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i have 36 my marry is usually in travel live in a firm i feel i m deprived no one satisfy my needs neither my finger nor any thing can give me satisfaction . one day i was very excited after waching a sex video i went out . riching neer the stable i found the stable men watering the horse
approtching neer him i saw some thing wich i didnt see before ore didn't take care of it it was so long so large and red it was his cock witch i didnt take care before despite i rode him often .I STAY WACHING HIM neer 10 munite not taking care of any thing else until i feared the man take care of that . i left home but the sceine didnt leave my mind .i enter the bed room i felt my self too hot my hands went down to my clit to rub him reminding that giant thing of the horse all my fingers went into my cunt i had my orgasm many times but i couldn't satisfied. what to do then ?
the stabl man was leaving at 7 now its 6.30 i couldnt stop thinking about that giant cock hopping touch him not els . time past very slowly. 6.50 i went out . the man still there . i told him he can leave if he finished . then he left . i went into stable nearing the horse i didnt see the wanderful sceine i saw before . what to do then .i was too wander . thre was only two balls and an empty poket waht a bad luck . i must leave now ?? no ther must be any thing to do . i neared more to the horse and touch his back ant fondle him gently . he didnt move and made any reaction because he is habituated of me . then my hand went towards his big balls . at first he began to move nervously

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