acting so strange that day. Ellen walked to the field as fast as she could without arousing suspicion from anyone. Finally she got to the place she met the dog the day before.

“Dog? Are you here?” she called, thinking she’d have to name him soon. It just wasn’t right to be fucked by someone or something without knowing their name. Ellen decided to wait. She was a couple of minutes earlier than she had been the previous day. While she waited, she set her backpack down, and took off her panties. Recalling the day before, she began to get wet. She had been reluctant then, even raped, but now she was here on her own free will. Getting hornier by the minute, she laid down on a particularly soft looking tuft of grass and began to finger herself.

A few minutes later, at almost the same time as yesterday, he came out of the high grass. The huge German Shepherd looked at her, barked his greeting, then ran over to her. He nuzzled her playfully. Elen petted him, and he licked her face several times, getting saliva all over it. Not one to waste time, Ellen spread her legs and invited him to feast upon her.

“Here, boy. I’ve got something for you I know you’ll love.”

He didn’t waste any time either. Before Ellen knew it, his tongue was buried deep inside her pussy. His tongue wiggled around inside of her and Ellen squirmed in pleasure. In a few short minutes, she could feel the orgasm nearing. His rough dog tongue constantly stimulated her clit, making waves of pleasure spread through her entire body and her spine tingle. The orgasm hit her like a sack of bricks. Ellen arched her back, spread her legs as far as she could, and screamed in ecstasy. Her screams echoed off the trees surrounded the field and made a flock of birds fly into the air. Her vision blurred and got dark, she was that close to passing out. Unconsciously, she wrapped her legs around the dog’s head and pushed him into her deeper.

Finally coming down from her five-minute orgasm, she decided it was time for him to fuck her. He had certainly earned it. Ellen flipped around and climbed onto her hands and knees. The huge dog backed away for a moment, then mounted her, and wrapped his front paws around her waist. Ellen looked up at him, smiled, and kissed him. With one of her hands she reached down behind her and grabbed his red, hot cock, which had already emerged from its sheath. Carefully, she aligned it with her gaping, ready pussy.

“Oh God, it’s so much better when I’m willing… Okay, now fuck my brains out,” She said to him.

As if he understood her, the dog plunged his entire red cock deep into her vagina. Before long he began to thrust in and out of her wet pussy, slowly at first, but rapidly picking up speed. His rough fur brushed incessantly against her sensitive clitoris and her spine tingled pleasurably. Ellen humped him back eagerly, and soon they developed a rhythm together. With the constant stimulation of his fur on her skin, and his cock within her, Ellen didn’t last long. She came hard, and clamped down on his cock with her vaginal muscles. Her world exploded as the bliss consumed her.

“Ahhh! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Yes!” she cried.

Ellen came down from her orgasm, but the dog continued to fuck her at a frantic pace. Minutes later she came again. Not as powerful as her first, but far more powerful than anything she had experienced before yesterday. By this time her hair was again full of his saliva, which his tongue continued to drip down onto her hair and neck.

Getting close to coming himself, his knot began to swell inside of her, and his whole body tensed up. Prepared for it, his knot didn’t hurt as much as yesterday. After some initial discomfort, her pleasure began to increase from the tightness and fullness. Once the knot swelled fully, Ellen’s fate was sealed. He was going to cum into her deep, and there was nothing she could do about it. The German Shepherd growled, then began to unload his dog cum into her. The viscous fluid invaded her most intimate parts, seeping throughout her vagina and uterus. The feeling of that delicious heat filling her made her cum hard, one last time.

Both of them finally exhausted, they rested together, waiting for his knot to deflate. While they waited, Ellen tongue-kissed the dog, getting saliva all over her face in the process. Half an hour later, his knot finally came out, emitting a wet popping sound as it did. Fluids gushed, but she tried to keep as much of their combined juices in her by raising her back-end and lowering her head to the ground.

“I want to keep as much of you in me for as long as I can,” she said to the great dog.

Petting him affectionately she said, “I think I’m going to call you King. King, from now on I’m going to come here every day I can after college. From now on, I’m your bitch. You can fuck me and cum in me all you want.”

The End

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Hi, my name is Carla, I’m 36 married with Alex from 15 years. We have 2 girls and a boy, Sonia is 14, Marta is 12 and our little boy Robert of 9. We are a pretty happy family, my husband working hard and providing for the family. Sometimes he needs to go on business trips on other cities and even countries. We met in high school and have been sweethearts from then, little by little we managed to put things together, we moved to our house and started both working to maintain a good stability.After we have Robert I started to look more for the house, cleaning it and raising the kids, my husband supporting me and telling me that he thought I could stay home to look more for the family and we will be just fine.

After a couple of months of staying home i started to get visits from my friends, one of them having 6 Boxer puppies. She proposed me that i would take one as it would bring a new colour to our family and for the kids. I said that I will ask my husband and next time she will come she could bring one if its ok. In the evening we had dinner and I asked Alex if we could have a puppy, he thought a little and said OK, it will keep me and the kids company when he is not around.

After 3 days my friend Rebecca came to have a coffee and brought one puppy. He was 2 months, a brown boxer which seem playful as he run a little around our table. We chit chat there for 1 hour talking about our new member, what I should do raise him nice, about his parents which were of pure breed etc.

The kids were happy to see him and they played with him, sometimes they fed him. We became his world and he our new kid. As the time passed I had a routine of walking him in the morning and evening, the kids and my husband playing with him when they were around.

My sex with Alex was ok, we did it 4-5 times a week but he always finished first and didn’t like to completely satisfy me. So we went for normal sex, no blow jobs, only different positions. But we loved each other very much and we maintained it like that. One year later, one morning he told me that he has to go on a business trip for 2 months to France. We were from Romania so it was a little difficult for me so I told him I’d miss him very much. He said that time will pass fast and all will be ok.

After he left the first week was hard for me, feeling so lonely at night. But I moved on with my life and tried to occupy my time with the kids and the dog we named Soni.

One day I took him in the park to play and socialise with other dogs. I set him free as I stood on a bench watching him. He started running around and chasing some birds. After 5 minutes, a female dog appeared and he went to her sniffing at her tail. She was letting him too and then suddenly he mounted her. I was in shock and ran after him telling him to get down. As I reached him he was poking that bitch with his cock but hadn’t found his target yet.

I managed to grab his collar and I pulled him hard aside getting him off her. He went crazy trying to get back on the female but thankfully the owner of the bitch arrived and dragged her off. I was startled to see Soni’s cock and his desire to mate with that bitch, making me realise he had needs too just like I did.

In that evening I was aroused thinking about my husband, and what had happened with Soni in the park earlier that day. I began to undress myself feeling naughty and putting on only a robe over my naked body. Then I went to see what the kids were doing to find that they were ready for lights out. I wished them all goodnight with a kiss and a hug, and then I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. I was feeling really restless so I turned on the TV and settled on a romantic movie to watch.

Seeing the couple in the movie be so passionate with each other just reminded me that my husband was away and my desires just grew and grew. I so wished he was home to hold me and make love to me.

After a while Soni came into the living room where I was watching TV, wagging his tail as he trotted up to me looking for a pat. I started petting him which turned into wrestling a little with him as he liked that. As we did this I saw the red tip of his penis starting to emerge from its sheath, and I quickly recalled the incident in the park. I told him that I was sorry that I didn’t let him have that bitch, and that I know he wants a female to satisfy his needs. Than he jumped up and licked my face, this surprised me making me fall back onto my back on the couch. My robe fell open a little and before I knew it he had moved in to sniff my crotch.

As I tried to get up he his tongue darted across my leg, I didn’t know what to do. I admit it I was aroused and as I looked to him I saw that he had 2-3 inches now sticking out of his sheath. I lay on the sofa trying to relax but he wanted to sniff me again. He went to my legs and pushed his head between them. I don’t know why but I spread my legs to see what would happen. He licked my pussy a couple of times and I was stunned.

I remembered that he wanted a female and I thought that I should give him access to one, and see what happens. I got up and took my robe off and stood naked before him. He resumed licking my cunt and god, it felt wonderful.

I stood there mesmerised spreading my legs for more. After 3-4 minutes of licking I saw his cock getting longer and longer and I knew that he wanted more. He than looked me in the eyes and I surprised myself, getting on all fours and giving myself to him. He then licked me a little more and mounted me, trying to find my cunt. I was lonely and I knew that we both needed a partner to release our needs. He found his mark and I felt his cock getting deeper and deeper inside me. He fucked me hard, wildly, letting his lust take full control.

Something round as a ball was inside me now as he released jet after jet of cum inside. I think it passed 15 minutes but for me it was like an hour. After he popped out some of our juices fell on the ground as he licked me again to clean it. It was fantastic. I never thought that I would do that but in the heat of the moment. I thought about my husband then and I felt bad because I had never cheated on him before. That night I tossed and turned thinking about Soni and what I had done. I’m a bad wife.

The next day went normally until evening when we were alone again. I saw that he wanted me again but I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want this to became a regular thing. Going to the kitchen to get a snack he followed me and I was surprised to see that he was supporting a boner. He somehow managed to get me to a corner and he barked lowly making me shiver. Worrying he’d wake the kids, I started to undress hoping it would keep him quiet.

There I was naked for him yet again and he wasted no time putting his muzzle between my legs and licking my pussy. I started to feel he was dominating me now, that he thinks I’m his bitch. After a couple of minutes he barked again and I knew he wanted to fuck me. I felt trapped and powerless, so I got down on all fours and presented myself to him. He fucked me hard this time as if trying to tell me that I was his from now on and I better remember it.

God he slammed my pussy and I couldn’t help it I came several times. Orgasms that rocked me to the core and curled my toes. My husband had never given me pleasure like this, I rarely orgasmed when he had sex with me as he was too fast. Soni slammed his cock inside me until his knot was buried deep inside my aching cunt. Then he settled down as his hot cum blasted me from the inside making me cum all over again.

Then he hoped off dragging me along as I was stuck to him. He dragged me into the living room before settling down by the fire. Eventually I felt his cock slide out of me after about twenty minutes. He lay there and licked his dick clean ignoring me. He was done with me for the night.

I was surprised by Soni’s behaviour that night and as I lay in bed I thought about what I should do. My first impulse was to call my husband and tell him about it, but he would just say that it was all my fault. That I had cheated on him and probably led the dog on. After a time I decided that it may just pass, and that I should do nothing about it. Nobody would know. We really loved Soni like one of the family, and getting rid of him would upset everyone. Not at least me.

I just had to be firm with Soni in future. So it doesn’t happen again.


The next morning on Soni’s walk I took him to the dog park to relax. It was quite hot so I wore a nice cotton dress with sandals, and a wide brimmed hat. At the park I took his collar and off ran of happily sniffing things. Being 7AM in the morning the park was pretty empty with just the odd person walking through but not stopping. After a couple of minutes he went to that secluded spot where he almost had that bitch, maybe he remembered her cause he became agitated and marking that spot with some urine.

Soni eventually came to me for a pat but soon after was wanting to put his head in my crotch but I moved a little to deny him. He was persistent and after several minutes of back and forward I’d had enough and growled at him. He wasn’t giving up that was for sure so looking around and seeing nobody I took my panties off and put them in my purse. Then he had shoved his head up my dress and started licking me.

I was so scared that someone would see me, but after feeling that glorious wet tongue on my clit for a few minutes I was totally into it. What’s wrong with me, I thought. Where is my self control? I started moaning softly, opening my legs more to Soni feeling his big dog tongue all over and in my cunt. He was so eager, and an orgasm was building inside me.

My head was spinning as I moaned, “Good boy Soni… lick me!”

I soon exploded into one big orgasm gripping his head to hold him there. I even squirted into his mouth which drove him crazy and he licked harder making me cum again. I noticed his cock had emerged from it’s sheath and so I stood up and quickly put his collar and leash back on. He started to drag me to the spot near the bushes where he had tried to fuck that bitch but I was afraid of having sex with him out there.

So I dragged him back to our house, all the way home he kept trying to get his head under my dress and lick my pussy. He managed to do that a couple of times and it took all my strength to not fall on all fours right there and then.

Luckily for me the kids were at school so I had the house to myself. I opened the door and walked inside with Soni pushing his head in my crotch all the way. As soon as I entered the living room I was down on all fours, raising my dress, and exposing my pussy to my lover. He mounted me instantly. He initially missed the target (being so eager) and so I took his hard cock and guided him inside my cunt feeling great pleasure as he filled and stretched it.

I felt exactly like a bitch in heat now, wanting him desperately and pushing back hard to meet his powerful thrusts. I started to scream and moan hard as he fucked me wrapping his front legs firmly around my stomach. His knot entered me causing some pain that receded quickly, and as he locked my cunt up with his knot he started to slow down his pace down. He filled my cunt with load after load of his dog cum, making me orgasm again and again.

I knew right then that I was now his bitch. That I would give myself to him whenever he wanted to fuck me because that was what a human dog bitch does. That day we mated twice more. I understood his signals perfectly well and each time I submitted, being a faithful bitch. His stamina amazed me. Once my husband cum that’d be it for a day, sometimes two. Soni had fucked me three times today and licked me to orgasm several more times. His energy was so endless that I began to doubt if I could keep up with him.


It was starting to become risky to be Soni’s bitch, especially when the kids were in the house. Soni had no self control and there was a possibility that if he seen me as his bitch he might just see the kids that way too. After a few weeks I called my mom, to have a mother-daughter discussion, I told her that I want some time for myself and asked her if she could take the kids until my husband got home. Like any eager grand-parent who loved her grand-children she agreed, and came and took the kids that day.

Until she arrived I cooked some soup to have at lunch, and played with the kids and Soni. My mom came at 2 pm and we had a nice afternoon together. When she seen Soni she said that she thought he’d grown into a handsome dog. I looked at him saying, “Yeah, he is quite a character.”

We started to play with him petting him on his back and on his belly. I became so impatient to have him that when no one was looking I massaged his sheath. His cock started to appear and my mom, also noticing, pointed out that since he became aroused around us maybe we should get him a bitch.

Memories of him fucking me merciless flooded my mind, and I told her that I think she may be right. Soni then darted for my crotch right there, my mom laughed saying that he may think I’m his bitch being around him so much. I blushed and told her that I will think seriously of getting him a bitch. Eventually she left with the kids and I watched her car leave, waving them all good bye. Then when I went back inside Soni was around me again and patted his head.

“Mom says you need a bitch,” I said to him. Then I pulled up my dress exposing my wet pussy to him saying, “I think you already have one, don’t you boy.” Soni’s tongue was immediately tasting my pussy juice. I was so wet and impatient that I wanted him deeply in me. He licked a few times and then he took me. He knew that I was his.

I took a shower after we finished, we ate some snacks and spent some time watching TV. My husband called me that evening asking how we were, saying he missed me a lot. To be honest I was a little cold with him. He asked about Soni also and I told him that he’s a good boy and takes care of me. After a 5 minute conversation he finished the call. I never felt so disconnected from him in my life. I was beginning to wish he’d never come home.

That night I took Soni to the park. but later than usual. Around 11 pm cause I thought that we may become excited and it’s better not to have people around then. I took also a large dress with no bra and panties. When we arrived he did his things first sniffing and went to his place to check. The park was empty so I was more relaxed. At his spot he barked a few times at me as if asking me to come there. So I did.

I looked in his eyes and I saw the spark inside. We went into the bushes, his cock protruding, and I knew that he wanted me there and then. It was so wild, but I needed some adventure in my life. So I took off my dress and went down on all fours like an obedient bitch. He licked me good to get me wet, and then mounted me digging himself deep in me. His cock slid in and out of me like a hot poker inflaming my lust and making me moan.

In the middle of our act, a girl with a dog entered the park walking in our direction. I started to panic, but Soni had managed to get his knot in me so I was really stuck there. I hoped she wouldn’t detect us and tried to keep as silent as possible. She approached us, my heart started to beat faster and her dog started to sniff around sensing something. The woman was now only five meters from us, but she was clueless. Her dog though sensed movement in the bushes, probably could smell our sex too, and started to pull hard in our direction.

She asked it what’s the matter, and started to listen and look around and in the silence of the night. Our noises were detectable if you listened hard enough. She moved towards us and there we were, Soni on my back shooting his load and me in pure pleasure. I didn’t care about the woman anymore, I was living in the moment. Soni’s gushes of hot cum inside my knotted pussy always made me orgasm hard. The woman’s eyes popped out of her head and her mouth hung open as she realised what was going on.

Her dog, a German Shepherd, tried to get near me to sniff me but Soni growled and he kept his distance. I felt like he was protecting me and didn’t want another male to get to close. As Soni settled down the woman finally spoke saying, “I can’t believe your doing that.”

“So what are you going to do now,” I asked her feeling worried.

She shrugged, “I’m not gonna dob you into the cops or anything. So chill out. It’s not like you’re hurting the dog. What’s his name?”


“Cool, I like Boxers. What does it feel like?”

“The best sex I’ve ever had,” I told her.

“I heard it hurts, with the knot n’all,” she said.

“First few times it did, but you get used to it. Then it feels so good.”

After 10 more minutes he got off and our juices flooded the grass. The looked amazed at the size of Soni dick who was at least 8 inches and dripping. He licked me clean after that and the woman just stood there watching it all happen. Holding her own dog back. Eventually she said, “God that looks so hot!”

You should try it,” I suggested.

She told me that she’d never really thought about it before. Her dog and her had never tried these things and she didn’t think that it’d ever happen to her.We talked about it for a while and I just kept telling her it was the best thing I’d ever done in my life and I was very happy. She could read my face to see I spoke the truth. We exchanged our phone numbers and off we went our separate ways.

I kind of hoped she’d go home and and try it out.


At the house I started to be naked all the time, I was so horny and I knew that Soni would fuck me any moment he wants. I wanted to be ready at all times for him. Like an obedient bitch.

In the meantime Laura, the woman in the park that caught me and Soni fucking, had started to think about what she had seen. That image of us in pure pleasure stuck in her brain, she tried to dismiss it but she couldn’t. The next day for Laura started normally enough with her usual morning routine, but when she fed her dog she couldn’t help but look at his sheath and wonder.

Those naughty thoughts started to appear again, she couldn’t believe that she seriously felt aroused by the thought of that. Each moment from then on became a torment of thought about her German Shepherd called Rocky. When she walked him in the park she looked for that spot where she caught me fucking. Being single and having only her dog, he was the nearest living male around so she began to wonder: what if.

Two more days passed and she couldn’t hold it any longer so she took her phone and called me up. We talked for 20 minutes, Laura telling me her feelings and that we needed to meet each other soon. Maybe at my house. We set up the meeting that evening and I told Laura to bring her dog too. Excitement was in both our souls and bodies now.


In the meantime I decided to have some time for myself, so I prepared a bath with some aromatic oils and some candles. I felt really sexy in that environment, so I got in the water and started to think about the kids, and Alex especially. I didn’t know how he’d react when he sees me with Soni. Then my mind fantasised about when the time will come and my husband will catch me with Soni, fucking me hard like he does. Maybe Soni will growl at him as if telling him that I am his now. ‘She’s my bitch’. I became excited with the idea.

Two hours passed in the bath, after that I went and prepared a meal for me and my guest. Some spaghetti with some wine will smooth the atmosphere, I thought, and that was what I did.

Laura was naturally nervous at the thought of what might happen tonight. She played with Rocky wrestling with him trying to feel him as close to her as possible. She became excited feeling his muscles with her hands. The German Shepherd licked her face and she opened her mouth to try and have their first real kiss. She tried to control herself at least until she went to Carla’s with her boy.

When the door bell rang I was ready with Soni near me. Laura came in and hugged me, Rocky sniffing the room and then got to smell Soni. They recognised each other from the park and ran around excitedly playing.

After the greetings we went to eat and started to talk other things also. Laura told me that she had become excited at the idea of having sex with Rocky, her boy never had a bitch also. She might be able to be his mate but she wanted to see me with my lover again before she tried it. I accepted and after dinner was finished I got naked and got on all fours. He licked me foe a while getting me aroused and wet. Then after that he mounted me and gripped me tightly with front his legs as cock tried to find my hole. When he finally felt his cock slip into my pussy he suddenly pushed it in with deep and long thrusts.

Laura was sitting on the couch watching us both very intensely. Rocky lay at her feet sniffing at the air at the smell of our sex. Laura had a hand between the buttons on her blouse playing with a nipple as she watched. While Soni pounded at me I could see she was turned on so I said, “Take your clothes off Laura and relax. Enjoy it.”

Laura didn’t need much encouragement and within moments she was naked. I have to say she was quite an attractive woman. Rocky saw her and started to bark and whine. So I said, “If you want to be real bitch then you have to submit to Rocky’s will. Anytime he wants it you give it to him.”

As if she was in trance she went down all fours beside me. Her dog sniffed at her crotch and started to furiously lick her. Laura’s moans started to compete with my own. Then her dog mounted her and tried to find her pussy with his cock, she adjusted her position to the right height and inside her it went. She was very vocal saying things like, “Oh! Ohhh! Yes baby, make me your bitch!”.

Soni finished before Rocky as he started earlier and after about 20 mins from the time he started his dick plopped out of my sloppy pussy. I laid back watching Rocky and Laura while Soni lay cleaning his dick with his tongue. A few minutes later Rocky pulled free and Laura collapsed onto the floor completely satiated.

“You and Rocky were amazing!” I told her.

“That was the best fuck I’ve had in years,” she panted.

“Don’t you have a man in your life?” I asked.

“No, I’ve been single for two years now and most of the guys I’ve met in that time were either jerks or had very small dicks so I didn’t feel anything. Besides I always kinda wanted a man to dominate me,” she confessed.

I laughed then said, “With a little training Rocky could just be what you need. As long as you’re willing to submit to his desires when he demands it of you.”

“Is that what you have with Soni?”

“Yes, he’s my master now. He knows it too.”

“I think I’d like to try it. Become Rocky’s bitch. I want it,” she said.

“Good. Good. It was meant to be,” I said. An hour passed and Laura told me she had to get home and get to sleep. We made our goodbyes, promising to keep in touch very often from now on.

For the first time in my life since my kids were born I actually felt content and happy. However tomorrow was the day Alex was coming home, and I felt nervous about what may happen. I had decided to be Soni’s bitch and he my master. A commitment like that was important regardless of what anyone thinks. Soni was now my husband as far as I was concerned, and Alex was a stranger.

That night I called my mom to ask her to come to my house tomorrow morning because I had something important to tell her. She said that if its that important I could tell her over the phone, but I said that it was something she needed to see to understand. She reluctantly accepted and we chatted a little longer about the kids before I hung up. I thought since I trusted her deeply that she must know about Soni and me. One way or another they’ll find out anyway, so I’d rather be the one that told her than her hearing it as gossip. I later showered and went to bed. Tomorrow was a big day.


The next morning I prepared breakfast for me and my mom feeling very nervous. I was shaking a leaf all morning. At 11 am she came, we hugged, she greeted Soni too, and then we went in the kitchen. I was wearing a dress to my knees with no panties. I felt a little exposed having only that but it was important to be like that for my demonstartion. We chatted about the kids as we ate, about my father, and I told her that Alex was due home later.

Then I said, Mom, the main reason I wanted you here this morning was to tell you I’ve found someone else. I’m going to leave Alex.”

She was horrified, “What? Come on Carla, how could you do something like that to your husband? He works hard to provide for you and the family, and you go off and have an affair with another man? That’s terrible, I didn’t raise you like that!”

“I’m not seeing another man,” I said.

She was a little puzzled at first and then asked, “Is it a woman? Are you a lesbian now?”

I rolled my eyes and said, “No.”

“Then what the hell are you taking about?” she asked.

I called Soni over to me and he trotted happily up to me wagging his tail. We looked at each other and as if he understood what I wanted he shaved his head between my legs and up my skirt. I helped him by lifting it and exposing my pussy. He was licking me now, and my mom who was stunned with big eyes and her mouth dropped suddenly screamed at me “OMGGG What are you doing Carla?”

“Soni is my new lover,” I said

“This is… your dog?”

She went to grab him and get him away, but I shouted, “Stop it, he is my lover now”.

Soni got spooked by Moms shouting and ran away out of the room. My mom stood and so did I and she slapped me across the face hard saying “How could you? How could you?” I pleaded with her to sit again and let me explain and eventually I sat her down and told her the whole story form the start.

She was pale and crying and she accused me, “So this is why you wanted me to have the kids. So you could do… this!”

I was really scared now as I had thought mom would take it better than this. It was obvious she didn’t approve, she found the whole idea disgusting. My fears rankled me as the prospect that my world would collapse. My husband will find out, my entire family, and my friends. Maybe I rushed into this, maybe I was thinking with my pussy and not my head.

She told me that she wouldn’t support me with this, and that I’m making a huge mistake. She was adamant that I should stop it before it’s too late. She said that she will bring the kids home tomorrow so I have the space to talk with Alex, if I wanted to tell him about it then so be it. If I stopped right now, she said, this will remain just between us. However if I continued with this sinful thing, she wont support me as I suffer the consequences.

She then offered to have someone take the dog and have it put down. We could tell everyone it was hit by a car. That way temptation would be gone and I can put the whole thing behind me and resume my life as a wife and mother. No one need know about this whole sordid episode. The family name doesn’t need to be shamed.

After mom left I was very conflicted thinking about what should I do. I used to love my husband but now I started to feel that I belong to Soni. I even vowed myself to him from now on. I shouldn’t let my mom to influence me but what she said rattled me. I was a grown woman who knows what is best for her, I thought. Mom may disown me at first, but I hoped she’ll think it through and maybe understand me.

Soni entered the room then and he came up to me and his head went under my dress again. He was trying to make this easier for me in his own way. I opened myself to him, wanting him to take me deeply as if taking away all the shame and guilt my mom made me feel. He went wild with deep thrusts into my cunt and with a tight grip around my stomach.

It was clear to me that I was his, and consequences be damned.


Later that day as I was cleaning up, my master wandered into the kitchen and went straight to my crotch. He licked me a few times and then eagerly I went to all fours for another round. He mounted me and we fucked there for a good twenty minutes. His appetite for fucking was staggering. In the last few weeks I found he could do it sometimes as much as five times a day.

However the moment came in the early evening when I heard my husbands car driving into our garage. We hugged and kissed as he entered the door, and I helped him with his luggage. After he settled in we chatted for an hour being happy to see each other again after so much time. We’ve never been apart for more than a week before. Soni wandered into the living room after some time and I confess I was worried about what he might do.

I expected Soni to go up and greet Alex with a wagging tail and a few licks to the face but he gave Alex nothing. He just walked over and licked my hand and then lay down opposite us with a whine. Alex was taken aback and thought that Soni seemed unhappy to see him. I just shrugged telling him that Soni and I bonded a lot lately while he was away. Also I told him that I let the kids stay at mom’s for a while to have some time to myself.

We had our dinner and after that he took a newspaper to read what was new here and I started to wash the dishes. I was still in that dress with no panties underneath and after a few minutes Soni came up from behind and put his nose under it. I stiffened as he licked me a few times and so I let myself down as if I dropped something to pick it up. I looked into Soni’s eyes and I made a shhh with my finger, as I scratched his ears. I couldn’t risk it with my husband so close.

But being my alpha dog he wasn’t going to listen and why should he? I had given it to him whenever he wanted so why should now be any different. I started to panic right then thinking I was in trouble. As I tried to calm Soni, I heard my husband saying he was going to have a shower and off to the bed after that. I got up hitting myself a little at my shoulder as I did but said, “OK honey.”

And off he went, I was so lucky that time.

As Alex went up the stairs I got down again thinking if he fucks me I’ll get caught, Then I had a great idea. I could suck him off that way I wont get knotted. I was thirsty for his seed wanting to taste him directly in my mouth and he sensed that and started to fuck my mouth eagerly. I gasped for air a few times but he kept his rhythm as if saying “Suck it bitch, don’t forget who is your master now”. This was just plain wild. Sucking off a dog a while my husband was upstairs.

After I sucked him for a while, he pulled away and paced around me whining as if he wanted something else. I looked at him whispering, “Come on!”

He refused to continue as every time I went to suck him he pulled away from me. I realised that he may want to fuck me but it was just too dangerous with my husband in the shower upstairs. Soni seemed adamant so I gave in and got on all fours presenting myself for him. He came and gave me some licks and after that he mounted me. He started in force making me gasp. If you’ve ever heard the expression fucking like a horny dog, then that’s exactly what Soni was doing.

I wanted him to cum in me fast, but not realising I had started to moan lowly. After some minutes I started to get impatient knowing that Alex was in the house. I said to Soni, “Come on Soni. Cum!”

When he finished his shower, Alex came out and he heard my moans. He thought that I was sick or something and he came quickly down the stairs looking for me. When he found me he seen something, probably the last thing he’d ever expect to see. For some moments he was like a statue but then he yelled, “What the fuck are you doing? Get him off now!”

However Soni’s knot was inside me shooting load after load of cum into me. There was no way he’d be off me for at least another ten minutes.

I began to panic inside but I was also orgasmic, and that was what Alex saw as he looked at me horrified. When he saw that I didn’t do anything about Soni he rushed forward to get him off me himself. Soni snapped at him and started to growl viciously making Alex back off in a hurry. I told Alex that his knot is inside me and we’re stuck together until it shrinks and can slide out. Alex was furious and told me he’d be waiting for me in the living room and walked out slamming the door behind him.

Guess I was sprung, again.

After Soni popped free and his cum started running out of my pussy and down my thighs he licked me clean. making me cum yet again. Such a good dog. I went into the living room and sat opposite Alex with Soni following and laying at my feet. Alex was drinking whiskey and he didn’t look happy at all. “Look Alex, I know that you’re upset, I understand but as I told you before I’ve become very close to Soni since you left.”

“You can say that again,” he said sarcastically.

“Think about it. You’ve been gone two months and I started to miss you. I was feeling lonely and Soni and I developed this relationship. I never meant it to happen, it just did. But I don’t regret it.”

He listened amazed at what I was saying. He said, “Carla, he is a fucking dog. I mean if it was another man I could deal with that. I could at least understand that. But this… this… is an abomination, not to mention illegal. The only thing I can put it down to is that you’ve gone crazy. Therefore the dog must be destroyed as soon as possible.”

“No! Alex, he is my dog… he is my… master. If you touch him I swear I’ll kill you!”

“Listen to yourself Carla, you’ve gone completely fucking nuts. You’d kill me over a dog? A fucking dog? What about our kids? What are you going to say to them when they walk in on you being fucked by that mutt. Or even worse it tries to fuck one of our kids? No, that dog is not going to live another day!” Then he stood and lunged forward to grab Soni by the collar but Soni bit him and barked and growled at him viciously. I patted Soni and he settled down again.

Alex backed off looking frightened at Soni so I said, “Look I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you. But I belong to Soni now. I’m happy for you to stay and keep the family together. Only you will never fuck me again. I promise to keep my activities away from the kids too.”

Alex shook his head, “You’ll never see your kids again. The courts will grant me custody when they hear about this. The choice is yours Carla and yours alone. It either me and the kids… or Soni. You can’t have it all. I wont let you.”

“Alex… this has nothing to do with the kids. Why are you hurting them?”

Alex had tears running down his cheeks, “I’m not the one hurting them, you are. The fact you can’t even see that breaks my heart.” Then he turned and walked out the door.

I followed him up the hallway where his luggage till sat. “Where are you going?” I asked fearfully.

He picked up his two large cases and turned to me and said, “I’m going to your mom’s to talk to her about this. Me and the kids will stay there for now. I’ll give you one week to decide and if you don’t hand over that fucking dog by then… well you’ll never see me or the kids again.” Then he was gone.

I walked back into the living room and nearly collapsed on the couch sobbing great tears. Soni came up and laid his head on my lap whining with me trying to comfort me. This night had not gone like I expected. That’s for sure. Here was the price of being Soni’s bitch. It was him or my family. It was my sexual satisfaction for my public reputation. I had a lot of thinking to do.

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Summer is great in Vermont for a dog lover like myself.

This might not seem like something you would think about, but it has worked out quite well for me in picking up strays. When I say, ‘picking up strays’ I don’t mean the: ‘Do you come here often and what is your sign’ kind of strays. It’s more like the: ‘Come here boy, who’s your owner?’

It’s kind of a scam that I came up with about 10 years ago when I found some bestiality stories on the net. After reading them, my first thought was they were all made up. That said, I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind. I was 20 and living in a small town where you either screw every woman in town, or you’re too painfully shy too. And it’s even worse if you’re gay, you think you’re never going to have sex. I’m sure I could have found a gay man if I looked hard enough, but small town gossip is just horrible and so it’s better to be discrete.

How it all begun was your typical ‘being at the right place at the right time’, not any genius or planning on my part. I found my first experience when I was driving around on a Sunday afternoon, killing time and taking a break from the heat in my apartment. I lived on the second floor of a duplex apartment building that got kind of warm in the afternoon. So I would hop in my car that had a/c and drive the country roads.

Wandering along a dirt road this day was a collie that seemed lost.

I was in the middle of state owned forest with a camp ground a couple of miles away, so I knew it wasn’t a dog that lived in the area. Where ever he lived he was far from home. There was a chance he was from one of the various summer homes in the area, but if that was the case he was likely lost in unfamiliar surrounds. I rolled down the window of my truck and started to talk to the dog. It was hard to tell who was more afraid of who. I stayed in the truck thinking a strange dog was likely to be mean.

He kept his distance from the truck, sniffing. I had a couple Slim-Jim’s and guessing he might be hungry I peeled the vacupak off and held it out. Cautiously he came up to the truck and snapped the beef by-product out of my hand. I realised a couple of things right then: the dog was starving and my only danger was he might snap a finger off in grabbing any food from me.

While he gulped down the Slim-Jim he was parallel to my truck and that is when I knew he was a ‘he’. When I gave him the second Slim-Jim he warmed up to me considerably. I got out and check his tag to find his name was Ben. It had a phone number on it from Burlington. This was in the days before I had a cell phone, so I had to head back to my apartment to call his owner.

At my apartment it occurred to me this was an opportunity to try out something a little kinky. So I fondled Ben’s dog cock in the privacy of my apartment and to my surprise his red cock soon poked out for me to touch and look at. There I was jerking off this collie marvelling it big thick cock. It leaked loads of precum and I couldn’t help myself I tasted it. It was pretty good and then as my debauchery progressed there I was sucking this dogs cock. Eventually it blew its load into my mouth and I was hooked from that day onwards.

It was the perfect way to hook up with a dog, since a couple of circumstances prohibited me owning a dog. The main reason was that I was not allowed to have a dog in my apartment. The landlord just tolerates me having a dog in the apartment for the short time it takes the owners to come pick it up. This window of opportunity is when I let my guest fuck me silly. It’s a glorious time for both of us and nobody suspects a thing.

Searching for lost dogs was probably not as good as having a furry companion living with you 24/7. I knew that. However as my Grandpa often says, “If you have a rocky life, make a rock garden.”

The long and short of it is that in the last five years I found that dogs will mate with a willing human (always having a stash of beef jerky doesn’t hurt) nearly every time, unless they’re neutered. Finding willing cock that doesn’t complain about your lack of housekeeping skills, your personal hygiene, your taste in clothes etc is always a real bonus. Dogs just take you how you are, then if encouraged they just take you.

However, there is no way I could depend on dogs to give me complete sexual satisfaction. I mean I’m a human and I do need human contact too. Just like you. Without going into too many details, a couple times a month I head to the gay bars up in Burlington and hook up with guys down there.

As for women, I do have a number of women friends who are always trying to set me up on blind dates with ‘good girls’. I just have never found one I could relate to on a sexual level. They’re way too vanilla for me. Gay guys on the other hand tend to like dirty sex which is what I like. Girls like nice, romantic, loving sex which translates to missionary position only. Boring.

Recently this all changed though and it all had to do with a very horny Dalmatian I found lost. It was one of my two out of three weekends off, and it was summer. (Summer has the highest yield when it comes to lost dogs.) I was listening to Vermont Public radio, ‘Car Talk’ was on. It’s my main source for bestial pleasure in the summer because the station covers the state, so it’s the place people call to advertise they lost their dog. About 10:30 AM opportunity struck once more and they announced there was a lost Dalmatian answering to the name ‘Arrow’ in the Northern Arlington area.

Fortunately I’m prepared for lost dogs. I keep treats in my in car and usually have some hamburger in the freezer. Today was special since I had a steak I’d thawed out for supper. Also I made good use of a sporting goods store where they sold ‘Redi*Doe’ deer lure. Deer lure is a dog aphrodisiac, it’s basically oestrogen laced deer piss. It’s used to train hunting dogs to hone their sense of smell into finding deer.

I use deer lure sparingly, since if I spray it on around an ‘active’ dog, it’s hard to settle him down for the ride back to my place. Worse still, if you get some of this on yourself in a multiple dog situation it can get a bit frightening. Not to mention when you’re out in the wilderness around wolves, it’s best not to smell like a deer.

I do have a reputation though, a good reputation for connecting lost dogs with their owners. When a master or mistress gets their dog back they’re always surprised at just how how sedate the dog is. Largely due to the three or four orgasms I have induced in the beast before calling the owner, but they never know that of course. No one has put two and two together to know I mainly only go out looking for dogs, not bitches. However be it man or beast, sex does has a calming effect.

The DJ announced there was a $200 reward for the Dalmatian in question which was another perk of finding strays and reuniting them with their owners. One of the tricks I’ve learnt in the last couple years was to find the shortest distance home for the dog. I know it sounds far fetch, but dogs always head for home when they get lost. If the dog is from Florida and gets lost in Vermont, it will head south, and vice versa. Since the owner apparently was from New York City, I knew Arrow would be heading south, south-east.

I was thinking of Mrs. Jones (my old high school geometry teacher) as I triangulated where I thought Arrow might be. My truck was loaded with dog treats and oestrogen. I knew if the dog did stud service he would go crazy over any female scent and eventually if I was wearing that scent, I would get laid too.

I found Arrow about ten miles from where he had been reported lost, and sure enough it was south, south-east and he was walking in the direction of NYC. I had with me the steak I was going to grill for dinner and I dropped it by the front of my Subaru Outback and backed up, giving him room to check it out. (I was saving the deer lure for my place). He hadn’t been lost for very long so his appetite wasn’t that big, but it is hard for any dog to resist raw steak. Three sniffs later and his craving for red meat took over. In a low soft voice I started to talk to him.

Once he had devoured my dinner, I grabbed his collar, attached a leash then checked the dog tags. This was Arrow, if I had any doubt. On the tag was contact information. His owner had a stud farm the name of the place was: ‘Nottingham Farms Dalmatian Breeders’. I laughed how Nottingham wasn’t really referring to a place but a code word for knotting, which is what a dog does when he breeds a bitch. Arrow was truly a stud. Sex was a regular part of his life, that was clear. That was promising.

I started to play wrestle with him. The contact gets a dogs comfortable with wrapping their front paws around my torso and thumping. You know the saying: ‘friends first makes the sex better’. A Dalmatian would not be my first choice for a lover, even with a nice cock like Arrow had. I know it’s stupid but the spots, especially around the eyes, make the Dalmatian look like a psycho to me.

I wondered how many pups this guy had sired. Within five minutes of vigorously rubbing his belly his cock had peeked out of its sheath and there was a lot to peek out. What a treat, but I had no lube or I might have let him sodomise me right there on the side of the road. I was tempted to suck him off, but I knew there was a certain risk. As a dog sex predator, I have learned not to count (i.e. fuck) your booty until you’re back in the hideout.

When it’s been announced that a dog is lost, it means people (especially the owner) are naturally looking for it. Since it was Saturday, there was a chance the owner was still in the area. Holiday cabins can be rented out seven days a week up here, but most occupants this time of year are weekender’s. They arrive Friday night and leave Sunday afternoon so they can be home for work on Monday morning. So the owner was probably still driving around frantically searching for their beloved pooch.

Not a good idea to have them drive up beside you while their dogs cock is buried up your ass. They don’t seem to like that for some reason. I led Arrow with the leash into the back of the Outback, giving him a piece of rawhide to pacify him on the ride back to my apartment. He was a friendly dog and well trained by the looks of him.

I’m not sure if it was a metaphor or an allegory to drive back to my place hearing Arrow gnawing on the chewy. It was like sexual angst gnawing at my desire. You can’t force a dog to stick his cock up your ass if the dog doesn’t want to. Fortunately for me, usually it’s an opportunity that few dogs want to pass up as long as you set the mood right. I was good at setting the mood.

As soon as we were back to my place I let Arrow out and he instantly lifted a leg and sprayed out a gallon of piss. Then he yanked at the leash trying to inhale the neighbourhood.

Once inside I knew not to rush him. I unleashed Arrow and let him sniff out every room in the place two or three times. It’s a small place, but this Dalmatian was hyperactive. Knowing that a way to a man is through his stomach, I opened a can of dog food from my cupboard and put it on a plate (might as well let him feel like a king). While he devoured the food, I was able to put snow booties on his front paws. The booties are to protect animals feet in the cold weather, but I put them on to protect my flesh. I could probably endure the rough play, but it is harder to explain to people why you are covered with scratches, especially the owners.

While he finished his meal, I went back to my bedroom disrobing as I went. In my room I took the deer juice and sparingly dripped a trail from my cock to my greek rose. I sealed the Redi*Doe in a zip-lock bag. I took some lube out of my night stand fingering my rosebud with lube.

I knew he had a sizable cock and I wanted it. I wanted to be ready to take it and as hyper as the Dalmatian seemed to be, I knew there wasn’t going to be much foreplay. I was able to squeeze all my fingers into my opening. I could hear the food bowl scoot across the kitchen floor. Then I heard booty pads tapping in the hall.

A moment or two later Arrow strolled into my boudoir. One appetite had been satiated and his belly was filled, now his nostrils were grabbing onto another appetite. I patted the bed and he jumped up on the bed, licking my face at first. His cock was slipping out of his sheath and rubbing against my cock. I had the proverbial instant hard on. Arrow found his way to my erection and he sniffed at the Redi-Doe. He began licking my cock, crotch and ass. I was pleased to see he took a certain delight in the juices that was dribbling from my penis. I returned the favour and reached down this erection, grabbing some of his doggie precum.

He nipped my cock and I regretted putting the lure on my penis. Like a good lover though, he licked me back to comfort. My cock was erect and I was excited, but I was nothing compared to Mr. Pedigree. This dog was all about sex, he was a fucking machine. As he inhaled the deer lure and licked it up, his hips were humping air.

The good news was he was ready to copulate, the bad news was fellatio was out of the question during our first go ’round, until he ejaculated into my ass at least once. I rubbed his ears as he licked me and screwed air.

“You want to fuck a man,” I cooed and he looked up. It kind of surprised me. “You like to FUCK?” I asked.

He fucked his hip more and barked. He knew what ‘fuck’ meant. He knew what it meant very well. He had been trained with that word. I wondered why someone would train him to fuck on command as dogs never have any issues around a bitch-in-heat. They’re dogs after all. When they’re hungry they eat and when a bitch starts excreting her pheromones (indicating she’s ready to mate) they’re as horny as hell.

Something did make me nervous, it seemed that Arrow was a ‘barker’. As I mentioned I do not have a place that allows dogs. My landlord tolerated ‘overnight stays’ since I had explained to him my hobby of looking for lost dogs, but I’m sure if the dogs ever made too much noise that would be the end of it. I almost had enough saved to get a house in the woods, but until then I needed to be careful.

However there was no slowing this guy down though. He was humping me in the missionary position, without even getting close to my ass. The cock to cock action was stimulating and I could feel his precum seeping onto my belly. His back was nearly folded in half as he was dry humping my pelvis and he was panting. It was a weird position I could not remember being in before, but I wasn’t enjoying it.

A couple of things weren’t working for me. One was that with his tongue out, swivelling his hips over me he was drooling all over my face. The second was only about every 10 thing hump was he making contact with cock. As exciting as that was, it wasn’t worth having my face covered in slime.

I pushed Arrow back and he jumped off the bed. Oddly enough he just kept humping air, I was thinking this guy was horny! (Thank you Redi-Doe!)

“Come’ere boy,” I called him and he jumped back on the bed.

I had rolled over and crouched down on my knees with my face against the bed. I pulled my ass open with my hands. Arrow sniffed my asshole, then started to lick it. I didn’t want him to lick away the lube so I gave him some verbal encouragement.

“Come on boy, fuck me, fuck my ass.”

Again, the word ‘fuck’ got him excited. Just as Reddi*Doe an aphrodisiac for his nose, ‘fuck’ was erotica for his ears. He was on my poking his cock at my ass like a sewing machine.

“HEEL.” I commanded, and like an obedient soldier, he stopped. It’s funny how all that obedience school training hold a place in a dog’s brain. It doesn’t supersede copulating, but most times it will slow him down. It gave me a chance to grab Arrow’s cock, slide my hand to his knot and aim. I knew I wasn’t going to get him to enter me slowly, but I wanted him to make it

As soon as his cock was lined up with my anus, Arrow became an obedience school drop out. To make sure he knew what to do I whispered: “Fuck fuck fuck,” and he got the hint.

He did what dogs do best, copulate hard and fast. Until you have been truly fucked by an over-zealot canine, you don’t know the definition of feather-brained, where your mind (and body) floats away on a downy cloud of pleasure. The dog was a pro, he knew how to use that cock.

Arrow surprised me though. I thought he was going to drive into me like a a maid churning butter, but he didn’t have that consistency. He would hump me in random thrusts: 10 times then a pause; two times and a pause; then 30-ish (one loses count in the excitement of the game) and a pause. The inconsistency was part of the pleasure, the anticipation and know know when he would plunge into me was driving me mad.

His fucking was so deliciously wonderful I didn’t even realize I was still holding his cock in my hand. It might have been the explanation for his erratic thrusts, it did keep me from being tied. I took my other hand started stroking myself and came hard in just a minute.

My sphincter, in harmony with my dick spasms, started to clench.

This kind of startled Arrow and he let out a little yelp. I thought I might have hurt him somehow, but this big brute was also getting off. I could feel his knot starting to swell. He stopped humping me, but continued to push forward, trying to get the knot in me. I held him out and he gave up. He must have been spent because he pulled out and jumped down from the bed. I dropped flat, exhausted, to the bed. I was just able to lift my head up to see Arrow cleaning himself.

The sun had set while we romped. My rectum was stretched and filled with Arrow’s spunk. It was nice to just lay there and let my body tingle. I knew I should get and call the number from Arrow’s tag, but I couldn’t let a sweet nookie stud like Arrow go after only one act of carnal delight.

My time with Arrow, or any dog for that matter, is limited. I can’t keep pets where I live and eventually I owe it to the owner to return his or her animal. The longer I keep a dog, the harder it is to return it. After a day or two of copulating with a four-legged friend I have an erection when ever the animal comes strutting into the room. Not a good look for an owner. Also dogs do start to attach themselves to you if leave it too long.

I’m sure it becomes a little difficult for them, since very seldom do they get to go back home with a lover who is as easy as me. Of course, with Arrow, that might not be true. Since Arrow lived at the Nottingham Farms Stud Farm, he might get laid on a regular bases.

I had gotten to know Arrow quite well in two days.

After finding him on Saturday, I waited until Monday to call the number on his tag. It is a trick I have learned. If I call the day or next day I find the dog, often the owners are still in the area. Two or three days of looking for a dog can wear you thin and cause you to lose hope. Often the reason they can’t find their loved one, is because the dog is busy fucking me. It also means the reward check is a bit larger if the owner has gone through the throngs of loss over their dog for a few days.

By Monday I knew quite a few things about Arrow. I knew he liked dry food over canned; he loved his balls held when I sucked him off; and if you said the word ‘fuck’ around him he had an instant hard on and expected nookie (which I always provided). I could only assume that his owner used fairly coarse language around Arrow. I envisioned that every time this Dalmatian was filling a bitch with sperm, his owner was encouraging with: “Fuck her, come on Arrow fuck the bitch.”

I would’ve used that language too had I not worried about offending the neighbours. I did experiment both with the word and the action. I would say something like, “Do you like geese? how about ducks?” or “Do you like does or bucks?” and you can guess which word he would get excited on. More importantly for me, when I said anything that ended in ‘uck’ he would get excited and end up on me. Considering how I live in a small apartment that doesn’t really buffer noise as well as I would like, I had to be careful in playing my rhyming game.

Knowing how well trained Arrow was as a stud, it was pretty tough making that call to his owner. It’s always tough, because dog will go back to his owners, never to be seen again. Sure the owners tell me if I was ever in the neighbourhood I could drop in, but that would be maddening. To see a ex-lover who wants you and you want him, but all you can do is scratch his ears. For me it is just better to spend the time I can and try to remember the loving, but forget the lover.

A woman answered the phone when I called: “Knottingham Farms.”

“Hi,” I said. “I think I have a friend of yours with me.”

“What?” the woman sound a little annoyed.

“Actually, he is licking my face right now,” I told her.

“What the…your face, O MY GOD, YOU FOUND ARROW,” she bellowed. “Where are you, O God I can’t believe it. Is he okay?”

“He is fine,” I consoled her. I wanted to add that he probably had never been happier, but I couldn’t really get into details.

“Where are you?” she asked and I could tell she was walking around the house, probably grabbing her keys.

I explained where I lived and how to get there. She was more than two hours away from me, but I suspected she would make that trip in lightning fashion.

This is the difficult time for me, knowing that I will likely never see the stray again and still having him in my possession. With Arrow, it was even more difficult. Unlike other dogs, he could not get enough sex. Not to mention Pavlov’s dogs might have salivated when they heard a bell, Arrow wanted to fuck when he heard the command ‘fuck.’ I decided I needed to find out what that was all about. I knew I couldn’t just ask up front, but maybe I could work it into the conversation.

Arrow had not had enough sex, nor had I, but there was no way I was going to risk the chance of having one more go ’round. I’m pretty adept at keeping dogs from tying up with me, but I didn’t want to risk being tied to Arrow and the owner at the door. Yelling through the door, “Come back later as your dog’s dick is stuck in my ass right now,” is not a very good greeting.”

Instead I took Arrow for a quick walk. It’s better when a dog’s bladder is empty when his owner arrives. I wouldn’t want an accident on my carpet. My neighbour was putting a suitcase in his car as I walked up the side walk.

“Oh hey there, I thought I heard another dog barking in your apartment. He’s a good looking dog that one,” he said giving Arrow a scratch behind the ear.

“Yeah found him on Saturday. Just got through to the owners today and they’re on the way up here to pick him up now. I hope he wasn’t too noisy for you as he is an energetic fellow,” I said apologetically.

“Nah… I heard him a bit but it didn’t bother me. I’m not a tight-arse like the landlord is. But I’m glad I ran into you though. I’m heading down to New York for a few weeks and wondered if you wouldn’t mind checking the mail for me while I was gone?” he asked with a smile.

“Sure,” I said with a smile.

When I got back inside I realised there was still an hour left before the owner would arrive. I called Arrow over and rubbed his ears and he was looking up at me. “Gonna miss you boy,” I told him. “You’re the best.”

All I could think of was how I could be enjoying raucous bestial sex with him right now, had I not called the owner. He whined like he knew we would soon be separated. He laid down at my feet, rolling on his back. Most would have thought he wanted a belly rub which is what I started to do, but already his cock was slipping out of his sheath. I knew what he wanted. Knew and was willing to deliver.

The Dalmatian wanted me to suck him off. I knew I was cutting it close, but I also knew I loved sucking his dick. I worked my hands along his belly. His cock continued to expand; he knew a sucker when he saw one. I licked the shaft to his fur and that was all the coaching his penis needed. He was out and ready. I took him into my mouth. He was sweet, salty and pungent. He was, in a word: delicious.

I bobbed my head up and down using my tongue to lick up his precum that continued to stream out. He was wiggling on his back, as if he was trying to roll over. He was trying to hump my mouth, but from his back he could barely thrust up. I could feel his knot expand and he was again enjoying my lips.

I held him steady by holding onto his ball sack. It was bitter sweet to be sucking this wonderful dog shaft, knowing Arrow would soon be gone. But I still had this chance.

Oh fuck, someone was on the porch.

Just as I was getting the head motion going there was a knock at my door and we both jumped up, I wasn’t sure who was more startled, but I’m pretty sure that Arrow looked just as guilty as I did.

I tried to brush as much hair off me as I could, but it was a losing effort. When I opened the door there was an attractive young woman standing at the door with a leash in one hand and dog treats in the other. My first thought was she is too young and beautiful to be Arrow’s owner, but Arrow lunged out to her.

“Hi, I’m Sharon,” she said with Arrow’s paws on her chest, “I guess he missed me.” She cuddled and kissed him speaking to him in doggy talk. Then she pushed Arrow down. She was cooing to the dog in an embrace that hundreds of men must dream about.

She was dressed in a pair of clingy hip hugger shorts and and a red t-shirt that said, “Nottingham Farms.” I had not envisioned someone so young (about 22) and so attractive. She looked like Brittany Spears pre-babies, though her chest was a little smaller. She must have been about 5′ 2″, with nice flat stomach and nice legs. Even though she had long pants on, I knew she had nice legs because the pants clung to ever curve of her lower torso. So much so, you could see the ‘camel toe’ of her labia, as she stood there hugging her dog.

I invited her in to get re-acquainted inside before they made the drive back home. When she sat down Arrow was licking her face and his cock was ready to go again. He was trying to hump her leg.

“Arrow is one lucky dog,” I said and when Arrow barked and turned to me. I realised I had rhymed ‘uck’ and got him excited. I decided to have some fun. “He really enjoyed riding in my Truck.”

The comment was out of context, but it made Arrow bark and dance in a circle. Better yet, Sharon’s face turned red.

“Did I say something wrong, your face is as red as a fire truck,” I added with evil malice and Arrow barked.

“No, I’m just happy to see Arrow,” she said ignoring his excited state. She might be happy to see him, he was aroused.

“How did you lose him, did he chase a duck?” I asked and Arrow yelped. “Wow, he must really like ducks.”

I was pure evil. Not only was Sharon speechless with apparent embarrassment, but Arrow was climbing up and trying to mount her.

“Looks like he really misses you,” I said and then taunted her: “Does Nottingham Farms have a kennel or do your dogs sleep with you?”

“Well, um…. Arrow, get down, DOWN,” she said, being very firm with the Dalmatian. She was able to push him off of her and onto the floor. “Nottingham is basically Arrow. I have a room, well where the studding takes place, but yes he sleeps with me.”

She said it in a way that confirmed to me that ‘sleeps’ is a euphemism for sex. She used a tone (or tried to use a tone) that implied there was a little mat on the floor for Arrow.

“That’s good, it’s nice know that someone tucks my little buddy in at night,” I said causing Arrow to burrow his snout into Sharon’s crotch. This was great fun. I pretended not to notice the amorous intent of the Dalmatian. “I’ve always wondered about stud services, can you make a good buck out of it?”

Then I noticed something that was kind of funny. Sharon shifted in her seat. Arrow was excited, you could tell by the way he was fidgeting and barking, but Sharon was also excited, there was now a damp spot between her legs on her pants.

Any word that rhymed with ‘fuck’ made Arrow horny, but it also made Sharon horny. Or at least being embarrassed about her dog getting off on the sounds of words that sounded like ‘fuck’ made her wet between the legs.

I forced a laugh, “Oh look, Arrow got you wet between the legs when he stuck his nose there.”

If someone could die of shame, this would have been the moment for Sharon. I didn’t say anything for a bit, letting Arrow try to mount Sharon. She was trying to push him away, without seeming to excite him more. I waited for my moment.

“So…. how often do you and Arrow do it,” I asked with a slow, measured tempo.

We stared at each other for a tense moment, I think she was calculating how much I knew or if she should just ignore it all. It must’ve been tough on her. All the emotions of losing a lover, finding a lover, the taboo of the lover being a dog and sitting right there is a guy who has outed you.

“D-D-Do what?” she asked.

“You know,” I prompted.

“We don’t ‘do it’,” she responded, but just the fact that was was saying ‘do it’ with the understand of what ‘doing it’ meant, said that she did fuck her dog. As I looked at her, she seemed to tremble slightly.

“You don’t fuck your dog? Hmmm, he really seems like he knows what fucking is all about,” when I said this her face contorted with terror and Arrow barked, trying to mount her again.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” I kept repeating it, wondering how far Arrow would go and how far Sharon would let me go. The dog was barking and climbing up to get the goods. Normally I would be freaking out with a dog barking like that, but with the upstairs tenant gone, I didn’t care.

“Stop it, STOP IT STOP IT!” she screamed. It wasn’t clear if she was saying it to me or the Dalmatian that was on top of her in the chair rocking his pelvis. Both of us backed off.

“Alright we… we…” She was searching for the word and when I started to say it she yelled, “Please, don’t say that word. Yes we… ‘do it’. Alright?”

I didn’t say anything, I just looked back at her.

Finally, she said after a big sigh, “What do you want from me?”

“Nothing,” I said and she squinted at me not believing or trusting me. “Nothing you wouldn’t do anyways. I just want to watch.”

“You’re disgusting,” she said and started to hook the leash to Arrow’s collar.

“Maybe I am,” I said walking over to my phone. “But a lot of people would think making love to a dog is disgusting.”

She stopped and looked up at me trying to figure out if I was serious or just some loser she could steamroll.

“I’m pretty well connected with the SPCA, since I am always bringing in strays,” I explained to her, picking up the phone. “I would be glad to let them know of the weird behaviour Arrow has exhibited since he has been in my home. I think they’d believe me too, and once they test for themselves what happens when you say that word you’d be well and truly busted.”

Again there was the long stare. She was breathing slow, deep breaths. On the third inhalation, she breathed in long and slow, then grabbed her shirt and took it off, under her red t-shirt was a red lace bra. Arrow knew what was up and started licking her chest. She removed the bra, so he could lick her erect nipples. Accept for when the t-shirt was over her face, she kept her gaze on me, ignoring the randy dog.

After she had stood up and removed her shoes and pants, she stood looking at me. She was naked, except for a pair of white ankle socks. Arrow’s nose was between her legs licking, she spread some so he could gain better access. Clearly there was pussy juice between her legs.

As bizarre as things were at that moment, they were about to get stranger.

She got down on all fours and Arrow dance behind her, the tell tale wet spot on her pants had made it clear she wouldn’t need foreplay. As cold and steely as she was, Arrow was opposite. He was jumping around, licking away at his prospective lover, as I had seen him do many times over the weekend.

“What are you thinking?” she asked and it caught me off guard. I didn’t think she was going to talk, and found it weird she would be asking me that question while her dog prepared to slam into her.

“How attractive you are,” I told her. It seemed like a plausible answer and for the most part true. Arrow jumped up on her, with his hips humping at the space between him and her pussy.

“No that isn’t it. What are you really thinking?” she prompted things had become so freakish. Reaching between her legs. She must have directed the dog’s cock to her opening and Arrow thrust into her and she let out a little sigh.

“Well… honestly?” I asked and she nodded her head. She was nodding to my question, but she could have been nodding to the thrusts of her dog. “I’m thinking how lucky you are to have that dog.”

At first it didn’t sink in to her that I was also in love with Arrow. That not only did I love Arrow, but I was longing for his cock to be rocking in me, not her. She must have thought I was avoiding the question.

A moment later another change appeared on her face. She softened some but the intensity was still there. She crawled over to me. It was a funny sight, her on all fours creeping to me and Arrow hopping and humping to stay with her. When she got to me, she grabbed my belt, in a motion that made me think she was trying to stand up.

“Down,” she said, speaking to me

I got on to the ground and she undid my pants, pulling them and my underwear off. She licked my dick, which was soft, but becoming excited. Then she slugged my chest.

“You bastard, you slept with my dog! I can taste it on your cock,” she shrieked at me.

“I… I… um,” and she slammed her fist down on my chest again.

“I hope it was good,” she said with a shrill and I thought she was going to hit me again, but then dropped her face to my crotch. She pressed her forehead against me not moving.

“Fuck!” she said lifting her head and looking at me. Hearing the word, Arrow started to hump harder. “uMMmmm — uMMmmm, you… you…. had to didn’t you.”

She grabbed a hold of my cock and I put my hands over her hands for protection.

“I’m sorry, but… but,” I didn’t finish and she licked the head of my cock. I flinched thinking she was going to bite me. She continued to lick the tip of my penis and I relaxed my hold on her hands. She took all of my cock into her mouth, wetting it with her saliva. I thought she had started to bob up and down, but it was only a motion caused by Arrow pushing into her.

She held on to my cock with her hand, but her body moved forward. It was more like she was holding the horn of a western saddle and not to stroke me sexually.

“Mmmmmhhh, mmmmhhhhmmmph,” she groaned, then for a few moments neither Sharon or Arrow moved.

“Arrrow… Arrow,” she whispered and it sounded like she was crying. As if to answer her, Arrow whimpered. I was touched, there is no way these lovers should be separated.

Her face was pressed against my stomach. She started to pump her grip up and down my cock and I could see what had happened. Arrow was now beside her and had managed to tie himself inside her with his knot. He was panting, the satisfied pant I had seen a couple times. Sharon lifted her head from my stomach.

“As soon as Arrow’s knot deflates, you owe me,” she said, while she was jacking me off with her hand. Now she was not just holding on, but playing with my pleasure.

“Owe you?” I was bewildered.

“Yea, it’s your turn to let me watch you get fucked,” she said and Arrow let out a tired bark, but it was clear the ‘fuck’ was out of him, at least for the time being. She looked at him noting his tiredness and said, “Although I think he has probably fucked you many times in the last few days, you slut!”

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Janice heard the knock at the door and looking out the spy hole seen it was her so-called friend Carol. She realised she still had no idea what to say to Carol, as she was very angry with her. Steve was her guy, had been for years, and that sneaky slut Carol had crept around, flirting, enticing her man away behind her back. She wanted to face this slut for sure.

Ruth, one of Janice’s co-workers, had just happened to see Steve and Carol together on the north side of town. Of course she couldn’t wait to get on the phone to Janice. “She was all over him,” Ruth had reported. “And he didn’t seem to mind it a bit.”

Ruth understood how the sisterhood worked.

Of course Steve didn’t mind it. When some bitch practically waves her pussy in your face a guy was going to reach out and get some. Especially when they look like Carol. He was not blameless here and she would deal with him and his unfaithfulness separately, but this slut Carol must have worked overtime to get him to cheat so openly like that.

Janice was no slouch herself and she sure didn’t need to be tutored on the finer points of pleasing a man. All the more reason to suspect Carol as the primary conspirator in this little drama. A quick lesson on the finer points of ‘private property’ was what she needed, Janice thought.

Janice had worked her anger up to a frenzied level so she stopped, her hand rested on the doorknob as she took a deep breath. To gain a little self-control before she confronted her so-called friend. The image of Carol and Steve together was slamming through
her brain. Have they done it, she thought. Well not anymore, not after today, I can guarantee that.

She and Carol had been friends ever since high school, but Janice felt no misgivings about pounding her ass into the floor if it became necessary. Carol should have known better than to cross a friend, to break the trust of the sisterhood. But not yet. First the civilised approach. And if that didn’t work, then the uncivilised one.

She opened the door and there was Carol. Sunglasses and a saccharine sweet smile designed to show off her dazzling and perfect teeth. The baggy sundress she was wearing did little to hide her petite and curvaceous figure and Janice felt a rise in the angry temperature that she was trying hard to control. Mentally, she began counting to ten.

“Well,” Carol said, not bothering to hide the irritation in her voice. “Can I come in?”

Janice stepped aside, saying nothing, and Carol walked in like she owned the place. She tossed her purse on the couch and surveyed the living area with a contemptuous eye as Janice closed the door and followed her into the room. Carol turned to Janice saying, “If this is about Steve, well then we can go ahead and get a few things straight without me having to waste my time. If you think I’m going to apologise for what happened I’m not.”

Rock, Janice’s four-year old German Shepherd suddenly trotted into the room. He always did like Carol for some reason and must’ve caught her scent. Mature and filled out with muscle, he came right up to Carol, sniffing first at her legs and then boldly moving behind her to poke his nose through the fabric of her dress and into the cleft of her ass.

“Good god, Janice, call him off.” Carol said stepping back alarmed. Big dogs scared her.

Rock wasn’t put off and continued to circle her legs, keeping his nose at her rump, his actions more intense as he attempted to find the smell that was exciting him. He tugged at the dress with his teeth and when Carol moved away again he uttered a low growl.

“Janice get him away from me, he’s going to ruin my dress!” Carol complained.

Janice shrugged. “He smells something he likes I guess. The neighbours have a couple of bitches that are in season and it’s been driving him crazy lately. Bitches in heat always drive the men crazy don’t they Carol?”

“Oh hardy-ha-ha. Did you lay awake all night to come up with that one?” Carol said as she gave Rock another shove away from her. “Ooohhh!” she then cried, as Rock gave her a particularly aggressive poke in the rump with his nose. Startled, she stepped forward only be to pulled back by another tug at her dress.

Janice was a bit surprised at Rocks playfulness all of a sudden as he usually was well behaved. She opened her mouth to call off the dog and then stopped. She was enjoying Carol’s discomfort. In a small way, it helped her feel better about the situation with Steve. And then it hit her. Revenge. Rock and revenge. Maybe, just maybe, she could really teach Carol a lesson here. The vision of what she imagined burst into her head like a mini explosion, bringing a devilish smile to her face as she watched Carol wrestling with her horny dog.

“Rocks gonna ruin that dress. Why don’t you take it off then he might leave you alone,” she said to Carol.

Still dancing away from Rock’s advances and tugs, she turned to Janice with an incredulous look on her face. Immediately, Rock seized the advantage with another strong poke at her ass. Carol jumped, clearly uncomfortable with the way the situation was developing. The damn dog would not leave her alone.

“What are you talking about, take off my dress. Are you crazy?” Carol said frowning deeply at Janice.

Rock expertly used his size and height against Carol’s legs, confining her to a small area of the carpeted floor and she was beginning to tire. Janice thought the scene very amusing.

“Maybe he smells something on the dress. Did you spill anything on it today?,” Janice said, knowing otherwise. “He’s going to tear it up otherwise, if you don’t remove it. It’s only us girls here Carol so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you in your panties.”

Carol blushed saying, “It’s just that… Well I don’t have any on.”

Typical! What do you expect from a slut? Janice shrugged, “I’ll get you a robe then, if it makes you happy. Otherwise keep it on and have Rock keep bothering you.”

Carol looked doubtful, but a few more pokes and prods from Rock along with that low growling convinced her. She pulled the straps of the sundress down over her shoulders and it fell to the floor, puddling at her feet. Janice looked at her, trying to see her the way Steve would. That perfect little body, creamy skin and round breasts. Janice would give her that. Carol was a knock out. Steve always did have great taste in women.

Janice watched as Carol stepped out of her shoes and away from the dress, now completely naked.

Rock paid not a bit of attention to the dress on the floor, as Janice knew he wouldn’t. She watched with amusement as he moved straight towards the naked girl. Carol’s mouth opened wide as he stuck his wet nose right into the dark bush between her legs and gave a tentative lick.

“My god!” she cried. “Get him away from me, Janice!” Carol begged looking terrified. She covered her pussy mound with both hands and stepped backwards but Rock quickly moved around behind her and put his nose in her rear again, swiping his wet tongue between the cheeks of her ass several times. “Janice, please get him away from me! Please! You promised me a robe,” Carol begged.

No longer was her tone sarcastic. Now it was more of a plea. Carol turned this way and that, trying to avoid the dog’s probing nose and tongue but Rock was there at every opportunity, effectively limiting her area to a few square feet of the floor. Janice stepped forward saying, “Here let me help.”

Carol nodded thinking Janice was going to grab Rock and pull him off her but she didn’t. Janice jumped behind Carol and slid her arms under hers and put her in a full nelson. This had the effect of drawing Carols hands away from covering her pussy and in into the air. Then Janice pulled her backwards making her expose all of her pussy to Rocks excited tongue.

“Please Janice! What are you doing?” Carol, her voice sounded feeble and weak.

Carol whispered in her ear, “Showing you that if you want to act like a bitch in heat, then I’ll treat you like one.”

Rock moved in front of the naked woman and extended his nose between her legs. Carol couldn’t fight it as Janice was too strong for her and so she closed her eyes and tried not to think about what Rock was doing to her. The last thing she should do now is look like she’s enjoying this. Then Janice would win.

Instantly sensing this new advantage, Rock moved in and quickly had his nose between Carol’s legs. His long tongue snaked out through the hairy patch. Carol kicked out at him but he couldn’t be budged. Instead, he pushed himself even closer, burying his snout between her legs.

“Janice, please!” Carol struggled in her grip trying to fight the first wave of excitement building within her as Rock’s rapidly moving tongue inadvertently began stroking across the more sensitive areas of her pussy. This can’t be happening, she thought.

The tongue hit her clit and a spasm shuddered through her body. Suddenly, Rock was gone, and Carol could feel tremors running through her body at the sudden stopping of the intense sensation of the dog’s tongue. Janice laughed, “That’s a good bitch.” The she let her go pushing her down onto the floor on her hands and knees.

Then, something cold and wet touched her rump, and she jerked up on her knees, raising her ass high as she did so. Immediately, the tongue was back between her legs, stroking and prodding. Rock had moved around behind her and was back between her legs, his tongue moving between the cheeks of her ass and down between her legs to lick her wet pussy again.

Carol tried to scissor her legs shut but the dogs snout was between them and her efforts only served to confine his tongue to a smaller area, giving him greater success at stimulating her now swollen clitoris.

“Oooh!” she moaned, unaware that she was doing so.

Waves of sexual excitement were building within her and without realising it. she slowly leaned forward, placing her palms on the floor, now on her hands and knees. Involuntarily, her legs parted slightly giving Rock a little more access which he eagerly accepted. His tongue continued its rapid assault between Carol’s legs, slurping and sliding from the woman’s now dripping pussy, to the crack of her ass and then back again.

Janice watched in amazement at Carol’s gradual change. Am I going to let this go all the way, she thought. Maybe she’s learnt her lesson? She looked at Carol, naked, on her hands and knees, and then at Rock. She noticed his glistening, red cock protruding from its sheath, growing longer each passing second as he went about his task of readying the naked woman for breeding. Seven inches and thick, it very literally symbolised his need and desire.

Am I? Janice watched the dogs intense tonguing of the naked woman. Yes, I am, she thought. All the way. Rock deserves it after all this work. And Carol certainly does, she said to herself with a smile. If Carol wants to act like a bitch in heat then she deserves to be fucked like one. She settled back on the couch comfortably, a fascinated expression on her face. She took out her cell phone and began to film it.

Carol was wilting under the constant tonguing of her ass and pussy. Thoughts of stopping the dog were dim in her mind as the sexual stimulation to her clit by Rock’s ceaseless licking continued. She felt totally humiliated by the place she found herself in, knowing that Janice was seeing all, yet seeing no way to stop it now.

Low moans escaped her lips as the first wave of an impending orgasm began building within her. Her wrists collapsed and her upper body lowered itself to the floor, resting now on her forearms. Her face lay on the carpet and her hips began a slight swing, rhythmic to the dog’s incessant tongue.

Janice watched in amusement as Rock, now unhampered, began a focused tonguing of Carol’s pussy. She could see his long, pink tongue flick out, over and over, occasionally penetrating and probing. She watched as Carol’s ass began swaying, noticing the naked woman’s legs moving further and further apart. This fascinated her more than anything, knowing that Carol had no control over what was happening. Knowing that Rock was working toward getting the woman spread and ready to his satisfaction. And when he did…

Janice continued watching as Carol’s legs now began to be spread forcibly. The widening of her thighs brought her ass and pussy lower to the floor. Within moments, under Rock’s tireless licking, Carol’s legs were spread to their limits.

Rock steadily lapped the dripping juices from between the woman’s legs. Carol no longer cared about the place she was in. The utter humiliation of it all was behind her for the time being. She knew she would never be able to look Janice in the eye again, but for the moment, she was on the edge of one of the most incredible orgasms she had ever felt building within her. That tongue! Carol wanted to be fucked in the worst way and she didn’t care by who – or what.

Suddenly, Rock stopped his licking and backed up a few steps from the quivering woman. His penis was stiff and extended, ready for mating. He walked slowly around Carol, stopping to sniff a bit here and there.

She’s completely ready now, Janice thought. She stared at Carol’s humble place before her. Her upper body was completely lowered to the floor. Her cheek against the carpet, low moans escaping her lips. Carol’s ass jutted up in the air, and her legs were spread so wide that she was fully exposed. Janice could see the tight, brown hole of Carol’s ass and the dark fur that surrounded her pink, dripping pussy. Spread and ready!

Rock returned to his place behind Carol, sniffed at the exposed parts a bit, then placed his forelegs upon her back and began moving his hindquarters in close to the naked woman’s ass.

Carol felt the paws upon her back, scratching and scrambling for purchase. It hurt a bit but she didn’t care. She needed a good fucking in the worst way now. The fur of Rock’s underbelly caressed and tickled her ass and upper thighs as he moved in close for his prize.

Janice, totally entranced now by what was about to take place, left her place on the couch and moved closer to the action, kneeling a few feet away from Carol and Rock. My god, she thought. He’s going to do it. And I’m going to let him. She stared as Rock made a few tentative thrusts with his cock, seeking his target.

Carol gasped as she felt the dog’s penis brush against her and began moving her hips trying to find the hot shaft that would satisfy her need.

Janice’s unwavering gaze was fixed upon Rock’s penis as it sought Carol’s love hole, and she watched in amazement as its thick tip finally found entrance. Rock moved his rump in closer and the entire length of his cock slid deeply into Carol’s sopping, red cunt. He began pumping furiously, in and out of the hot pussy.

A low, keening sound began coming from Carol, and her hips moved against the dog’s thrusts, trying to achieve deeper penetration.

“Oh god!” Carol cried, as her orgasm approached rapidly. Her hips began moving quicker, in time to the dog’s rapid thrusting. Sweat dripped from her face.

Janice had never seen a woman who looked so utterly slutty as Carol now did in her union with the dog. She watched as spasms began to rack the woman’s body, the orgasm beginning its ascent, running through the naked slut like a berserk locomotive. Sexual waves of pure pleasure slammed hard into Carol’s body and her mouth opened, a scream of pure pleasure erupting. “OH FUCK!!”

Janice reached out and grabbed the slut by her hair lifting her head from the floor. With her free hand she covered Carol’s mouth, trying to stifle the loud screams and moans. No sense letting everybody in the neighbourhood in on what was happening.

Rock’s pumping became more frenzied as he approached his own orgasm. Silently, he pleasures himself with the naked woman and moments later, long, ropey strands of dog cum spurted into Carol’s pussy. Gravity, and Rock’s continued pumping forced some of it back out, and the cum dripped from between Carol’s legs and onto the carpet below.

Gradually, the dog’s pumping and thrusting slowed. His needs met for the time being, he eventually came to a stop but remained perched atop Carol, his penis firmly entrenched within her cunt.

Janice waited a few minutes and then carefully began trying to disengaging Rock from Carol. At first she couldn’t pull it out. Rocks doggy dick was stuck inside her pussy and Janice remembered dogs knot their bitches to stop them getting away while they pumped them full of their cum. Janice laughed. Poor Carol knotted to a dog. It was just too sweet.

Carol was strangely quiet and now and then moaned. The bitch was still having fucking orgasms, thought Janice. Maybe it’s the pressure of all that dog cum trapped inside her? She pulled on Rock again and Carol yelled out in pain. “No… just leave it. He’ll slide out when he’s ready,” Carol begged.

“If that’s what you want, bitch,” Janice said coldly and sat back down watching the spectacle.

Over ten minutes passed before Carol moaned as the cock slid out of her vagina, and when she was free, she collapsed to the floor in trembling heap. Cum gushed from her used cunt like a fountain.

“Good boy,” Janice said. She patted Rock on the head.

Then Rock wandered out of the room towards the laundry where his drink and food bowls were. Back in the living room, Janice surveyed the woman on the floor, a wet puddle between her legs and getting larger by the moment.

“Get up slut!” she said, prodding Carol in the thigh with her foot. “You’re getting dog cum all over my floor.”

Carol, unaware of her surroundings at the moment, opened her eyes. With a rush it all came back. I let myself be fucked by a dog, right in front of Janice, she thought. Worst of all, I enjoyed it.

“Janice, I-I…” Carol stopped, not knowing what to say.

“I don’t think Steve will have much of an interest in you anymore, Carol,” Janice said with a smirk. “Not once he finds out what a dirty dog fucker you are.”

Carol’s face reddened. “J-Janice, please. I’ll do anything. Anything you want. I’ll leave Steve alone from now on I promise. Just don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Anything eh?” Janice said with an evil grin. “You know Carol, I’ve tried to find Rock the right mate for a long time. He needs a real special kind of bitch. The type of bitch that is also a real slut and I think you’re just the cunt I’ve been looking for.”

Carol stared at Janice wide-eyed and mouth agape for a moment. Then she said, “No anything but that! Please I’m not like that really… I don’t do dogs.”

Just then Rock walked back in and straight up to Carol sniffing her cum soaked pussy and then started licking away his spunk. Janice stood there watching her dog and said to Carol sharply, “Spread your legs bitch so he can get in there.”

Carol complied then leaned back closing her eyes as the constant licking of her pussy started to inflame her lust once again. Janice laughed saying, “Oh I think you are the kind of girl who does dogs, and from now on Rock is the only cock you’re fucking. Do I make myself clear bitch?”

Carol opened her eyes, they were glassy and distant. “Yes Janice. Alright I’ll be Rocks bitch,” she murmured.

Janice patted her head, “Good girl. If you’re a good bitch I’ll let Rocks friends fuck you too, since I know how you like to parade that pussy around to any dog on the street.”

Carol moaned loudly making Janice laugh. This day had turned out better than she imagined.

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Barbara was feeling lonely-and very, very horny this morning. As usual, her husband, Pete, was off at work. That meant that all she had was her fingers to give her relieve she needed.

She sprawled naked on the bed, running her hands up and down her body. She could feel her pussy swelling with arousal and her juices began to flow. Her large tits rested high on her chest and, in spite of their enormous size, they did not sag even a fraction of an inch. Her nipples were large as well as long and, at this moment, they were tingling and burning with desire.

She was thinking about her husband, Pete, and wished that he could be there and help her relieve the pressure in her firm body.

“Oooooh,” she groaned, letting a finger trace her outer pussy lips.

They felt all wet hand puffy from hornyness.

She thought about getting her big dildo from the dresser. Pete had bought it for her birthday last year, it was twelve inch long and enormously thick. Pete had a large cock too and Barbara loved to be filled up to the hilt with cocks.

“No, I have to get things done around the house,” she told herself.

“I’ll let the tingle stay in my body all morning while I do my stuff,” she told herself. She enjoyed feeling horny like that.

Barbara got up from the bed and put on a robe, naked under it. And she went to the kitchen to make some coffee. She could feel her puffy pussy lips rubbing against each other when walking. It sent shivers through her body.

Sitting in the kitchen having her coffee, Barbara was thinking of her life with Pete. She loved him so much and they had their own house and everything looked promising for the future. The only thing that bothered her were the lonely days. She had no friends around their house to visit. Barbara was often horny in the mornings and she often wanted to call Pete at work to tell him how horny she was and that she wanted him to come home and fuck her, yes, fuck her hard…

But she never did, Pete was too proper to do a thing like that, she thought.

She started to do her usual stuff around the house, still naked under her robe. All the time she could feel that sweet tingle in her crotch and from time to time she put her hand inside the robe and touched her pussy… It was so hot, and wet!

When she went out on the balcony to water her flowers she heard noise from the backyard. Looking over the edge and down onto the ground she saw a dog, a large dog. She thought it must be a Dane or something. Barbara didn’t know much about dogs at all.

Suddenly she saw two more dogs, coming out from under the balcony. One chasing the other, she could see that the one being chased was a Collie and the other was a German Shepherd. The Shepherd looked like the neighbor’s dog. Yes, Barbara thought, it is the neighbor’s dog, Chico, a large black German Shepherd. And he was chasing the Collie, a female, across the lawn. Chico tried to get his nose under the Collie’s tail, but the she kept him off. The Dane running next to them, also a male, she had never seen before. He was huge.

Barbara realized that she was standing there watching the dogs…

“That bitch is in heat, and Chico is trying to fuck her!” Barbara told herself. The thought sent warm trembles through her body and she squeezed her thighs together, feeling how hot her pussy was.

The Collie-bitch kept the German Shepherd from her rear for a while, running back and forth on the lawn. The Dane was mellower and kept a distance to the two dogs.

Barbara felt her blood flow warm through her body. Her nipples were erect and she knew watching Chico chasing the bitch, was turning her on…

Barbara looked over towards the gate, and saw it was half open.

“Oh! Pete must have forgotten to close it” she told herself.

Without knowing why, Barbara rushed from the balcony, down the stairs to the side door where the gate was. She carefully opened the door and looked outside. She could not see the dogs from there. Carefully she closed the gate, and secured it. She went back inside, but this time she didn’t go back upstairs. Barbara went into the family room in the basement, facing the backyard. The room had a large window and she could see the whole yard from there. The dogs still running around.

Barbara pulled a chair over to the window and sat down, her robe fell partially open and she could feel her throat was dry and she was breathing heavy from the sexual excitement.

The Collie came over close to the window and she stopped for a moment, Chico immediately putting his nose under her tail. He was licking out with his tongue and the bitch pulled her tail away.

Barbara could see the male’s tongue lapping over the puffy dog pussy. After licking the bitch’s pussy a little, Chico moved up to mount her. But the Collie ran away, teasingly, Barbara thought.

Again the bitch stopped and the German Shepherd was behind her, sniffing her pussy. Barbara looked under the male’s belly to see if she could see his cock, and she could, just a little of it, but it made her even hotter. The dog cock was a little red, but it was rather thick. Barbara had never really looked at a dog cock before.

The same thing happened again when Chico tried to mount the bitch, she ran away. Around and around they went and they ended up in front of the window again. Now the Dane was close too. Barbara looked under his belly, but she could not see his prick. But she saw the huge bulb of skin covering it.

“That dog must have a huge cock,” Barbara said to herself. She had her fingers playing with her pussy again. She was leaning back in the chair, legs spread and the robe all open. Her pussy was all wet and she could feel how horny she was.

Outside the Shepherd was licking the Collie’s pussy again. Her tail was to the side and Barbara could see her pussy clearly. It was all red and puffy. She was enjoying the tongue licking and she was now standing still.

Chico the German Shepherd, moved around her, placing his head on her back. Barbara could now see his cock more clearly. The tip of it was outside the sheath of skin. It was all shiny and red. Barbara thought it looked delicious. Still playing with her pussy, she grew closer and closer to an orgasm. She lifted her legs up and spread them over the armrests of the chair. This position forced her pussy lips to part and she could freely play with her fingers in her warm wet cunt.

“Ooooh! My God, this is so hot,” she said to herself, now pushing two fingers inside her pussy, stroking it slowly.

Chico moved behind the bitch again and started mounting her. This time the bitch didn’t run. The large male on top of her starting humping back and forth. Barbara could clearly see the dog cock now. It was hitting around the dog’s pussy again and again. The cock was all shiny and more of it was showing as the dog kept on trying to hit the right spot… Finally the male was able to hit the pussy and with his legs firmly around the sides of the bitch, he started to push his cock into her.

Barbara could see the cock growing larger by the second as it went inside the bitch’s red pussy.

“Oh!” Barbara said, breathing hard and stroking her pussy faster and faster with her two fingers. The juice was flowing from her pussy lips down between her ass cheeks.

“I’ve never been so horny in my life,” she spoke out. Still watching the dogs outside, the Dane was now next to the fucking dogs. He stared at them and started sniffing at the bitch with the cock being thrust into her.

Chico humped harder now and more of his cock was inside the Collie, to Barbara it looked like he was all inside her now and he kept on fucking her… The Dane now moved behind Chico and started sniffing between his legs. Lapping his tongue against the balls.. Barbara now noticed that the Dane had a hard on too… And she almost swallowed her tongue at the size of it.

“What a huge cock… And so hard” she spoke out loud. Her fingers deep inside her swollen pussy, stroking herself while looking at this huge dog cock in front of her. The Dane’s cock was about half way out and Barbara kept on looking at it… Her eyes burned and she started to think about how lovely the cock looked… and how horny it made her.

“I wonder how it would…. No, don’t think like that.” she told herself.

But the thought came back…

“That cock must be at least eight inches when it’s all outside… and it is so fucking thick already..” Barbara could not sit still any longer…

She got up from the chair and walked closer to the window, she had to see this closer…

The Dane saw her first, and he jumped away from behind Chico.

He moved a few steps out on the lawn, stopped and looked at her. His eyes were big and Barbara felt warmth inside of her while looking at those large dog eyes. A sort of contact was established between them.

The Collie saw Barbara now and she tried to jump forward, but she couldn’t.

The large Chico on top of her had his cock buried inside of her his cock had now locked up so there was no way back for them…

Barbara kept on stroking herself, while standing at the window, watching these dogs fucking on her lawn.

This was the most exciting and horny thing she had ever seen… She had her legs wide apart and she was rubbing her clit hard… close to her orgasm… Looking at the dogs, and the Dane. Oh! my God I’m coming…. It’s so good!” Barbara was yelling now and her pussy juices flooded her fingers when she came… Her orgasm was so strong that she had to get on her knees on the floor while the orgasm rushed through her body. She still looked outside at the Dane trying to mount the bitch, but it was impossible for him…

“Ooooh! He needs a pussy… His cock is so beautifully hard and big…” Barbara was thinking about it all the time while her body was trembling in orgasm…

There was a door from the family room leading right out to the backyard. Barbara opened it all the way, but stayed inside… There was a tall fence around the yard so nobody could see in from the outside.

The dogs looked at the door, they started running around again. Now Chico was running, too. They constantly looked over toward her standing in the doorway.

“Chico… Come here boy,” she called softly.

The German Shepherd stopped and looked at her. He knew her from some time back. She had met him when her and Pete were at his house for a party. She remembered he was very friendly and liked to be petted.

“Here, Chico. Come to me you good dog..” she spoke softly and crouched down in the doorway.

Chico moved closer and finally came up to her. He sniffed at her hand…

“Yes, smell my pussy juice boy…” she said. Letting him lick her fingers.

The other two dogs also got curious and came closer. Barbara moved further inside the room and Chico followed her willingly. While squatting down on the floor, Barbara started to pet him while waiting for the Dane and the Collie to come in. And then did, finally come inside.

Barbara stood up, moved slowly towards the door and closed it quietly.

The family room was very large and it had a large open area over by the fireplace. Barbara moved over there and sat on the floor. Again she called Chico over to her. He started licking her face and fingers and he also sniffed at her robe, hanging loose over her body.

“Yeah. Good boy, Chico… Like the smell??” Barbara could feel the juices flowing in her pussy again….

Opening her robe, she let the dog lick her upper body and her breasts. It gave her goose bumps to feel his warm and wet tongue on her body.

‘She’ was in heat now, like the bitch in the same room. The Collie was running around in the room with the Dane after her, his nose under her tail now.. From time to time, they came over and sniffed at Barbara.

Barbara spread her legs a little to see what Chico would do. He kept licking her upper body and was not too interested in her crotch!

“Come on Chico, I have a hot little cunt down there. It loves to be licked… and fucked, by large cocks..” she got hotter by the moment.

The bitch was now standing in the middle of the room, the Dane licking her pussy juices again. Now Chico went over there…. The Dane moved away a little and let Chico put his nose at the Collie’s pussy, licking her wetly.

Barbara felt disappointed.. Her pussy was all wet, but the dogs preferred the bitch over her. She got on her hands and knees again, now moving around next to the dog bitch… “You’re as horny as I am… you bitch.. You should share some of these cocks with me…” Barbara spoke out loud.

An idea formed in her mind.

“I don’t smell like a DOG-bitch. Maybe that’s what’s wrong…” she thought.

The males were still mostly interested in the Collie.Barbara pushed her fingers into bitch’s pussy… It was warm and juicy, her fingers got all juicy. The bitch liked her fingers, because she put her tail to the side and fucked against her fingers… The two fingers went deeper inside the dog, then all the way in, and the bitch fucked harder against Barbara’s stroking fingers…

“You fucking horny bitch… You’d fuck anything, wouldn’t you? Barbara said to the bitch, knelling there with her tongue hanging out.

The male dogs were also very interested now. Chico seemed to be the dominant one again, and when Barbara pulled her fingers out, he starting lapping at pussy again, wildly. The Collie now with her tail all to the side, exposing her horny pussy to Chico, wagging her hips and looking back at him. Chico got more excited now and Barbara looked under his belly to find some of
his cock peeking out again. It was wet, and now when she was close, she could see drops of precum on the tip.

While looking at it she was still on her knees, feeling very horny, and she stuck her juicy fingers between her pussy lips. She smeared the juices from the Collie’s pussy on her own lusty lips.

Her eyes were glued at Chico’s cock in front of her…

“It is such a lovely cock, Chico…. It must be good to feel it inside a pussy. I think I am jealous of that bitch in front of you…” she said.

Suddenly she felt something on her bare ass.

The Dane…. Behind her, he was sniffing her now. Barbara felt more juices flow to her pussy.

“He’s smelling the hot juices from the dog’s pussy…” she thought. Getting more excited she wagged her ass for the Dane. Behind her the huge dog started sniffing all over her ass, his tongue leaped out and licked the crack of her ass… It sent shivers through her body. The Dane sniffed at the trembling ass in front of him, he licked her ass again and let the tongue stroke from her pussy and up through the crack.

“He must think I am a dog-bitch in heat..” Barbara thought, happily letting him do what he wanted.

In front of her, Chico was still licking the bitch’s

Barbara looked at his cock again and she let her fingers touch it, lightly first, and then she grabbed the tip of it with her hand… Chico humped immediately against her hand and his cock got harder and longer… Barbara was so excited now from the Dane licking her from behind and the large dog cock in front of her. She moved closer to Chico, her head was under his belly and her hand holding his growing cock… It was wet and juices were dripping form the tip.

“Ooooh! Chico. Your cock is so hard now, and juicy. I have to taste your precum…” she reached out with her tongue. It touched the tip of his cock and it jumped immediately and grew bigger. Barbara tasted the precum…

“Sooo sweet it is… And warm…” she murmured.

The Dane was all excited now and when Barbara looked back quickly, she could see his huge cock partially extended from its sheath. The Dane moved back and forth, testing Barbara like he would test a dog bitch. And Barbara was all ready for him… She kept licking at Chico’s cock in front of her. It was growing bigger and Chico was now fucking her hand, holding his cock firmly. Chico had forgotten the dog bitch now… He was only enjoying the lovely feelings in his cock.

Behind Barbara, the Dane tried to mount her, but it didn’t work… He was too tall for her. Just like the Collie, Barbara was not tall enough for the huge dog.

Now Barbara was getting desperate for cock…

“Come on, fuck me dog. Fuck my hot pussy…” she turned around, facing the Dane. She got under his belly and grabbed his hard cock… Juices were dripping form it, flowing from it now. She put her lips around the tip.The Dane started humping crazily against her lips.And then, behind her, Chico started licking her ass now… He was all excited and started testing her at once…

“Chico, fuck me… I need your huge cock inside my cunt…” she wagged her ass again, still with the Danes cock between her lips. She now started stroking his cock hard with her hand, and the Dane fucked against it, his cock now all the way out and growing quickly… The cock stroke deeper inside her mouth and she started sucking at it, too. The Dane went crazy now, he had not been able to get his cock off. This treatment sent him orbiting and fucking Barbara’s mouth harder by the minute.

His cock was so big now, it filled her mouth completely, and only half of it was inside. The rest of it, Barbara kept on stroking with her hand, harder and harder.

Behind her Chico started mounting her… Her knees far apart, Barbara got ready for the fuck of her life.

“Yes, Chico… That’s it.. You can do it. My pussy needs your cock juices to cool off now…” she said and grabbed the Dane’s cock with her mouth again.

Chico, on top of her ass, his forelegs firmly grabbing around her waist. The large dog positioned himself behind her and suddenly, Barbara could feel something warm touching her thigh… The cock… She got sooo excited she sucked harder on the Dane cock in her mouth.

Chico started humping and feeling with his cock to find Barbara’s wet pussy. He fucked back and forth, but kept on missing… Barbara, desperate now, took her hand off the Dane’s cock. Reached between her legs and grabbed Chico’s cock… Chico jumped at the touched and his cock hit up between Barbara’s ass cheeks… Eagerly she guided his cock to her pussy lips. As soon as Chico felt the warmth from her pussy he fucked forward with several hard fucks… Barbara’s hand could feel the bumpy, rock hard cock slide between her fingers and a little inside her pussy. She felt all over the cock behind her and felt the huge juicy cock skidding eagerly between her fingers. She let go of the cock and grabbed the Dane’s cock again, stroking and sucking it.

Chico fucked harder now and he managed to get more cock inside of Barbara’s pussy… Deeper and deeper it went and Barbara started to get all dizzy from the heat rushing through her body.

The Shepherd’s cock was now all the way inside her grasping pussy, and it grew larger by the second… filling Barbara’s pussy all the way. Chico now was stroking her very hard, and his cock was hitting all the way in the back wall of Barbara’s hungry pussy… His cock grew, and grew, forcing her pussy lips apart. Barbara could feel some pain, but there was no way back now.

She was panting with her mouth wide open now, stroking the Dane’s cock with her hand, his cock fully erect and huge.

“Ohhh, I wonder if I can take your cock in my pussy, too.’ she said to the Dane, looking at his dripping, jerking monster cock fucking her hand…

Chico’s cock filling her pussy was now spasming and jerking inside her and she knew they all were at the brink of an enormous orgasm…

“Fuck me HARD. Chico. OH yeah! Like that, all the way in the bottom of my hungry cunt…” she screamed and went over the edge… her body shaking and her pussy grasping hard around the dog cock deep inside her pussy… Chico felt her pussy muscle around his cock, the huge knot at the base of his cock was now firmly locked inside this horny orgasming pussy he was fucking so hard… His cock jerked and jerked and he finally started to come with Barbara’s spasming cunt.

The huge dog’s semen squirted inside her pussy, she could feel the warmth from it sent her further to a second orgasm… In front of her the enormous Dane’s cock was jerking in her hand and as she looked it, it started to come, too. Thick juice squirted out and with her hand, she aimed it at her face. The second shot hit her face, and another one, and again and again the Dane’s cock came over Barbara’s face, thick jism running down onto her lips and she licked it eagerly with her tongue.

Chico was locked into her pussy and tried to get off, but he could not get his cock out of Barbara’s spasming pussy muscles… By the thought of the hard dog cock locked inside her cunt, Barbara had several orgasms running through her body… Juices, mixed with the dog cum run out on the side of the dog cock and down the back of her thighs.

Several minutes later, Chico’s cock started to relax and Barbara’s pussy let up on the grab of his cock… It finally slid out and Chico jumped off her back. Barbara fell to the floor, totally exhausted… The male dogs licking their cocks clean was laying next to her… The Collie had been watching curiously all the time… she now stood by the door and whined a little.

Barbara was able to get her self together and got up from the floor… She went over to the door and opened it…

She went outside and opened the gate, too. Then she returned to the house and went upstairs, still naked. A few minutes later, she saw the three dogs running through the gate and out into the street…

“Oh my God… What a mess down here” Barbara felt juices and dog cum running from her pussy and down the inside of her thighs and her face was all sticky with the cum from the Dane.

Barbara went and locked the gate and the door… She lay down on the couch and started thinking back of what had happened.

“What will Pete say… Should I tell him?” she wondered… Barbara showered herself, and the rest of that day went on thinking of what to do…

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Angels First by Wolfy (

Angel could not believe what she was seeing on her computer screen! The guy she was having an IM chat with was actually telling her to screw a dog, her dog. An honest to god four legged dog. She shook her head in disgust, what a pervert this guy must be. Her black lab-rottie mutt named Kong had been trying to hump her leg all that day, but still.

So she looked it up on google and was blown away at all the sites that featured this stuff. Who in their right minds would do something that was so disgusting? Almost as if on cue, Kong (my dog) started scratching at the basement door again and whining. “Shut up Kong” she called out and the scratching at least stopped. The whining was starting to get on her nerves though.

Still the bestiality stories and pictures she was looking at just fascinated her. The guy on the IM Chat was really pushing her too. It was somehow making her feel horny.

“Yes but I think that is just wrong making an animal do that,” she typed back. Looking at the other IM windows she had open she said, “bye,” and closed them all guiltily.

“You asked if it was possible, so what made that thought cross your mind,” the guy typed back.

“My two boyfriends are lame, and I need it, but do not want a baby.”

“Just two? So you’re a virgin and a young one at that.” he replied.

“No I’m not a virgin, just wanna have sex without getting preggers.”

“You said you have a nice male dog that is always horny,” he replied.

“His name is Kong,” she typed.

What if someone from school catches me she thought, oh my god I would die from embarrassment!

“Is there anyone there now?” he replied.

The words dinged at her. Angel stood and looked around, again feeling guilt for some reason. Even though she knew her mom and sisters were gone for at least two more hours at her sister Jesse’s state speech contest.

“I don’t think I should tell you that.” She typed and hit send.

“Just how old are you again?” he typed back.

Angel typed what she always did, “18.” She really was eighteen but guys always thought she was younger online. Men are such perverts, she thought.

“Okay well a dog will not get you pregnant or give you a disease. How old is Kong?” he encouraged.

“He’s almost a two year old.”

“Okay then there must be a female dog in heat nearby. That’s probably why he is horny. He can smell her,” the guy sent.

Angel frowned in thought and then remembered that dog at the end of the block. “There is a bitch in our street, but Kong has
never been near her.”

“See that’s what your dog is trying to get too. So you said you have a lab rot cross?” he sent.

“Yeah a black lab rot cross.”

“LOL must be a big dog huh?” he sent.

“He weighs more then I do, and I weigh a hundred.”

“Well this is your chance if you want to get one massive fuck,” he sent.

Angel bit her lip, when had she typed that? She backed up looking at the chat text but didn’t find anything. “How did you know that is what I want?” she typed and sent.

“LOL Your screen name is fuckmehard18,” he sent.

“Okay so I want sex, but not with a dog?”

“Kong is your dog?” he asked.

“Family dog.”

“Is he your best friend?” he asked.

She bit her lip and typed in “brb” stood, stretched, and went into the bathroom and did her business. When she came out she looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the door. In her sleep shirt, her breasts were making arching tents. If she listened to her body she would have long since used rubbed herself off by now. That was why Kong was in the basement, every time she started playing with herself he showed up.

She walked around and opened the door for the basement and Kong had his nose jammed against her crotch that quick, sniffing. She knocked him away with her thigh and said “Kennel” in a firm voice. He looked up and her and then went belly low to the plastic doghouse.

She sat down and typed in “I’m back and yes he is my best friend. I guess.”

“Wb so?” he typed.


“You interested in learning how?” he typed.

“Well duh he sticks his cock in me, how hard is that?”

“That depends on him now does it not?” he replied.

“I bet doggy style is even the position I use!” Damn whoever it was did not rise to that barb.

“I would really recommend that you try lying on your bed or couch and putting your ass up against the edge. But get a towel first; the wet spot is going to be huge,” he replied.

“I don’t cum that much.”

“You may or may not but the dog will,” he replied.

Angel looked around and did not see anything she could use in the small apartment. She pulled at the front of the sleep shirt she was wearing so that she could get at her aching pussy. She heard the whine and looked to see Kong was there a foot from her chair with his ears up. She reached over and typed in, “Okay he is right here what do I do now, I’m in a leather chair.”

“Umm I recommend a sturdier chair, unless you are on one that doesn’t have wheels,” he replied.

“No wheels.”

“Spread your legs so that your knees hook over the arms and put your ass as close to the edge or a little over,” he typed.

She did that and looked for Kong, he was right where she had last seen him. “Okay he is just standing there.” she managed to type.

“Pat your stomach and say here boy,” he suggested.

“Here boy,” she said patting the chair. He took a step towards her and gave a sharp bark.

“He just barked at me.”

“Can he see your bare pussy?” the man asked.

“No I’m wearing asleep shirt and he can’t see me, even if I pulled it up.”

“He needs to see your pussy, or smell it,” he replied.

She smiled and pulled the hem up and started stroking her clit hood. Kong sniffed at the air and she gasped as he was suddenly under the chair cubby. Then between her legs his tongue licking her pussy really fast!

She moaned and groaned and grabbed at his head because he seemed intent on pushing that nose up into her! She let go to grab at the arms as she lifted her ass clear of the cushion she cried out in pleasure again and again.

The computer dinged and she saw the words, “Is he in?”

She hit the power switch in response shutting the computer down. Her breasts were suddenly too big for the nightshirt and the nipples were rubbing the material. She moaned and cried out, “YES!” as she felt her orgasm building! She felt the rush and wailed, “YES! YES!” Then when she could stand no more her heels kicked into the chair and she had an orgasm!

The dog yelped once, twice and she collapsed back into the chair her whole body twitching. She breathed in gasps of air. She just lay there luxuriating in the release. She barely moved when Kong nosed in between her legs. When he jumped up on her, his front paws ripped at her bare stomach, and she screamed. She opened her mouth to scream at him when something hot and long slid into her pussy? She gasped and swallowed and watched Kong as he kept humping.

Then with a wrench that made her gasp in pain the dog was actually humping his dripping cock at her face! She rolled out and scrambled over the arm of the chair. She heard a bark from behind her and Kong was back as he slammed against her back before she could get her legs out from under her and the two of them went down belly first onto the carpet.

Angel tried pushing up with her elbows as quick as she could, yelling at Kong in nothing more then a whisper, “Bad dog, bad dog!” She had her hands and knees up but he had a mouth full of her nightshirt. She felt it slip of one shoulder and she bent her arms to stop it from sliding past her breasts but Kong was jerking it so hard and fast growling that when it pulled from her arms Kong went flying backwards!

She turned and scrambled onto her hands and knees for the safety of the bathroom door. However, just as she started to rise Kong was on top of her again! “Bad Kong, bad Kong Kennel!” She screamed at the dog his weight kept her bent and he danced around so that he could not throw him off then she felt the jaws close on her neck painfully.

She froze and the same hot thing jammed into her again. “No Kong stop I don’t oh!” Kong was ramming her for all he was worth. It was all she could do to hang on! It was not the best at first, but all she could do was kneel there and take it. After a short time it started feeling better and better. Her nipples started to ache and she found if she bent down just so, they scraped the carpet when Kong thrust into her sending thrill after thrill up into her.

In no time she was having second and third orgasm. Was this the right thing to do? There were plenty of old men and older boys that had showed interest in her. So many of her friends either were pregnant or had babies already. She thought back to all of the sermons the preacher said about laying with animals.

They were not far from her mind when she contemplated doing this but doing it was something entirely different! She braced herself and started thrusting back, they never really achieved a rhythm but she had three orgasms all told, something she never had been able to do on her own that fast!

Then the damn dog tried jamming his balls or something into her, howled and filled her belly with warm doggy cum. She collapsed on the floor smiling as her whole body twitched. She barely felt the sprays of fluid that raked her back and ass. She did not even feel the claws of the giant dog as she was scored along her back as he tried getting at her pussy for more.

Oh god that had been the best fuck she had ever had, well who cared if it was only her second? She moved her eyes up as Kong walked by her and her eyes rounded in disbelief. That had been in her? She drifted of to sleep moaning in discomfort. Of course her mother and sisters came back early as her sister really stunk and was out early.

They found her curled up covered in semen, she was rushed to the hospital where she made up a story of some white guy doing it hell they all looked the same to her! When she was sent home from the hospital the cops came and took her description another white guy from cable was what she gave.

She was grounded for the rest of the summer for having sex with a boy, even if she was raped. The shredded nightshirt helped the story a bit. The only person she was able to see was the family pet. In fact, no one batted an eye when she started having Kong sleep with her. Especially after she started having nightmares. She was given the little laundry room because she kept waking her sisters up after a couple weeks everyone just ignored her and her night cries.

Three weeks later she “took the knot” but all of those are stories to tell later if you like this one.

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Brenda had followed the rising path as it hooked to the right. It progressed over a series of small knolls where the trail was bordered by wooded lots that were carpeted with knee-high berry bushes. The trees were placed sparsely at this section of the mountain and they were mere saplings, which offered no concealment for a changing of clothes. There was an unusual stillness in the woods today and she knew that it wasn’t resulting from heavy human activity. She sensed a vacated population of indigenous fauna. Even the cicadas, which had serenaded her two years earlier, were absent.

The silence, the ample yet untouched browse on bushes and the abandoned game trails all testified to Brenda’s keen senses that a decimation of small animal life had occurred. She couldn’t yet pinpoint the root cause and didn’t know if it was annihilation or exodus that depopulated this section of the forest, but it sent a feeling of edgy discomfort upon her spirit. Maybe when she reached the denser cover that was ahead, she would change into her spare shorts and go home.

Brenda had arrived at the point in the trail where two large men had accosted her the summer before last. Memories of their profanity and their persistent pursuit surfaced in her thoughts. If they had been lurking here today, she would have been done for. Although Brenda was remarkably fit and toned for her age, she was fifty-two years old.

The last two years had taken their toll on Brenda, and this was the first hike that she had taken since her last morning with the Old Man of the Woods. The pack she carried today, with its sloshing cargo of drinking water, was much heavier the one that Brenda had carried when the two would-be rapists had chased her up the mountain. It held several changes of clothing, a few cooking utensils and a small tent among other things. Looking down upon the ruined lap of her dungaree cut-off shorts, she was very relieved to be spared any additional troubles to face on that morning.

At the twin boulders, where the men had been waiting that morning, Brenda had weighed stopping for a rest. Her torn T-shirt was soaking through with perspiration and her back was developing a dull ache from the load of the backpack. Remembering the sound of the vehicle as it entered the parking area reminded Brenda that she needed to get to better cover and repair her attire. Although she knew that she had a good lead, the newcomers might be young people, and if so, they soon would be overtaking her.

Pressing on, Brenda ascended the first steep incline in the mountain’s path. At this point of the trail, it skirted a rising ridge and the right side bank fell away to wooded valleys and brush that was fairly open. The left side of the trail was a steeply inclined wall that was carpeted with lush moss and spotted with clumps of small berry bushes. While striding uphill, Brenda’s mind wandered. The petite woman inventoried the information that had brought her there that day. She rehashed her encounters there two years past, and her self-revelations since.

Brenda had hoped to explore the excitement and arousal she had felt when held in the bosom of the quagmire. A search of the Internet had provided much information and she concluded that she had a sincere quicksand fetish. Brenda learned that mudlarking was a far more widespread pass-time than she ever would have imagined it to be. The element of danger coupled with the intense physical contact made Brenda tremble at the thought. In her masturbatory fantasies with the Swamp Maple, she had always envisioned herself as trapped in the clutches of the slimy bog.

Whether today was to be a one way final trip or not was yet to be determined by Brenda and the grim earth. Either way, she had selected a special outfit for the occasion with all the preparation of a ceremonial costuming.

As the path leveled out and hooked into a second hill Brenda heard a shuffling of leaves to her right on the downhill side of the lane. The trail leveled out for thirty yards here and curious hiker moved toward the right shoulder to survey the downhill brush for the author of the disturbance.

It may have been a squirrel, but Brenda knew that a deer will sound like a squirrel at times and seeing any life in these woods would serve to balm her blue mood. Peering into the undergrowth, the searching siren saw a flash of movement as a large creature wove through the brush. The creature’s bulk appeared slightly taller than Brenda’s navel and covered with a flopping tangle of grayish hair. With a start, she recognized it to be the huge mutt who had so brazenly forced himself upon her earlier. The beast was stalking parallel to the pathway and the fretful female wondered if their paths had crossed by mischance, or had he actually been trailing her.

Brenda looked about the immediate area with a frown born of urgency and finally saw what she needed. A fallen branch lay on the trailside ahead. It was almost ten feet in length and three inches thick at the butt end. Brenda hurried forward to gain the wooden weapon. If that dog came at her again, she would try to beat the daylights out of him. When she picked stick up, Brenda knew instantly that it was too far along in decomposition to work well as a club for her. Its heft was far too light to have real strength left in it. Yet she stood there, shapely legs braced and ready as the sound of the routing hound told her that he was ever working his way closer to the trail.

When the large mixed-breed did come onto the path, it was twenty yards up the trail from where Brenda stood. He seemed to solidify out of thin air. His wraith-like entry unnerved Brenda, who had forgotten his imposing stature. He was turned broadside to the trail, and facing the steep mossy rampart. Brenda stood tense and frozen as he posed that way for twenty seconds. Maybe he will just pass by, she prayed. The shaggy mutt then dipped his snout to the trail and began to sniff.

The heavy snorting of the hound’s investigation grew louder as he swung his muzzle downhill towards where Brenda stood defensively. Rivulets of sweat laced across the hunted female’s swelling bosom as she struggled to keep her breathing hushed. It was to no avail. The powerful pooch raised his head from his sniffing search and upon seeing Brenda, sprung backward, as if in surprise.

Brenda, feeling encouraged by his retreating movement, raised her stick threateningly. “Go home!” she commanded. “Go home! Go! Shoo!”

The unkempt mongrel tilted his head and cocked one floppy ear as if comically trying to understand her. He lowered the front part of his body and his raised rump. The pink flesh of his tongue feathered over his lower jowl in panting tempo while he flagged his bushy tail disarmingly.

Feeling defied and exasperated, Brenda took an exaggerated stomp forward. The mutt sprang backward again, but this time he bounded back forward and closed the distance between them to fifteen yards. He stood firmly braced and glowered at her insolently. With a chill, Brenda realized that the cunning cur had been sizing up her capability of defending herself from him.

“Go home,” Brenda spat at him again, hoping he could not sense any of her fear in her tone.

Raising the stick overhead, Brenda swung it down hard on the path as she took another stomping step toward him. “GO! Shoo!” the petite female ordered.

Brenda tried to appear as menacing as she could possibly be. The branch completed its sailing arc with a loud snap. The stick had shattered upon impact with the ground. Once again the dog retreated backward, but this time he dashed forward again and stopped only a dozen feet away. Brenda was feeling awkwardly vulnerable as she gripped the remaining fourteen inches of branch in her white-knuckled hands. The mutt seemed to surmise her predicament and sense her dismay. A twinkle of triumph glistened from behind his unkempt bangs as he boldly advanced to six feet from where the daunted damsel had made her stand.

The formidable mixed-breed no longer bothered to consider meeting her gaze, as his stare was riveted to the tattered results of his earlier foray. Brenda was embarrassingly aware of the focus of his attention and she also knew that the large mutt was waxing excited with his want as he regarded her nakedness. The brute nonchalantly twisted to nip at his rear flank and she saw that his swelling cock protruded almost four inches from its matted sheath.

As Brenda prudently began to inch backward, the mutt spun and darted in and wedged its snorting muzzle into her crotch. With determined jaw pressure that held her groin and rump nestled in its familiar grip, the capturing cur trudged forward while shaking his brawny neck.

“No-o-o!” Brenda cried out, as she tried to turn away from his bulldozing attack. The bold beast pressed ruthlessly onward and Brenda was driven back in a series of twisting and stumbling steps. Her reeling retreat came to an abrupt end as she was slammed up against the steep embankment. A blanket of cool lichens cradled Brenda from hurtful impact, but the big canine held her helplessly pinned to the trailside wall. The hound’s jowls greedily gaped while he worried the resistant fabric of Brenda’s shorts. Holding the short stick by both its ends, the cornered beauty tried to force the belligerent brute’s snout away from her by pressing the branch end crossways between her lap and his upper snout.

The abrasive chafe of the demonic dog’s upper teeth telegraphed their motion through Brenda’s crude lever as it came to bear on them. With a burn of contempt his eyes seared into hers and he shifted his wide head with amazing speed. The aroused canine instantly snapped at the small baton with a grinding rend that she could feel almost to her shoulders and splintered the center of her last humble defense into shards that resembled exploding matchwood.

Brenda instinctively released her grip, hauling her hands high and spread to her sides to land palms-down on the soft turf wall behind her. She appeared to be crucified to the mossy carpet of the slope. Before the slivered wood could fall past the panting prisoner’s knees, the forceful mongrel returned to his emphatic efforts to the junction of Brenda’s thighs. The cool soil surrounded her fingers as she dug them into its rich depths and searched from side to side for some overlooked avenue of escape.

The shredding sounds of denim echoed in the stilled woods as Brenda lay bound by her backpack, which was planted, into the soft hillside. She feared trying to hold the devilish dog at bay by the fur on his cheeks as she had done earlier in the parking lot. He must have been on guarded behavior when he had been so close to civilization, she realized in stunned horror. Out here, alone, the horrendous hound practiced no such pretense. Alone in the woods, he knew that he was in charge. The remains of her makeshift weapon littering the ground at her feet served as a grim reminder of what his anger could swiftly bring.

The crafty canine was methodical in his assault on Brenda’s garment. He would catch a hole in the fabric with one of his long incisors and worry it a little larger with shakes of his powerful neck until his tooth pulled free of the tattered garment. Several times he clenched a fold in the material and nipped a new hole. Brenda pressed her flanks into the yielding soil behind her to avoid getting pinched in his terrible jaws as they did their savage work.

In a daze of hopelessness, Brenda looked down across the swell of her buxom cleavage at the frenzied invasion. The oddly pleasing touch of the marauding mongrel’s cold nose coupled with the hot, short blasts of his breath played upon the small blonde’s ever more exposed flesh. Dog drool saturated the failing fabric of her scant shorts and she felt its warm, lubricious wetness spreading across her lap. A fog of resignation was descending upon Brenda. There is no rescue and there is no escape, ‘he is really going to get his way this time,’ she thought.

A particularly loud resounding tear signaled the dismemberment of her zipper as it fell in a useless flap over his snout. The lustful pooch brought his long tongue to play on Brenda’s exposed womanhood with long and firm upward strokes. Its velvety touch was exciting and its drool-drenched massage made her wonder if the dampness between her legs was provided entirely by the hound’s saliva.

Gazing down at the forbidden cunnilingus was having an arousing effect upon Brenda that complimented the physical stimulation being imparted to her. Her breathing was becoming deeper and her pelvis was beginning to roll lightly into the mutt’s caresses. She felt alarmed by the sight of her body’s fickle surrender. Brenda tried to turn her head away, but her eyes kept returning to the coaxing cur’s carousal. Although the gasping blonde could not hope to physically remove the heinous hound from his carnal repast, she felt compelled to shield her eyes from the spectacle. Easing her fingers from the lichen covered loam, the restrained woman carefully moved her hands down her sides until the touch of shirt clothe turned to flesh at her waist.

Brenda clasped the lower hem of her T-shirt from either side and tented it d to conceal the mix-breed’s lewd lapping. With a flashing snap of his toothsome jowls, the hound tore a large hunk out of the tented T-shirt. The shirt was lain open to Brenda’s sternum in one brief, almost schizophrenic attack. Then, as if it nothing had ever happened, the brute returned to his arduous flickering and nothing but a trail of dribble laced across panting woman’s navel gave sign of his wrathful raid.

‘He is making me watch him,’ she thought. ‘He knows how it turns me on, and he knows that I resent the way it excites me.’

The dog cupped Brenda’s engorged clitoris in his velvety clapper and rolled her tortured flesh with just enough force to cause the small woman’s pelvis to shudder and jut with natural anticipation. Brenda raised her hands back to the safety of shoulder height and returned them to their braced spread. She drove her fingers back into the soft soil and clenched her hands into fists. Curly blonde tresses tickled her cheeks and jaws as harrowed nymph submitted to the irresistible force that made her watch the beast at work.

The crafty cur continued to apply slow, rolling pressure as it licked swirls around the Brenda’s excited button. Her betraying body had begun to climax with incremental intensity from each of the enervating stimulations that it received. Brenda bit down on her lower lip as she struggled to stifle the burgeoning impulse to cry aloud with her sexual desire.

A score of passionate tremors later, the mutt lowered his lolling tongue. Slithering it between the puckered lips of Brenda’s vagina, he hoisted the dew slickened organ upward again. The slavering muscle rejoined her love-bud where it summoned another quiver; and this time, a moan.

He is stealing away my spirit, Brenda realized, then he will take my body and I will come to be only his bitch. While she held the concept in her thought, the panting prisoner rolled her head back in the pillow of moss and looked at the tree-framed sky through the veil of her eyelashes. Her squirming buttocks felt the cool tickle of the embankment as she shifted her feet for better anchorage.

A dozen more applications of the mutt’s roving caress were each rewarded with a stronger response. On the final tour of Brenda’s pussy, she cried out in hoarsely in her lust and purposely thrust her pelvis forward to meet his approaching stroke with her own hunger. The mutt arose and planted its large paws deeply into the bank several inches above Brenda’s shoulders. He lowered the weight onto his forelegs and pinned her deltoids into the sod of the trail’s wall.

A mist of desire whirled across her almost closed eyes as she felt the mongrel’s hairy hocks shifting widely for support between her parted calves. Brenda couldn’t recall spreading her legs so far apart and wondered how long ago she had shifted to her present position of invitation. She could feel hot, slippery dog flesh on her thighs and the beast’s pumping haunches caused his tool to rub on her flesh in its growing stiffness. The humping hound’s hirsute tummy scrubbed against her own bare stomach and his organ had risen in its excitement to once again be prodding upon Brenda’s crotch.

It had been almost two years since Brenda had felt so deliciously out of control to what was happening to her. The first time for her was when she was gripped in the quagmire. Later, she had put herself at the mercy of the Old Man of the Woods. Now she found herself on the brink of intimate surrender to this shaggy, feral mammal.

A large, lustful animal was forcing her into an act of forbidden fornication and Brenda could not hope to oppose his might and savagery. He would take her for his pleasures as he would take any heated slit. In the stilled woods, without fear of discovery and scorn, she found his brutish mastery to be very arousing.

The despoiling canine whined in his urgent effort to find Brenda’s creamy cleft and a strand of dog drool dripped from his slobbering jowls to her shuddering chest. She tilted her hips ever so slightly; and the tip of his slimy prick poked its way into her inviting softness.

‘He’s, oh God, he’s inside me,’ Brenda thought with an inaudibly guarded sigh. ‘I didn’t do…’ she hastily started to rationalize.

The large mongrel pumped his haunches and walked in to her as his fat cock reached a couple of inches into her heated dampness. “Yyyyesssss,” she rasped in a thick whisper and leaned her head forward to brush her cheek along his matted chest.

The canine began to thrust his loins again and Brenda could feel his thick meat continue sliding up into her. It felt hot and made her insides prickle. She drove her own hips forward and flared her pelvic bones to meet the hound in his pistoning insertion. The devilish dog’s own pelvis was almost in contact with Brenda as the wisps of tummy hair played and danced teasingly on her shaved mons.

The masterful mutt’s strokes were short and much more rapid than a man could ever muster, but his member was constantly growing longer and thicker inside of Brenda. She was sure that what started out as four fat inches had grown inside of her to become almost eight. The carnal captive was experiencing no discomfort as her own slick juices welled forward and she bucked her hips spasmodically into the waltz of their lustful union. Heavy testicles began to spank a tattoo upon the bottom of Brenda’s buttocks as the slurping cadence of their melding resounded in the hushed woods.

A thickness began moving along the big brute’s prick and Brenda could feel the walls of her labial duct being stretched to allow the advancing bulge into her. The pumping pooch’s knot seemed too big and her flesh felt too spread. Brenda slowly raised her right leg and slid her ankle along the mongrel’s flexing haunch. With a feeling of anxiety she hooked it over his hammering stern and drew herself into him and around his engorged cock.

The next instant brought relief as the advancing mass became locked inside of Brenda. The swelling continued to move deeper into her. Brenda felt its bulk sliding up her cervix and nudging her wonderful place. As the knot put pressure against her G-spot, she twisted and pitched her hips with reckless abandon. The blonde’s curvaceous gam fell from the canine’s hairy backside and lay limply at the foot of the mossy bank. A rising wave of release coursed through her and Brenda buried her face in the mongrel’s thick thatch to muffle her tearful whimpers and her legs twitched convulsively with the force of her orgasm.

A second surge followed on the heels of the first spasm and she looked up at his muzzle to see that he was looking away, and toward the parking lot. Her second discharge caused Brenda to cum real hard and as she settled into a post-coital respite, she felt hot little spurts begin to pump deeply into her.

The dog’s motion became more rousing as the amounts of the surging secretions increased in volume. Spent from her own pleasures, Brenda halfheartedly ground her ass in response to the milk-warm fluid being pumped into her womb. The mutt suddenly howled and a copious volume of dog spunk flooded out of him. It welled up within her like a heated reservoir before its heated stickiness gushed out across her upper thighs.

Almost immediately the mutt’s member shrank dramatically and he lost all interest in copulation. As he withdrew his shrunken phallus, thick mongrel magma bubbled onto her upper thighs. The hound dropped, returning to all four feet and drank noisily at Brenda’s seeping pussy. His tongue still had the sweet touch and Brenda found herself twisting her hips to help him find the special places. The shuffling rattle of small stones caught the mutt’s attention and he turned his muzzle downhill to regard something on the trail.

Brenda had heard it too and suddenly remembered the vehicle that was entering the parking area as she had left it. ‘Oh my God,’ she thought, ‘what will they think of me?’

“HEY! Hey you! What’s you doin’!” resounded a deep male voice.

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By Amy ( )

My name is Amy and I am 19 years old, earlier this year a horrible thing happened to me that changed my life forever. Up until this time I had only ever kissed a boy, much less gone any further. I was innocent and my body was sweet, pretty, and untouched, at least until that day.

It was a warm summer day and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. So I put on my pretty new red hat and my
matching spring dress. I told my mother where I was going, just like a good girl should. To my surprise she told me to stay away from the woods near my house. When I asked why, she told me that there was a dog pack that was eating the neighborhood cats and
scaring children. I assured her that I would keep far away from the woods, but was very disappointed because this was exactly where I wanted to go. However, being a good girl I listened to my mother and went to walk in the other woods on the other side
of town.

It was a long walk and far away from any houses, but I didn’t mind since it was a nice day and as I walked a let the sun shine on my face and warm me. By the time I got to the woods it was the middle of the afternoon and I was very tired. I followed one of the trails far down into the woods, until I came across a small meadow. What a wonderful place to lay in the sun and take a nap, I thought. So I laid out the blanket I had with me and proceeded to fall into a deep sleep.

I awoke to a sharp pain on both my wrists, afraid but still disoriented I looked at my wrists and saw two large Dobermans. Each one had one of my wrists in his mouth and was forcing my hands and arms over my head. I screamed and screamed, not only because of the pain but also because I was so afraid. But I was in the woods on the other side of town, not in the woods by my house so there was no one close enough to hear me no matter how loudly I screamed. I heard a low growl coming from in front of me and looked down to see another large Doberman bearing his teeth and looking at me.

The two dogs held my hands tightly in their mouths, so I was helpless to do anything to stop this third one. My God I thought to myself, they’re going to kill me and eat me like they did the neighbourhood cats. This thought made my heart race even more then it had been and almost made me pass out. The third dog began to sniff over my body slowly, I watched as he worked his way up my legs. His wet nose sometimes touching my flesh and making me shiver in fear. As his nose reached my tight young bush he stopped, he looked up at me and I almost saw the lust and cruelness of a man in his gaze.

He bent his head under my dress and gave my innocence a long wet lick through my panties. Well of course I tried to close my legs to protect my womanhood from the beast, but he quickly began to rip at my thighs with his paws and claws. The pain was unbearable. “Please stop, please it hurts me,” I begged.

Even though I knew he could not understand me and that he would not stop if he did. Tears were running down my cheeks as I tried the best I could to resist opening my legs. I could feel the claws scrapping my legs, making large red whelps on me. He was digging into me like he would dig in dirt to bury a bone. Ripping my dress to shreds. Not being capable of standing it anymore I opened my legs, but he still scratched on either side, ripping off the rest of the dress and even shredding my panties.

I began to scream out again as loud as I could, even though I knew it wouldn’t do me any good, I also opened my legs as far as I could exposing my pussy to the dog’s lusts. Amid my screams and cries he stopped clawing and positioned himself directly between my legs, he hunkered down to block my legs from closing and starting licking me hard and fast. The rough sharp tongue began to hurt me almost instantly, my hips were bucking trying to keep the painful thing out of me. My sweet virgin hole has never been touched and now it is being abused and taken by a dog, I thought to myself.

It was almost too much to bear, the animal toyed with my pussy nipping me and licking deep inside, knowing it hurt me and liking it. All the while the other two Dobermans held my hands firmly, keeping me completely without defense. I lay there, my legs spread and being forced to accept the animal’s punishment.

The dog on my left let go of my hand and started to walk over my body, quickly I tried to lower the hand to protect my pussy from the tongue that was tearing it apart. The dog on the left gave me a hard nip on the hand and helplessly I returned it over my head. Now the dog on the right also let go and moved down my body. Completely helpless, the three behemoths were now free to violate my body to their delight, with no way for me to stop them. I was far to afraid to try and protect myself again knowing that they would bite and hurt me.

The other two dogs free of holding my hands now took up positions on either side of me and began to rip off the top portion of my dress, in an instant they were through my dress and gnawing off my bra. I laid very still afraid of being nipped, while they quickly began to harshly lick my breasts. My firm young breasts and nipples were being roughly treated by their tongues. I arched my back as the dog at my pussy again gave my pussy lips a hard nip, making me yelp in pain.

My pussy was being filled with the dogs spittle as my breasts were being abused by the other two animals. My nipples began to grow hard by instinct, giving the merciless rapists the perfect targets to nip and abuse. Screaming in pain as my body was abused from all sectors, unable to defend my frail sex organs.

The dog on my right seeing my mouth open and inviting rammed his muzzle into my mouth, licking deep into my throat. I tried and tried to get him out, but his muzzle forced the back of my head against the ground and he took pleasure in my mouth, while the other two were content to keep abusing my other parts. My pussy and tits sore and red from abuse as my mouth was violated from the long tongue, so much pain, and I knew it was only the beginning.

The dog at my breasts began nipping harder and harder, making me scream on the other dog’s tongue and causing a trickle of blood to come from the nipple. Not knowing what to do, but knowing that I did not want my tit eaten off I reached down and began to stroke his cock, hoping to calm him some. He flinched and growled when I first touched him, but quickly got to humping my hand, he also abused my breast slightly less.

I felt like such a slut, here I was being tongue licked in the cunt, mouth, and breast by dogs and now I had to masturbate one of them. My pussy couldn’t take any more punishment and my legs closed harder and harder around the dog. This must have made him angry because he nipped my pussy very hard and made me almost swallow the other dog’s tongue during my scream. The one in my hand began to grow and the cock came out of its skin, he was huge much larger then I thought anyone or anything got.

The dog at my pussy, still angry backed away and began to growl loudly, I knew then that he must have been the leader because the other dogs also backed away from me. What are they going to do to me now, I thought. Oh no not
that they couldn’t be thinking of doing THAT.

The dog at my head took a mouthful of my hair and pulled upwards, causing so much pain. The leader took my left leg in his mouth and began to pull me over. The combined effect made me roll over onto my stomach and raise up on my hands. I hard nip on my ass quickly got it in the air also. I knew they would have me as they wished and that there was nothing I could do to stop them. Tears ran down my face as I was about to take my fate.

The leader mounted my back and wrapped his strong paws around my waist, his weight held me in place unable to move. I could feel his wet cock growing and touching the side of my ass. The leader began to rock against my ass, making his cock grow to an enormous size. One dog licked my dangling breast as the other licked my face and lips. I tried to keep the dog at my fronts tongue out of my mouth, but he followed and toyed with my face.

The dog at my breast would nip me to make me scream and open the way for the dog at my fronts cruel tongue. The leader positioned his now huge hard cock at my tender pussy, he rocked into it and I screamed in agony. It hit my pussy and blunted against my hymen. Again he rocked this time harder and my hymen burst open, lubricating his way with my blood. The dog at my front was Frenching my mouth good as I screamed, taking me as he wished, the other dog also seemed to enjoy my swaying breasts as their leader entered me.

The leader slowly, painfully fed his huge meat into me, my virginity had been taken by a dog. The dog on my breast began to nip harshly again and I knew what he wanted, I scooped up his still semi-hard cock and began to jerk him.

The leader built up a good rhythm inside my and continued to stretch my pussy to its limits. The dog at my mouth decided to complete my humiliation and mounted my front, his large disgusting cock right in my face. Moaning in pain from the violation of my pussy made my mouth an easy target for his cock, and he wasted little time in slamming it deep into me. I could taste the salty precum as he worked it against the back of my throat, it gagged me badly. Both dog’s knots filled my poor abused body, locking my helplessly.

The leader and dog in my mouth forced me to work between them now. The leader would ram me hard with his powerful legs forcing me deep onto the dog cock in my mouth, then the dog I was sucking would thrust back and force my pussy deeper onto the huge leader’s dick. Being forced to be made into their rape bitch, being gagged and stuffed by the cocks as I was forced to jerk off the third. The dog in my mouth began to moan and jerk erratically, his cock throbbing inside me. While without my consent my pussy began to respond to the cock abusing it, grabbing it and massaging the massive muscle.

The dog cock in my mouth seemed to explode and hot cum ran down my throat and out of my nose, I gagged and coughed as it filled me. The dog removed himself from my mouth and walked a short distance away to clean off his abusive cock. My mouth was only free for an instant as the dog I was jerking left my breasts and mounted my face. He growled menacingly and I knew what I had to do. I began to lick the cock with my tongue, tasting the precum and almost vomiting. The leader continued to rape my pussy as the new dog sampled my mouth.

He thrust his cock at my mouth like a dagger, I tried to avoid it hoping a lick job would be enough, but he growled and I knew I had to take him in my throat. His knot was already formed from my handjob and so when he shoved his cock in my throat the knot hit my lip and bloodied it. I tried to scream, but my mouth and face were engorged with the huge cock. I could feel my pussy working the leader’s cock now and I could also feel a stirring deep inside of me. Please God, I thought. I can’t cum….my first orgasm can’t be while I’m raped by dog cocks.

But my bodies mind was made up and the stirring got stronger, I noticed as it did that I began to take the dog in my mouth deeper, and used my tongue to lick the underside of his huge malehood. Licking harder and the cock going deeper and deeper as the cock in my pussy continued to control and win me over. The leader’s cock pitoning in and out of my well overstuffed pussy. Moaning on the cock, not being able to take anymore.

So many cocks, so hard, and me so helpless. They were turning me into their slut, making me enjoy their cocks. I screamed out as I had the first and strongest orgasm of my life, continuing to suck the huge dog cock and stroke it with my hand as I did. The leader let out a low growl and spilled his hot seed deep into me, overcoming my capacity and it running down the back of my legs. Still sucking, the leader just held in me until his knot subsided, then with a pop he was out.

I was crying now as my orgasm had passed and I realized what a slut they had made me in the throws of orgasm. I guess since I wasn’t sucking as good the third dog figured he would finish off in my cum covered cunt. He left my mouth and walked behind me, I was gasping for air and weeping, in no condition to plan an escape, so I just held still. He mounted me and found my hole, now gaping from the leaders large knot.

He was in me and pumping away furiously, as he did the leader came around to my face and put his blood and cum covered cock to my lips. He growled and there was no doubt what he wanted. Disgusted to the core I began to clean off the cock that raped me and took my virginity. I could taste the blood and dog cum on it, and far worse I could taste my pussy juices on it, still more proof of what a slut they had made me.

The dog at my pussy was again making me respond, there was nothing I could do. His large hot cock ramming in and out of me so forceful and strong, caused a reaction in my pussy that spread throughout my body. I licked the leaders cock and enjoyed it as he smeared the cummy thing on my face, again I was coming and again I was a slut.

The first dog that came must have recovered his lust because now he was over and making me lick him also, I was moaning as I came and was being forced to pleasure the two other cocks with my mouth. The dog in my pussy spurted his hot load into me and again I came to me senses, it was horrible like a lust filled insanity followed by unbearable guilt that the animals were making me cum. Making me enjoy their rapes.

The dog that came first now walked down, being the only one not to have fucked me (he made me suck him and came in my mouth). The dog that had just cum dismounted and the new rapist hopped up on me. My pussy was stretched horribly, so the dog aimed abit higher, slamming his cock into my ass. I was still being forced to lick and suck the leader as my ass ring was stretched and violated. The cock painfully went into me, and within moments the knot was butting its way inside.

It hurt me so very bad, but made me stir also. Licking the leader’s large cock running my tongue from knot to tip and back again, my chin and pussy dripping from cum. Moaning from the ass rape and sucking harder, "yeah fuck me good," I whimpered. Almost instantly I felt the guilt but forced it back as I was being taken and being made to enjoy it. I began to scream loudly for them to fuck me more, for them to all take me at once and to make me their slut.

“Fuck me Fuck me, more please,” I begged.

They all took me several more times, raping my mouth, ass, and face. After about an hour I passed out and awoke to find them gone, who knows how many times they fucked me while I was out. I did know that they had all pissed on me before they left, so I was a mess; covered with cum and urine, clothes tattered and destroyed. I sneaked along the woods back to my house, got inside and showered and changed so that my mom never knew a thing.

So that is my story, now every warm afternoon I walk to these woods and lay in the sun on the blanket, hoping I will be awakened by the sharp pain on my wrist of my rapist dog’s teeth. Ready and hoping to be made their bitch again.