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Hi, my name is Carla, I’m 36 married with Alex from 15 years. We have 2 girls and a boy, Sonia is 14, Marta is 12 and our little boy Robert of 9. We are a pretty happy family, my husband working hard and providing for the family. Sometimes he needs to go on business trips on other cities and even countries. We met in high school and have been sweethearts from then, little by little we managed to put things together, we moved to our house and started both working to maintain a good stability.After we have Robert I started to look more for the house, cleaning it and raising the kids, my husband supporting me and telling me that he thought I could stay home to look more for the family and we will be just fine.

After a couple of months of staying home i started to get visits from my friends, one of them having 6 Boxer puppies. She proposed me that i would take one as it would bring a new colour to our family and for the kids. I said that I will ask my husband and next time she will come she could bring one if its ok. In the evening we had dinner and I asked Alex if we could have a puppy, he thought a little and said OK, it will keep me and the kids company when he is not around.

After 3 days my friend Rebecca came to have a coffee and brought one puppy. He was 2 months, a brown boxer which seem playful as he run a little around our table. We chit chat there for 1 hour talking about our new member, what I should do raise him nice, about his parents which were of pure breed etc.

The kids were happy to see him and they played with him, sometimes they fed him. We became his world and he our new kid. As the time passed I had a routine of walking him in the morning and evening, the kids and my husband playing with him when they were around.

My sex with Alex was ok, we did it 4-5 times a week but he always finished first and didn’t like to completely satisfy me. So we went for normal sex, no blow jobs, only different positions. But we loved each other very much and we maintained it like that. One year later, one morning he told me that he has to go on a business trip for 2 months to France. We were from Romania so it was a little difficult for me so I told him I’d miss him very much. He said that time will pass fast and all will be ok.

After he left the first week was hard for me, feeling so lonely at night. But I moved on with my life and tried to occupy my time with the kids and the dog we named Soni.

One day I took him in the park to play and socialise with other dogs. I set him free as I stood on a bench watching him. He started running around and chasing some birds. After 5 minutes, a female dog appeared and he went to her sniffing at her tail. She was letting him too and then suddenly he mounted her. I was in shock and ran after him telling him to get down. As I reached him he was poking that bitch with his cock but hadn’t found his target yet.

I managed to grab his collar and I pulled him hard aside getting him off her. He went crazy trying to get back on the female but thankfully the owner of the bitch arrived and dragged her off. I was startled to see Soni’s cock and his desire to mate with that bitch, making me realise he had needs too just like I did.

In that evening I was aroused thinking about my husband, and what had happened with Soni in the park earlier that day. I began to undress myself feeling naughty and putting on only a robe over my naked body. Then I went to see what the kids were doing to find that they were ready for lights out. I wished them all goodnight with a kiss and a hug, and then I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. I was feeling really restless so I turned on the TV and settled on a romantic movie to watch.

Seeing the couple in the movie be so passionate with each other just reminded me that my husband was away and my desires just grew and grew. I so wished he was home to hold me and make love to me.

After a while Soni came into the living room where I was watching TV, wagging his tail as he trotted up to me looking for a pat. I started petting him which turned into wrestling a little with him as he liked that. As we did this I saw the red tip of his penis starting to emerge from its sheath, and I quickly recalled the incident in the park. I told him that I was sorry that I didn’t let him have that bitch, and that I know he wants a female to satisfy his needs. Than he jumped up and licked my face, this surprised me making me fall back onto my back on the couch. My robe fell open a little and before I knew it he had moved in to sniff my crotch.

As I tried to get up he his tongue darted across my leg, I didn’t know what to do. I admit it I was aroused and as I looked to him I saw that he had 2-3 inches now sticking out of his sheath. I lay on the sofa trying to relax but he wanted to sniff me again. He went to my legs and pushed his head between them. I don’t know why but I spread my legs to see what would happen. He licked my pussy a couple of times and I was stunned.

I remembered that he wanted a female and I thought that I should give him access to one, and see what happens. I got up and took my robe off and stood naked before him. He resumed licking my cunt and god, it felt wonderful.

I stood there mesmerised spreading my legs for more. After 3-4 minutes of licking I saw his cock getting longer and longer and I knew that he wanted more. He than looked me in the eyes and I surprised myself, getting on all fours and giving myself to him. He then licked me a little more and mounted me, trying to find my cunt. I was lonely and I knew that we both needed a partner to release our needs. He found his mark and I felt his cock getting deeper and deeper inside me. He fucked me hard, wildly, letting his lust take full control.

Something round as a ball was inside me now as he released jet after jet of cum inside. I think it passed 15 minutes but for me it was like an hour. After he popped out some of our juices fell on the ground as he licked me again to clean it. It was fantastic. I never thought that I would do that but in the heat of the moment. I thought about my husband then and I felt bad because I had never cheated on him before. That night I tossed and turned thinking about Soni and what I had done. I’m a bad wife.

The next day went normally until evening when we were alone again. I saw that he wanted me again but I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want this to became a regular thing. Going to the kitchen to get a snack he followed me and I was surprised to see that he was supporting a boner. He somehow managed to get me to a corner and he barked lowly making me shiver. Worrying he’d wake the kids, I started to undress hoping it would keep him quiet.

There I was naked for him yet again and he wasted no time putting his muzzle between my legs and licking my pussy. I started to feel he was dominating me now, that he thinks I’m his bitch. After a couple of minutes he barked again and I knew he wanted to fuck me. I felt trapped and powerless, so I got down on all fours and presented myself to him. He fucked me hard this time as if trying to tell me that I was his from now on and I better remember it.

God he slammed my pussy and I couldn’t help it I came several times. Orgasms that rocked me to the core and curled my toes. My husband had never given me pleasure like this, I rarely orgasmed when he had sex with me as he was too fast. Soni slammed his cock inside me until his knot was buried deep inside my aching cunt. Then he settled down as his hot cum blasted me from the inside making me cum all over again.

Then he hoped off dragging me along as I was stuck to him. He dragged me into the living room before settling down by the fire. Eventually I felt his cock slide out of me after about twenty minutes. He lay there and licked his dick clean ignoring me. He was done with me for the night.

I was surprised by Soni’s behaviour that night and as I lay in bed I thought about what I should do. My first impulse was to call my husband and tell him about it, but he would just say that it was all my fault. That I had cheated on him and probably led the dog on. After a time I decided that it may just pass, and that I should do nothing about it. Nobody would know. We really loved Soni like one of the family, and getting rid of him would upset everyone. Not at least me.

I just had to be firm with Soni in future. So it doesn’t happen again.


The next morning on Soni’s walk I took him to the dog park to relax. It was quite hot so I wore a nice cotton dress with sandals, and a wide brimmed hat. At the park I took his collar and off ran of happily sniffing things. Being 7AM in the morning the park was pretty empty with just the odd person walking through but not stopping. After a couple of minutes he went to that secluded spot where he almost had that bitch, maybe he remembered her cause he became agitated and marking that spot with some urine.

Soni eventually came to me for a pat but soon after was wanting to put his head in my crotch but I moved a little to deny him. He was persistent and after several minutes of back and forward I’d had enough and growled at him. He wasn’t giving up that was for sure so looking around and seeing nobody I took my panties off and put them in my purse. Then he had shoved his head up my dress and started licking me.

I was so scared that someone would see me, but after feeling that glorious wet tongue on my clit for a few minutes I was totally into it. What’s wrong with me, I thought. Where is my self control? I started moaning softly, opening my legs more to Soni feeling his big dog tongue all over and in my cunt. He was so eager, and an orgasm was building inside me.

My head was spinning as I moaned, “Good boy Soni… lick me!”

I soon exploded into one big orgasm gripping his head to hold him there. I even squirted into his mouth which drove him crazy and he licked harder making me cum again. I noticed his cock had emerged from it’s sheath and so I stood up and quickly put his collar and leash back on. He started to drag me to the spot near the bushes where he had tried to fuck that bitch but I was afraid of having sex with him out there.

So I dragged him back to our house, all the way home he kept trying to get his head under my dress and lick my pussy. He managed to do that a couple of times and it took all my strength to not fall on all fours right there and then.

Luckily for me the kids were at school so I had the house to myself. I opened the door and walked inside with Soni pushing his head in my crotch all the way. As soon as I entered the living room I was down on all fours, raising my dress, and exposing my pussy to my lover. He mounted me instantly. He initially missed the target (being so eager) and so I took his hard cock and guided him inside my cunt feeling great pleasure as he filled and stretched it.

I felt exactly like a bitch in heat now, wanting him desperately and pushing back hard to meet his powerful thrusts. I started to scream and moan hard as he fucked me wrapping his front legs firmly around my stomach. His knot entered me causing some pain that receded quickly, and as he locked my cunt up with his knot he started to slow down his pace down. He filled my cunt with load after load of his dog cum, making me orgasm again and again.

I knew right then that I was now his bitch. That I would give myself to him whenever he wanted to fuck me because that was what a human dog bitch does. That day we mated twice more. I understood his signals perfectly well and each time I submitted, being a faithful bitch. His stamina amazed me. Once my husband cum that’d be it for a day, sometimes two. Soni had fucked me three times today and licked me to orgasm several more times. His energy was so endless that I began to doubt if I could keep up with him.


It was starting to become risky to be Soni’s bitch, especially when the kids were in the house. Soni had no self control and there was a possibility that if he seen me as his bitch he might just see the kids that way too. After a few weeks I called my mom, to have a mother-daughter discussion, I told her that I want some time for myself and asked her if she could take the kids until my husband got home. Like any eager grand-parent who loved her grand-children she agreed, and came and took the kids that day.

Until she arrived I cooked some soup to have at lunch, and played with the kids and Soni. My mom came at 2 pm and we had a nice afternoon together. When she seen Soni she said that she thought he’d grown into a handsome dog. I looked at him saying, “Yeah, he is quite a character.”

We started to play with him petting him on his back and on his belly. I became so impatient to have him that when no one was looking I massaged his sheath. His cock started to appear and my mom, also noticing, pointed out that since he became aroused around us maybe we should get him a bitch.

Memories of him fucking me merciless flooded my mind, and I told her that I think she may be right. Soni then darted for my crotch right there, my mom laughed saying that he may think I’m his bitch being around him so much. I blushed and told her that I will think seriously of getting him a bitch. Eventually she left with the kids and I watched her car leave, waving them all good bye. Then when I went back inside Soni was around me again and patted his head.

“Mom says you need a bitch,” I said to him. Then I pulled up my dress exposing my wet pussy to him saying, “I think you already have one, don’t you boy.” Soni’s tongue was immediately tasting my pussy juice. I was so wet and impatient that I wanted him deeply in me. He licked a few times and then he took me. He knew that I was his.

I took a shower after we finished, we ate some snacks and spent some time watching TV. My husband called me that evening asking how we were, saying he missed me a lot. To be honest I was a little cold with him. He asked about Soni also and I told him that he’s a good boy and takes care of me. After a 5 minute conversation he finished the call. I never felt so disconnected from him in my life. I was beginning to wish he’d never come home.

That night I took Soni to the park. but later than usual. Around 11 pm cause I thought that we may become excited and it’s better not to have people around then. I took also a large dress with no bra and panties. When we arrived he did his things first sniffing and went to his place to check. The park was empty so I was more relaxed. At his spot he barked a few times at me as if asking me to come there. So I did.

I looked in his eyes and I saw the spark inside. We went into the bushes, his cock protruding, and I knew that he wanted me there and then. It was so wild, but I needed some adventure in my life. So I took off my dress and went down on all fours like an obedient bitch. He licked me good to get me wet, and then mounted me digging himself deep in me. His cock slid in and out of me like a hot poker inflaming my lust and making me moan.

In the middle of our act, a girl with a dog entered the park walking in our direction. I started to panic, but Soni had managed to get his knot in me so I was really stuck there. I hoped she wouldn’t detect us and tried to keep as silent as possible. She approached us, my heart started to beat faster and her dog started to sniff around sensing something. The woman was now only five meters from us, but she was clueless. Her dog though sensed movement in the bushes, probably could smell our sex too, and started to pull hard in our direction.

She asked it what’s the matter, and started to listen and look around and in the silence of the night. Our noises were detectable if you listened hard enough. She moved towards us and there we were, Soni on my back shooting his load and me in pure pleasure. I didn’t care about the woman anymore, I was living in the moment. Soni’s gushes of hot cum inside my knotted pussy always made me orgasm hard. The woman’s eyes popped out of her head and her mouth hung open as she realised what was going on.

Her dog, a German Shepherd, tried to get near me to sniff me but Soni growled and he kept his distance. I felt like he was protecting me and didn’t want another male to get to close. As Soni settled down the woman finally spoke saying, “I can’t believe your doing that.”

“So what are you going to do now,” I asked her feeling worried.

She shrugged, “I’m not gonna dob you into the cops or anything. So chill out. It’s not like you’re hurting the dog. What’s his name?”


“Cool, I like Boxers. What does it feel like?”

“The best sex I’ve ever had,” I told her.

“I heard it hurts, with the knot n’all,” she said.

“First few times it did, but you get used to it. Then it feels so good.”

After 10 more minutes he got off and our juices flooded the grass. The looked amazed at the size of Soni dick who was at least 8 inches and dripping. He licked me clean after that and the woman just stood there watching it all happen. Holding her own dog back. Eventually she said, “God that looks so hot!”

You should try it,” I suggested.

She told me that she’d never really thought about it before. Her dog and her had never tried these things and she didn’t think that it’d ever happen to her.We talked about it for a while and I just kept telling her it was the best thing I’d ever done in my life and I was very happy. She could read my face to see I spoke the truth. We exchanged our phone numbers and off we went our separate ways.

I kind of hoped she’d go home and and try it out.


At the house I started to be naked all the time, I was so horny and I knew that Soni would fuck me any moment he wants. I wanted to be ready at all times for him. Like an obedient bitch.

In the meantime Laura, the woman in the park that caught me and Soni fucking, had started to think about what she had seen. That image of us in pure pleasure stuck in her brain, she tried to dismiss it but she couldn’t. The next day for Laura started normally enough with her usual morning routine, but when she fed her dog she couldn’t help but look at his sheath and wonder.

Those naughty thoughts started to appear again, she couldn’t believe that she seriously felt aroused by the thought of that. Each moment from then on became a torment of thought about her German Shepherd called Rocky. When she walked him in the park she looked for that spot where she caught me fucking. Being single and having only her dog, he was the nearest living male around so she began to wonder: what if.

Two more days passed and she couldn’t hold it any longer so she took her phone and called me up. We talked for 20 minutes, Laura telling me her feelings and that we needed to meet each other soon. Maybe at my house. We set up the meeting that evening and I told Laura to bring her dog too. Excitement was in both our souls and bodies now.


In the meantime I decided to have some time for myself, so I prepared a bath with some aromatic oils and some candles. I felt really sexy in that environment, so I got in the water and started to think about the kids, and Alex especially. I didn’t know how he’d react when he sees me with Soni. Then my mind fantasised about when the time will come and my husband will catch me with Soni, fucking me hard like he does. Maybe Soni will growl at him as if telling him that I am his now. ‘She’s my bitch’. I became excited with the idea.

Two hours passed in the bath, after that I went and prepared a meal for me and my guest. Some spaghetti with some wine will smooth the atmosphere, I thought, and that was what I did.

Laura was naturally nervous at the thought of what might happen tonight. She played with Rocky wrestling with him trying to feel him as close to her as possible. She became excited feeling his muscles with her hands. The German Shepherd licked her face and she opened her mouth to try and have their first real kiss. She tried to control herself at least until she went to Carla’s with her boy.

When the door bell rang I was ready with Soni near me. Laura came in and hugged me, Rocky sniffing the room and then got to smell Soni. They recognised each other from the park and ran around excitedly playing.

After the greetings we went to eat and started to talk other things also. Laura told me that she had become excited at the idea of having sex with Rocky, her boy never had a bitch also. She might be able to be his mate but she wanted to see me with my lover again before she tried it. I accepted and after dinner was finished I got naked and got on all fours. He licked me foe a while getting me aroused and wet. Then after that he mounted me and gripped me tightly with front his legs as cock tried to find my hole. When he finally felt his cock slip into my pussy he suddenly pushed it in with deep and long thrusts.

Laura was sitting on the couch watching us both very intensely. Rocky lay at her feet sniffing at the air at the smell of our sex. Laura had a hand between the buttons on her blouse playing with a nipple as she watched. While Soni pounded at me I could see she was turned on so I said, “Take your clothes off Laura and relax. Enjoy it.”

Laura didn’t need much encouragement and within moments she was naked. I have to say she was quite an attractive woman. Rocky saw her and started to bark and whine. So I said, “If you want to be real bitch then you have to submit to Rocky’s will. Anytime he wants it you give it to him.”

As if she was in trance she went down all fours beside me. Her dog sniffed at her crotch and started to furiously lick her. Laura’s moans started to compete with my own. Then her dog mounted her and tried to find her pussy with his cock, she adjusted her position to the right height and inside her it went. She was very vocal saying things like, “Oh! Ohhh! Yes baby, make me your bitch!”.

Soni finished before Rocky as he started earlier and after about 20 mins from the time he started his dick plopped out of my sloppy pussy. I laid back watching Rocky and Laura while Soni lay cleaning his dick with his tongue. A few minutes later Rocky pulled free and Laura collapsed onto the floor completely satiated.

“You and Rocky were amazing!” I told her.

“That was the best fuck I’ve had in years,” she panted.

“Don’t you have a man in your life?” I asked.

“No, I’ve been single for two years now and most of the guys I’ve met in that time were either jerks or had very small dicks so I didn’t feel anything. Besides I always kinda wanted a man to dominate me,” she confessed.

I laughed then said, “With a little training Rocky could just be what you need. As long as you’re willing to submit to his desires when he demands it of you.”

“Is that what you have with Soni?”

“Yes, he’s my master now. He knows it too.”

“I think I’d like to try it. Become Rocky’s bitch. I want it,” she said.

“Good. Good. It was meant to be,” I said. An hour passed and Laura told me she had to get home and get to sleep. We made our goodbyes, promising to keep in touch very often from now on.

For the first time in my life since my kids were born I actually felt content and happy. However tomorrow was the day Alex was coming home, and I felt nervous about what may happen. I had decided to be Soni’s bitch and he my master. A commitment like that was important regardless of what anyone thinks. Soni was now my husband as far as I was concerned, and Alex was a stranger.

That night I called my mom to ask her to come to my house tomorrow morning because I had something important to tell her. She said that if its that important I could tell her over the phone, but I said that it was something she needed to see to understand. She reluctantly accepted and we chatted a little longer about the kids before I hung up. I thought since I trusted her deeply that she must know about Soni and me. One way or another they’ll find out anyway, so I’d rather be the one that told her than her hearing it as gossip. I later showered and went to bed. Tomorrow was a big day.


The next morning I prepared breakfast for me and my mom feeling very nervous. I was shaking a leaf all morning. At 11 am she came, we hugged, she greeted Soni too, and then we went in the kitchen. I was wearing a dress to my knees with no panties. I felt a little exposed having only that but it was important to be like that for my demonstartion. We chatted about the kids as we ate, about my father, and I told her that Alex was due home later.

Then I said, Mom, the main reason I wanted you here this morning was to tell you I’ve found someone else. I’m going to leave Alex.”

She was horrified, “What? Come on Carla, how could you do something like that to your husband? He works hard to provide for you and the family, and you go off and have an affair with another man? That’s terrible, I didn’t raise you like that!”

“I’m not seeing another man,” I said.

She was a little puzzled at first and then asked, “Is it a woman? Are you a lesbian now?”

I rolled my eyes and said, “No.”

“Then what the hell are you taking about?” she asked.

I called Soni over to me and he trotted happily up to me wagging his tail. We looked at each other and as if he understood what I wanted he shaved his head between my legs and up my skirt. I helped him by lifting it and exposing my pussy. He was licking me now, and my mom who was stunned with big eyes and her mouth dropped suddenly screamed at me “OMGGG What are you doing Carla?”

“Soni is my new lover,” I said

“This is… your dog?”

She went to grab him and get him away, but I shouted, “Stop it, he is my lover now”.

Soni got spooked by Moms shouting and ran away out of the room. My mom stood and so did I and she slapped me across the face hard saying “How could you? How could you?” I pleaded with her to sit again and let me explain and eventually I sat her down and told her the whole story form the start.

She was pale and crying and she accused me, “So this is why you wanted me to have the kids. So you could do… this!”

I was really scared now as I had thought mom would take it better than this. It was obvious she didn’t approve, she found the whole idea disgusting. My fears rankled me as the prospect that my world would collapse. My husband will find out, my entire family, and my friends. Maybe I rushed into this, maybe I was thinking with my pussy and not my head.

She told me that she wouldn’t support me with this, and that I’m making a huge mistake. She was adamant that I should stop it before it’s too late. She said that she will bring the kids home tomorrow so I have the space to talk with Alex, if I wanted to tell him about it then so be it. If I stopped right now, she said, this will remain just between us. However if I continued with this sinful thing, she wont support me as I suffer the consequences.

She then offered to have someone take the dog and have it put down. We could tell everyone it was hit by a car. That way temptation would be gone and I can put the whole thing behind me and resume my life as a wife and mother. No one need know about this whole sordid episode. The family name doesn’t need to be shamed.

After mom left I was very conflicted thinking about what should I do. I used to love my husband but now I started to feel that I belong to Soni. I even vowed myself to him from now on. I shouldn’t let my mom to influence me but what she said rattled me. I was a grown woman who knows what is best for her, I thought. Mom may disown me at first, but I hoped she’ll think it through and maybe understand me.

Soni entered the room then and he came up to me and his head went under my dress again. He was trying to make this easier for me in his own way. I opened myself to him, wanting him to take me deeply as if taking away all the shame and guilt my mom made me feel. He went wild with deep thrusts into my cunt and with a tight grip around my stomach.

It was clear to me that I was his, and consequences be damned.


Later that day as I was cleaning up, my master wandered into the kitchen and went straight to my crotch. He licked me a few times and then eagerly I went to all fours for another round. He mounted me and we fucked there for a good twenty minutes. His appetite for fucking was staggering. In the last few weeks I found he could do it sometimes as much as five times a day.

However the moment came in the early evening when I heard my husbands car driving into our garage. We hugged and kissed as he entered the door, and I helped him with his luggage. After he settled in we chatted for an hour being happy to see each other again after so much time. We’ve never been apart for more than a week before. Soni wandered into the living room after some time and I confess I was worried about what he might do.

I expected Soni to go up and greet Alex with a wagging tail and a few licks to the face but he gave Alex nothing. He just walked over and licked my hand and then lay down opposite us with a whine. Alex was taken aback and thought that Soni seemed unhappy to see him. I just shrugged telling him that Soni and I bonded a lot lately while he was away. Also I told him that I let the kids stay at mom’s for a while to have some time to myself.

We had our dinner and after that he took a newspaper to read what was new here and I started to wash the dishes. I was still in that dress with no panties underneath and after a few minutes Soni came up from behind and put his nose under it. I stiffened as he licked me a few times and so I let myself down as if I dropped something to pick it up. I looked into Soni’s eyes and I made a shhh with my finger, as I scratched his ears. I couldn’t risk it with my husband so close.

But being my alpha dog he wasn’t going to listen and why should he? I had given it to him whenever he wanted so why should now be any different. I started to panic right then thinking I was in trouble. As I tried to calm Soni, I heard my husband saying he was going to have a shower and off to the bed after that. I got up hitting myself a little at my shoulder as I did but said, “OK honey.”

And off he went, I was so lucky that time.

As Alex went up the stairs I got down again thinking if he fucks me I’ll get caught, Then I had a great idea. I could suck him off that way I wont get knotted. I was thirsty for his seed wanting to taste him directly in my mouth and he sensed that and started to fuck my mouth eagerly. I gasped for air a few times but he kept his rhythm as if saying “Suck it bitch, don’t forget who is your master now”. This was just plain wild. Sucking off a dog a while my husband was upstairs.

After I sucked him for a while, he pulled away and paced around me whining as if he wanted something else. I looked at him whispering, “Come on!”

He refused to continue as every time I went to suck him he pulled away from me. I realised that he may want to fuck me but it was just too dangerous with my husband in the shower upstairs. Soni seemed adamant so I gave in and got on all fours presenting myself for him. He came and gave me some licks and after that he mounted me. He started in force making me gasp. If you’ve ever heard the expression fucking like a horny dog, then that’s exactly what Soni was doing.

I wanted him to cum in me fast, but not realising I had started to moan lowly. After some minutes I started to get impatient knowing that Alex was in the house. I said to Soni, “Come on Soni. Cum!”

When he finished his shower, Alex came out and he heard my moans. He thought that I was sick or something and he came quickly down the stairs looking for me. When he found me he seen something, probably the last thing he’d ever expect to see. For some moments he was like a statue but then he yelled, “What the fuck are you doing? Get him off now!”

However Soni’s knot was inside me shooting load after load of cum into me. There was no way he’d be off me for at least another ten minutes.

I began to panic inside but I was also orgasmic, and that was what Alex saw as he looked at me horrified. When he saw that I didn’t do anything about Soni he rushed forward to get him off me himself. Soni snapped at him and started to growl viciously making Alex back off in a hurry. I told Alex that his knot is inside me and we’re stuck together until it shrinks and can slide out. Alex was furious and told me he’d be waiting for me in the living room and walked out slamming the door behind him.

Guess I was sprung, again.

After Soni popped free and his cum started running out of my pussy and down my thighs he licked me clean. making me cum yet again. Such a good dog. I went into the living room and sat opposite Alex with Soni following and laying at my feet. Alex was drinking whiskey and he didn’t look happy at all. “Look Alex, I know that you’re upset, I understand but as I told you before I’ve become very close to Soni since you left.”

“You can say that again,” he said sarcastically.

“Think about it. You’ve been gone two months and I started to miss you. I was feeling lonely and Soni and I developed this relationship. I never meant it to happen, it just did. But I don’t regret it.”

He listened amazed at what I was saying. He said, “Carla, he is a fucking dog. I mean if it was another man I could deal with that. I could at least understand that. But this… this… is an abomination, not to mention illegal. The only thing I can put it down to is that you’ve gone crazy. Therefore the dog must be destroyed as soon as possible.”

“No! Alex, he is my dog… he is my… master. If you touch him I swear I’ll kill you!”

“Listen to yourself Carla, you’ve gone completely fucking nuts. You’d kill me over a dog? A fucking dog? What about our kids? What are you going to say to them when they walk in on you being fucked by that mutt. Or even worse it tries to fuck one of our kids? No, that dog is not going to live another day!” Then he stood and lunged forward to grab Soni by the collar but Soni bit him and barked and growled at him viciously. I patted Soni and he settled down again.

Alex backed off looking frightened at Soni so I said, “Look I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you. But I belong to Soni now. I’m happy for you to stay and keep the family together. Only you will never fuck me again. I promise to keep my activities away from the kids too.”

Alex shook his head, “You’ll never see your kids again. The courts will grant me custody when they hear about this. The choice is yours Carla and yours alone. It either me and the kids… or Soni. You can’t have it all. I wont let you.”

“Alex… this has nothing to do with the kids. Why are you hurting them?”

Alex had tears running down his cheeks, “I’m not the one hurting them, you are. The fact you can’t even see that breaks my heart.” Then he turned and walked out the door.

I followed him up the hallway where his luggage till sat. “Where are you going?” I asked fearfully.

He picked up his two large cases and turned to me and said, “I’m going to your mom’s to talk to her about this. Me and the kids will stay there for now. I’ll give you one week to decide and if you don’t hand over that fucking dog by then… well you’ll never see me or the kids again.” Then he was gone.

I walked back into the living room and nearly collapsed on the couch sobbing great tears. Soni came up and laid his head on my lap whining with me trying to comfort me. This night had not gone like I expected. That’s for sure. Here was the price of being Soni’s bitch. It was him or my family. It was my sexual satisfaction for my public reputation. I had a lot of thinking to do.

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Iam looking for beastsex in a bordel in denmark...please help...i need info!!!

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i have 36 my marry is usually in travel live in a firm i feel i m deprived no one satisfy my needs neither my finger nor any thing can give me satisfaction . one day i was very excited after waching a sex video i went out . riching neer the stable i found the stable men watering the horse
approtching neer him i saw some thing wich i didnt see before ore didn't take care of it it was so long so large and red it was his cock witch i didnt take care before despite i rode him often .I STAY WACHING HIM neer 10 munite not taking care of any thing else until i feared the man take care of that . i left home but the sceine didnt leave my mind .i enter the bed room i felt my self too hot my hands went down to my clit to rub him reminding that giant thing of the horse all my fingers went into my cunt i had my orgasm many times but i couldn't satisfied. what to do then ?
the stabl man was leaving at 7 now its 6.30 i couldnt stop thinking about that giant cock hopping touch him not els . time past very slowly. 6.50 i went out . the man still there . i told him he can leave if he finished . then he left . i went into stable nearing the horse i didnt see the wanderful sceine i saw before . what to do then .i was too wander . thre was only two balls and an empty poket waht a bad luck . i must leave now ?? no ther must be any thing to do . i neared more to the horse and touch his back ant fondle him gently . he didnt move and made any reaction because he is habituated of me . then my hand went towards his big balls . at first he began to move nervously

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By Amy ( )

My name is Amy and I am 19 years old, earlier this year a horrible thing happened to me that changed my life forever. Up until this time I had only ever kissed a boy, much less gone any further. I was innocent and my body was sweet, pretty, and untouched, at least until that day.

It was a warm summer day and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. So I put on my pretty new red hat and my
matching spring dress. I told my mother where I was going, just like a good girl should. To my surprise she told me to stay away from the woods near my house. When I asked why, she told me that there was a dog pack that was eating the neighborhood cats and
scaring children. I assured her that I would keep far away from the woods, but was very disappointed because this was exactly where I wanted to go. However, being a good girl I listened to my mother and went to walk in the other woods on the other side
of town.

It was a long walk and far away from any houses, but I didn’t mind since it was a nice day and as I walked a let the sun shine on my face and warm me. By the time I got to the woods it was the middle of the afternoon and I was very tired. I followed one of the trails far down into the woods, until I came across a small meadow. What a wonderful place to lay in the sun and take a nap, I thought. So I laid out the blanket I had with me and proceeded to fall into a deep sleep.

I awoke to a sharp pain on both my wrists, afraid but still disoriented I looked at my wrists and saw two large Dobermans. Each one had one of my wrists in his mouth and was forcing my hands and arms over my head. I screamed and screamed, not only because of the pain but also because I was so afraid. But I was in the woods on the other side of town, not in the woods by my house so there was no one close enough to hear me no matter how loudly I screamed. I heard a low growl coming from in front of me and looked down to see another large Doberman bearing his teeth and looking at me.

The two dogs held my hands tightly in their mouths, so I was helpless to do anything to stop this third one. My God I thought to myself, they’re going to kill me and eat me like they did the neighbourhood cats. This thought made my heart race even more then it had been and almost made me pass out. The third dog began to sniff over my body slowly, I watched as he worked his way up my legs. His wet nose sometimes touching my flesh and making me shiver in fear. As his nose reached my tight young bush he stopped, he looked up at me and I almost saw the lust and cruelness of a man in his gaze.

He bent his head under my dress and gave my innocence a long wet lick through my panties. Well of course I tried to close my legs to protect my womanhood from the beast, but he quickly began to rip at my thighs with his paws and claws. The pain was unbearable. “Please stop, please it hurts me,” I begged.

Even though I knew he could not understand me and that he would not stop if he did. Tears were running down my cheeks as I tried the best I could to resist opening my legs. I could feel the claws scrapping my legs, making large red whelps on me. He was digging into me like he would dig in dirt to bury a bone. Ripping my dress to shreds. Not being capable of standing it anymore I opened my legs, but he still scratched on either side, ripping off the rest of the dress and even shredding my panties.

I began to scream out again as loud as I could, even though I knew it wouldn’t do me any good, I also opened my legs as far as I could exposing my pussy to the dog’s lusts. Amid my screams and cries he stopped clawing and positioned himself directly between my legs, he hunkered down to block my legs from closing and starting licking me hard and fast. The rough sharp tongue began to hurt me almost instantly, my hips were bucking trying to keep the painful thing out of me. My sweet virgin hole has never been touched and now it is being abused and taken by a dog, I thought to myself.

It was almost too much to bear, the animal toyed with my pussy nipping me and licking deep inside, knowing it hurt me and liking it. All the while the other two Dobermans held my hands firmly, keeping me completely without defense. I lay there, my legs spread and being forced to accept the animal’s punishment.

The dog on my left let go of my hand and started to walk over my body, quickly I tried to lower the hand to protect my pussy from the tongue that was tearing it apart. The dog on the left gave me a hard nip on the hand and helplessly I returned it over my head. Now the dog on the right also let go and moved down my body. Completely helpless, the three behemoths were now free to violate my body to their delight, with no way for me to stop them. I was far to afraid to try and protect myself again knowing that they would bite and hurt me.

The other two dogs free of holding my hands now took up positions on either side of me and began to rip off the top portion of my dress, in an instant they were through my dress and gnawing off my bra. I laid very still afraid of being nipped, while they quickly began to harshly lick my breasts. My firm young breasts and nipples were being roughly treated by their tongues. I arched my back as the dog at my pussy again gave my pussy lips a hard nip, making me yelp in pain.

My pussy was being filled with the dogs spittle as my breasts were being abused by the other two animals. My nipples began to grow hard by instinct, giving the merciless rapists the perfect targets to nip and abuse. Screaming in pain as my body was abused from all sectors, unable to defend my frail sex organs.

The dog on my right seeing my mouth open and inviting rammed his muzzle into my mouth, licking deep into my throat. I tried and tried to get him out, but his muzzle forced the back of my head against the ground and he took pleasure in my mouth, while the other two were content to keep abusing my other parts. My pussy and tits sore and red from abuse as my mouth was violated from the long tongue, so much pain, and I knew it was only the beginning.

The dog at my breasts began nipping harder and harder, making me scream on the other dog’s tongue and causing a trickle of blood to come from the nipple. Not knowing what to do, but knowing that I did not want my tit eaten off I reached down and began to stroke his cock, hoping to calm him some. He flinched and growled when I first touched him, but quickly got to humping my hand, he also abused my breast slightly less.

I felt like such a slut, here I was being tongue licked in the cunt, mouth, and breast by dogs and now I had to masturbate one of them. My pussy couldn’t take any more punishment and my legs closed harder and harder around the dog. This must have made him angry because he nipped my pussy very hard and made me almost swallow the other dog’s tongue during my scream. The one in my hand began to grow and the cock came out of its skin, he was huge much larger then I thought anyone or anything got.

The dog at my pussy, still angry backed away and began to growl loudly, I knew then that he must have been the leader because the other dogs also backed away from me. What are they going to do to me now, I thought. Oh no not
that they couldn’t be thinking of doing THAT.

The dog at my head took a mouthful of my hair and pulled upwards, causing so much pain. The leader took my left leg in his mouth and began to pull me over. The combined effect made me roll over onto my stomach and raise up on my hands. I hard nip on my ass quickly got it in the air also. I knew they would have me as they wished and that there was nothing I could do to stop them. Tears ran down my face as I was about to take my fate.

The leader mounted my back and wrapped his strong paws around my waist, his weight held me in place unable to move. I could feel his wet cock growing and touching the side of my ass. The leader began to rock against my ass, making his cock grow to an enormous size. One dog licked my dangling breast as the other licked my face and lips. I tried to keep the dog at my fronts tongue out of my mouth, but he followed and toyed with my face.

The dog at my breast would nip me to make me scream and open the way for the dog at my fronts cruel tongue. The leader positioned his now huge hard cock at my tender pussy, he rocked into it and I screamed in agony. It hit my pussy and blunted against my hymen. Again he rocked this time harder and my hymen burst open, lubricating his way with my blood. The dog at my front was Frenching my mouth good as I screamed, taking me as he wished, the other dog also seemed to enjoy my swaying breasts as their leader entered me.

The leader slowly, painfully fed his huge meat into me, my virginity had been taken by a dog. The dog on my breast began to nip harshly again and I knew what he wanted, I scooped up his still semi-hard cock and began to jerk him.

The leader built up a good rhythm inside my and continued to stretch my pussy to its limits. The dog at my mouth decided to complete my humiliation and mounted my front, his large disgusting cock right in my face. Moaning in pain from the violation of my pussy made my mouth an easy target for his cock, and he wasted little time in slamming it deep into me. I could taste the salty precum as he worked it against the back of my throat, it gagged me badly. Both dog’s knots filled my poor abused body, locking my helplessly.

The leader and dog in my mouth forced me to work between them now. The leader would ram me hard with his powerful legs forcing me deep onto the dog cock in my mouth, then the dog I was sucking would thrust back and force my pussy deeper onto the huge leader’s dick. Being forced to be made into their rape bitch, being gagged and stuffed by the cocks as I was forced to jerk off the third. The dog in my mouth began to moan and jerk erratically, his cock throbbing inside me. While without my consent my pussy began to respond to the cock abusing it, grabbing it and massaging the massive muscle.

The dog cock in my mouth seemed to explode and hot cum ran down my throat and out of my nose, I gagged and coughed as it filled me. The dog removed himself from my mouth and walked a short distance away to clean off his abusive cock. My mouth was only free for an instant as the dog I was jerking left my breasts and mounted my face. He growled menacingly and I knew what I had to do. I began to lick the cock with my tongue, tasting the precum and almost vomiting. The leader continued to rape my pussy as the new dog sampled my mouth.

He thrust his cock at my mouth like a dagger, I tried to avoid it hoping a lick job would be enough, but he growled and I knew I had to take him in my throat. His knot was already formed from my handjob and so when he shoved his cock in my throat the knot hit my lip and bloodied it. I tried to scream, but my mouth and face were engorged with the huge cock. I could feel my pussy working the leader’s cock now and I could also feel a stirring deep inside of me. Please God, I thought. I can’t cum….my first orgasm can’t be while I’m raped by dog cocks.

But my bodies mind was made up and the stirring got stronger, I noticed as it did that I began to take the dog in my mouth deeper, and used my tongue to lick the underside of his huge malehood. Licking harder and the cock going deeper and deeper as the cock in my pussy continued to control and win me over. The leader’s cock pitoning in and out of my well overstuffed pussy. Moaning on the cock, not being able to take anymore.

So many cocks, so hard, and me so helpless. They were turning me into their slut, making me enjoy their cocks. I screamed out as I had the first and strongest orgasm of my life, continuing to suck the huge dog cock and stroke it with my hand as I did. The leader let out a low growl and spilled his hot seed deep into me, overcoming my capacity and it running down the back of my legs. Still sucking, the leader just held in me until his knot subsided, then with a pop he was out.

I was crying now as my orgasm had passed and I realized what a slut they had made me in the throws of orgasm. I guess since I wasn’t sucking as good the third dog figured he would finish off in my cum covered cunt. He left my mouth and walked behind me, I was gasping for air and weeping, in no condition to plan an escape, so I just held still. He mounted me and found my hole, now gaping from the leaders large knot.

He was in me and pumping away furiously, as he did the leader came around to my face and put his blood and cum covered cock to my lips. He growled and there was no doubt what he wanted. Disgusted to the core I began to clean off the cock that raped me and took my virginity. I could taste the blood and dog cum on it, and far worse I could taste my pussy juices on it, still more proof of what a slut they had made me.

The dog at my pussy was again making me respond, there was nothing I could do. His large hot cock ramming in and out of me so forceful and strong, caused a reaction in my pussy that spread throughout my body. I licked the leaders cock and enjoyed it as he smeared the cummy thing on my face, again I was coming and again I was a slut.

The first dog that came must have recovered his lust because now he was over and making me lick him also, I was moaning as I came and was being forced to pleasure the two other cocks with my mouth. The dog in my pussy spurted his hot load into me and again I came to me senses, it was horrible like a lust filled insanity followed by unbearable guilt that the animals were making me cum. Making me enjoy their rapes.

The dog that came first now walked down, being the only one not to have fucked me (he made me suck him and came in my mouth). The dog that had just cum dismounted and the new rapist hopped up on me. My pussy was stretched horribly, so the dog aimed abit higher, slamming his cock into my ass. I was still being forced to lick and suck the leader as my ass ring was stretched and violated. The cock painfully went into me, and within moments the knot was butting its way inside.

It hurt me so very bad, but made me stir also. Licking the leader’s large cock running my tongue from knot to tip and back again, my chin and pussy dripping from cum. Moaning from the ass rape and sucking harder, "yeah fuck me good," I whimpered. Almost instantly I felt the guilt but forced it back as I was being taken and being made to enjoy it. I began to scream loudly for them to fuck me more, for them to all take me at once and to make me their slut.

“Fuck me Fuck me, more please,” I begged.

They all took me several more times, raping my mouth, ass, and face. After about an hour I passed out and awoke to find them gone, who knows how many times they fucked me while I was out. I did know that they had all pissed on me before they left, so I was a mess; covered with cum and urine, clothes tattered and destroyed. I sneaked along the woods back to my house, got inside and showered and changed so that my mom never knew a thing.

So that is my story, now every warm afternoon I walk to these woods and lay in the sun on the blanket, hoping I will be awakened by the sharp pain on my wrist of my rapist dog’s teeth. Ready and hoping to be made their bitch again.

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This is an account of what my neighbour gave me for my 32nd birthday. My husband had left on cruise (he is in the Navy) only two weeks earlier. I missed him dearly and would often masturbate at night thinking about him shoving his hot cock into me while he sucked on my 35C tits. My neighbour Lynn who lived just up the street had bought me my birthday present before he left, Thor; a large Black Great Dane. We had talked about getting a dog and since we had a big yard, we had decided it could be a large one. Lynn trains Danes for a living and when she found out we were considering getting one she gave me Thor, saying that he was specially trained just for me and he would not be a problem while my husband was gone, or while I was at work.

On the morning of my birthday I got up a little late after abusing my alarms snooze button. While in the shower I began to fantasise that my husband was in the shower with me. My hands caressed my hair, my face and on down to my breasts. I slowly moved down my belly to run my fingers through my pubic mound. I parted my cunt lips and let the hot water flow over my clit. It started to swell as I squeezed it between my fingers. I was soon gushing from a tremendous orgasm. Too bad my husband wasn’t there; he could have helped with the throbbing between my legs. Getting dressed, I put on my sexy black half-cup bra, pinching my nipples lightly as my tits stood out, held up by the bra.

Then I put on a tight sweater pulling it over me slowly so the material grazed my nipples hardening them even more and heating my pussy up slightly again. On the bottom I started with black garter and fishnet stockings, though as usual I passed on wearing panties and went right to putting on a short black skirt. The phone rang; it was my husband calling from Hawaii. We talked for a few minutes, and I said I needed to finish getting dressed for work. He said that he should have been here so he could have pounded my sweet pussy before I left for work.

My husband asked me whether I was wet now and I said that my pussy lips were large and hanging down like a pink tongue panting to be fucked good and hard. He said that his cock was as hard as a steel bar and that if he were there he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from pushing me down onto the ground and forcing his prick into my tight little hole. He said he couldn’t stop himself from stroking his tool at the thought of my hungry slit. I closed my eyes and lay back on the bed so my legs were hanging over the edge.

Spreading my legs wide apart I started to rub my pussy as I told him how I’d grind my soaking mound against his pounding cock and beg to be fucked even harder. I hadn’t noticed Thor come into the room and was rising to an orgasm as my husband talked about shutting me up by keeping my mouth busy swallowing cum.

I dropped the phone in shock as Thor’s rough tongue licked my drenched lips and bolts of pleasure shot through my body. My legs clamped shut around the dogs head but he kept on slurping up my juices, his rough tongue ravaging my cunt as the thunderous orgasm carried me away. I was trying to push him back as wave after orgasmic wave rolled over me, but my arms grew weak. My legs however, held his head like a vice under the control of my lust.

My cunt, like a hungry slut, was trying to suck that giant tongue inside, and my struggling and my shaking body kept his big nose and tongue banging against my clit and lips, extending my orgasm longer and longer until I collapsed back onto the bed like a rag doll. My husbands voice brought me back to reality after I don’t know how long and I reached over and picked up the phone. He said he heard my gasps and screams and that it had lead to a great orgasm for him as well.

I looked around the room but Thor was nowhere to be found, and thinking it better not to mention the dog, said to my husband that it was great for me too. He said that he didn’t want to hold me up any longer and I ought to finish getting ready for work, but that he loved me and hoped I had a great birthday even if we weren’t together. I told him I loved him too and hung up the phone. My head was reeling but I couldn’t take the time to stop and process what had just happened to me, I had to get to work.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I finished getting dressed. The tight sweater and skirt showed off my 35-24-37 figure very well, and the guys at the office I worked at in the city were always trying to get me to go out with them while my husband was away. I always declined, but loved seeing the horny looks they gave me when I would bend over to show them my tits or ass or lift my skirt to straighten my garter or hose and show a co-worker some muff.

Now however, the thoughts that crept in were those of Thor’s head up under my skirt forcing that insistent tongue of his into my pussy and licking me to wild orgasms. I pushed the thoughts away, I would have to deal with them later as I was now really late for work. As I picked up my briefcase and purse, Thor sat in front of the door, a weird gleam in his green eyes.

Angry and still a little confused from what had just happened I told him to move, and that I didn’t have time to play. He just sat there and looked at me, not moving a muscle. I swatted at him and to my surprise he lunged at me, knocking me back to the floor. “Damn you Thor!”, I yelled, “What has gotten into you?”. I got up and, regaining my composure, put my hands on my hips with a stern look on my face, hoping that would make him move. I stepped forward and again tried to move the dog. He lunged again, knocking my on my ass again.

I screamed, but realised that there was no one to hear me. I rolled over onto my hands and knees to get up when I felt something wet and warm on my thighs. I looked back and there was Thor licking my legs.

I brought my hand back to swat him, but he caught my hand in his mouth and lightly bit down on it. I was petrified. Here was my sworn protector attacking me. I had visions in my head of him ripping my throat out and eating me alive, after all Thor stood over 3 feet at the shoulder. He released my hand and began to lick my legs again.

Angry and frustrated, I kicked backwards trying to stun him long enough to get out of my house, but my kick only infuriated him. He lunged forward, grabbing a large hunk of my skirt in his gaping maw, ripping it partly from my body. I cried out in horror and rolled over onto my back, putting my hands up in front of me to protect myself.

My legs had spread to support me, and my torn skirt rode up around my waist exposing my recently ravaged and somewhat swollen mound. His green eyes seemed to pierce my very soul. Slowly I inched myself into a corner of the living room. I desperately looked around for something to help me defend myself from the dog. He slowly came toward me, drool dripping from his open mouth. That thick tongue of his hung out the side of his mouth and his white teeth looked very sharp and cruel.

He lunged again, this time his front paws landing by my sides, his sharp teeth grabbing hold of my sweater. Jerking his head back and forth he ripped part of the sweater from my chest, exposing my breasts. The half-cup bra still held my tits out firm, the nipples exposed to the air. He swung his head side to side, throwing the piece of cloth across the room and turned back toward me.

I closed my eyes, not wanting to see what he was going to due next. I figured I was dead. I could feel his hot, moist breath on my chest, then his tongue bathed my left breast in a wash of drool and slobber.

I opened my eyes. His tongue washed against my chest again, hitting both tits at once. I tried to deny it, but I was getting aroused. As my nipples hardened I brushed Thor away from me. Thinking I’d crawl into the bedroom and just close the door after I slipped through, I started to roll over. Big mistake.

As soon as I got onto my hands and knees, Thor gave a light but firm bite on my now exposed butt and let off a low growl. I froze, and dread filled me as I looked back between his legs. Sure enough there was about four inches of red dog cock protruding from the hairy sheath between his legs. What did this dog think I was some bitch in heat?

I let out a gasp as his wet nose brushed against my asshole and moved down to my slit. His big tongue washed over my cunt and ass as I shivered at the feel of his hot drool running down my thigh. His tongue bathed my pussy and rubbed my clit like a wet wash cloth. A moan escaped my lips. I never thought that I would be getting turned on by an animal wanting to have sex with me, but my pussy was turning traitor on me. Thoughts of grinding my cunt onto that big tongue and his fat canine cock filling my little pussy were invading my mind.

Still on my hands and knees I tried to slowly inch away and again received a firm bite, this time on my upper thigh coupled with a low growl that told me Thor was going to fuck me and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

With my pussy and ass soaked with his saliva, Thor began to mount me. I was frozen with fear and fascination. As he climbed on top of me I could see his huge red cock, it’s head the size of a plum, now sticking out of its sheath more like 7 or 8 inches, and I knew he would never be able to get that thing into my cunt. I tried to relax as much as possible, hunching my shoulders down so that my ass stuck up in the air, leaving me all the more open, telling myself that I was doing it because if I tensed up his monster cock would rip my vaginal flesh, not because I wanted to feel his big fat pole force my lips open farther than ever before and fill me completely.

At first the huge cock just banged against my upper thighs and I thought by squirming I might get away yet, but Thor adjusted himself and his insistent thrusts were soon pounding that huge knob against my asshole. For fear (Or so I told myself.) it would end up there I began working my pussy in its place. With his hot steamy breath beating against the back of my neck and my nipples grazing against the carpet as the bulk of the beast rocked against me I couldn’t stop my body from betraying me. My cunt was swelling and became soaked in my juices. Suddenly my eyes flew wide open and I gasped as I felt the enormous head of the dog cock thumping around my pussy. “I-I’m about to be taken by a beast!” I thought. I gasped even louder when the dog found it’s target and started to force it’s cock in.

I could feel the hard muscles of his thighs pressed up against my ass working as Thor relentlessly jabbed his big cock again and again against my pussy, forcing my engorged lips apart. “No, this can’t be happening!” I thought. “I’m being taken by a dog! ” I groaned as each hammering thrust took his huge canine shaft deeper into my now soaking wet hole. I thought I was going to be turned inside out, but my cunt was swallowing inch after inch of the brute’s tool. My body rocked under the weight of the beast.

With each pounding thrust, I could feel the fat head of his pole slamming into my cervix, and as the savage fucking continued my eyes rolled back and I stopped denying the horrible pleasure of being impaled on the dog’s giant tool. It was at least twice as big as my husbands, and the vicious way in which the dog fucked me stretched the walls of my pussy like never before, filling my drenched cunt to the point where it finally took me over the edge to a shuddering orgasm.

Thor was now fucking me at a frantic pace, his heavy balls slapping against my engorged clit, and suddenly I felt something huge starting to spread even wider my already stretched to the limit pussy. Thor’s root started to enter me. I felt like I was being ripped apart, but I was helpless to stop him as his powerful thrusts slammed the knot at the base of his huge prick into my cunt. My drooping head shot up, my eyes rolled back, and my whole body tensed. He continued to hammer his shaft into me until I was fully impaled by Thor’s dog cock, root and all. Thor continued his brutal fucking of me like I was just some lowly bitch he had found.

I was now gasping, panting, and moaning loudly. My head rocked wildly, and I lewdly started pumping back, savouring the fucking of a kind I had never experienced before. I was a dog’s bitch and I knew it. I didn’t care about anything except being fucked, and fucked hard. I came and came. I cried out “Fuck me Thor, fuck me!”. I felt so dirty having this dog bring me off again and again. Soon he stiffened and his huge shaft swelled as he shot his animal cum deep inside me. Thor didn’t finish shooting his seed into me for almost a minute, unloading all the cum that had been stored in his huge dog balls for god knows how long. I finally started coming down about a minute after that. Suddenly realising where I was and what I had done I tried to move forward and pull Thor out of me.

I was shocked to find I could not. Thor’s huge dog cock was securely fastened into me. I freaked. “Oh no! What’s going on?! He’s stuck in me!” I thought. “This is it! This is my punishment for allowing a dog; a beast…to take me!” I allowed the dog to enter me, and after a time, willingly gave myself to him. Now, here I was hunched over on my hands and knees. What would my husband think? Here I was, just cheating on him, with a dog no less. On my hands and knees in our living room, impaled by a huge dog cock, a cock twice the size of his, on my hands and knees like a dog’s mate, a bitch, on my hands and knees, impaled by a huge,.. It was this thought that triggered my next orgasm.

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The Shortcut Home

by ghandi

“To find the derivative of something like x^3, take the exponent, put it at the front, and subtract one from that exponent. That’d be 3x^2,” a voice said in the back of Ellen’s mind.

Eighteen-year old Ellen Cavendish sat in Intro to Calculus, half-listening to the teacher. Finding herself utterly unable to concentrate on the teacher, she turned her attention to more interesting things; like drawing people, flowers, and whatever else came to mind in her notebook. The boredom of sitting still for the last hour filled her mind. The only redeeming thought was that it would be over in just five minutes, then she could go home.

“Why is everything in my life so boring?” she thought to herself, “I wish I had a little spice in my life.” Ellen had plenty of friends, but in her small town of 1,500 people, there wasn’t much to do with them. Hanging out was only interesting for so long.

Ellen was shaken out of her thoughts by the ringing of the bell. Freedom. She packed up her belongings and stuffed them into her backpack. She didn’t have any homework, but she always brought her books home anyway, just to make her parents happy. Going out into the hall, she lingered in college a moment longer to make conversation with some of her friends and to be hit on by a couple of boys. The boys had taken an interest in her ever since she hit puberty. Her slim, shapely figure and early development of her breasts had made her a hit with the opposite sex. Add in silky-smooth, bright blond hair and cute face, and what do you get? A very sexy girl.

Ellen reciprocated, too. She even had sex several times with one special boy, John. He moved away last year. Since then she simply didn’t have the urge to do it with any of the other boys at her college anymore. Ellen had always been one of the most intelligent and mature students at her college. This actually posed a problem for her sex drive, since she simply couldn’t bring herself to be interested in an immature or intellectually inferior boy. She appreciated their attention, though.

With nothing else to do around college, she left and headed for home. For her it was a two-mile, half-an-hour walk. Her typical route followed roads most of the time, but took a shortcut through a field with high grasses.

Halfway through the field Ellen spotted a dog in her path. It was a large German Shepherd. It didn’t make any aggressive moves towards her or growl, so she didn’t feel any danger. Taking a closer look, she noticed it didn’t have any collar on, thought its fur looked clean and well-kept.

“Hello, boy,” she said in a soft, calming voice, “Where did you come from? Are you lost?”

Ellen had always had a deep compassion for animals, and her heart went out to the big dog. Surely it had a home to go home to. She slowly made her way over to the dog, being careful not to spook him. The entire way she tried to soothe him by talking to him softly, and holding her hands out invitingly. Her efforts were rewarded: she got all the way to him. He didn’t run away or growl in warning.

“Are you someone’s pet, boy?” she cooed as she petted him.

While she stood there petting him and talking to him softly for some time, Ellen thought about what she should do with him. She couldn’t take him home, since her parents had no tolerance for pets of any kind. She couldn’t take him to an animal shelter, since her town didn’t have one.

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when the huge German Shepherd leapt up at her, licking her face and knocked her onto her back. Since it was May, it’s quite warm, and Ellen wore a short skirt to college that day. Now that skirt rode up around her waist, and her legs reflexively spread to help her try to break her fall. The dog took this opportunity to use her pussy, which was now being covered with only a thin layer of cloth. Startled, it took her several seconds to realize what he was doing.

“Bad boy! You can’t lick me there. That’s wrong. Stop,” Ellen cried.

He either didn’t understand her or didn’t care. He just kept on licking her crotch through the panties. Instinctively, she closed her legs. The huge dog growled in response.

Realising that he could probably kill her with a single bite to the neck, she fearfully opened her legs. He immediately resumed his licking. It didn’t take long before her panties were soaked with his saliva. Ellen was very scared, and had no sexual interest in dogs. Despite her lack of interest a desire began to stir deep within her. He began to lick her panties into her pussy lips. She couldn’t deny that it felt great.

“How long is this going to last?” She asked more to herself than to him. Moments later, he dexterously grabbed hold of her panties with his teeth and tore them open. Amazingly Ellen was totally unharmed. Now with her privates exposed and vulnerable she finally made her realize what he was about to do. This was not going to end any time soon. He wanted to be satisfied. Horrified, Ellen began to back away from him. A loud growl and a gentle but pain nip on the leg let her know that he meant business. She stopped dead in her tracks.

He now had full access to her vagina. He greedily started licking all around and even into her hairless pussy. The rough wetness of his tongue rhythmically scraped against her clitoris. If she wasn’t aroused before, she was now. Every fibre of her being knew that this was wrong, and yet her primal instincts still couldn’t resist the sexual stimulation this animal was providing her. Ellen began to pant and moan under his continued assault on her clitoris and invasion of her vagina with his tongue. It didn’t take long before her lubricating juices began to flow on their own and the German Shepherd eagerly explored her pussy, seeking them out. He relentlessly lapped them up.

Despite all the pleasure she felt, she knew she couldn’t let him go any further, at least at the intellectual, civilised level. In her mind, she formulated a plan for escape. She would twist around and get up, then make a run for it. Even if she didn’t make it back to her house, almost anything was better than getting raped by a dog. Maybe, she thought, she could find a tree branch or big stone to use as a weapon to scare him off with.

Ellen made her move. She twisted around and got on her hands and knees. Just before she was able to get fully to her feet, she felt his powerful forepaws wrap around her slim waist. His weight was like an anchor and she sunk back to her hands and knees with him on top. His rough paws scratched her sensitive sides, and his course stomach hair brushed against her back. She struggled valiantly for a minute, but there was no way she, a 110-pound girl, could get him, a 190-pound dog, off of her.

“Great escape, Ellen. Way to go,” she thought to herself. “What’s he going to do now?”

That’s when she felt the tip of his cock touch her bare thigh. She hadn’t realised that he would try to actually penetrate her. She didn’t think such a thing was even possible between a dog and a human, but here she was. Ellen looked down between her hands and knees and saw it. It was huge. It was at least nine inches long, bright red, and glistening wetly.

“Oh fuck! I can’t let this happen to me!” She struggled with all her might, but all that did was exhaust her. Once she finished struggling, the victorious dog began to try to find her pussy. Ellen’s pussy was wet and open from her earlier stimulation. It was ready, even if she was not. He was used to the height a pussy was on a bitch, not a human, so he kept jabbing and missing. Each jab he went a little higher, until finally he hit what he was searching for, Ellen’s pussy. Ellen let out a cry of despair, finally resigning herself to what was about to happen.

After entering her, the German Shepherd made a quick series of thrusts, which pushed his entire cock deep into her. His cock now fully inside her, Ellen could feel the tip of his cock pushing against her cervix. At first the stretching of her pussy hurt a lot, but before long it subsided. She had to admit, this felt totally unlike her experience with John. This dog’s cock felt hot inside her. Strangely enough, that heat felt very erotic, and only heightened her pleasure. This dog was almost larger than John, filling her fully and completely.

Finally comfortable and situated, the dog began to hump her at a rapid pace. In and out. In and out. Every time he pushed fully into her, the tip of his cock would press against her cervix, and the fur at the base of his cock would brush against her clit, which by this time was engorged in arousal. Her mid-sized tits jiggled back and forth with every hump, and her nipples hardened. The pleasure rapidly built within her. Before long she couldn’t help herself, and she began to hump back at him. Feeling something wet hit her neck, Ellen looked up at him.

His tongue was hanging out of his mouth and was dripping his saliva all over her hair and neck. At this point, Ellen was so horny to be past all reason and morals. She opened her mouth and let some of his saliva drop into it. Surprisingly, it tasted good to her. The thought of performing such a taboo act hit her then, and pushed her over the edge into oblivion. She orgasmed. Hard. She screamed out in bliss for what seemed like forever.

The sounds of her screams were muffled by the old-growth trees surrounding the field. No one would be hearing them. The orgasm seemingly made every muscle in her body fire spasmodically, and still the dog continued to hump. Seconds after the orgasm subsided, she felt a pressure developing at the base of his penis, just outside of her pussy– his knot.

A sudden fear of being torn apart by it seized Ellen. She took hold of the base of his cock to prevent it from entering her. It felt hard, hot, and a slightly slimy. It continued to grow until it was almost as big as a baseball. Then his frantic pace slowed to a stop. Thinking it was over, she let go of his cock. Suddenly, he pushed forward with tremendous force, almost knocking her face into the ground. The huge knot pushed itself halfway into her. Before she could stop him, he humped again and it was pushed the rest of the way into her vagina, where it lodged itself. Her pussy hurt, as it was stretched to unbelievable proportions to allow the knot to enter.

The huge dog humped a couple more times, softly, then stopped and seemed to tense up. He howled, and she felt his cock begin to spew cum deep into her womb. His cum was even hotter than his cock and it boiled deliciously into her. He continued to spurt cum into her for what seemed like forever. Ellen felt their combined juices running down her leg. Finally it stopped. The huge dog let out a contented sigh, and licked her neck affectionately. After a beat, he tried to pull out of her, but his knot held him it, and it caused her some pain.

“How could I let this happen to me?” She thought. “I’ve got to get out of here.” He tried to pull away quickly, hoping it would yank out. The knot held fast however, and pain shot through her abused pussy. She almost panicked, but realised that if she struggled it would only hurt her more. Reluctantly she resigned herself to waiting it out. It had to go down eventually, right?

After a minute, his cock shrivelled inside her, but his knot stayed inflamed. He kept dribbling cum into her slowly, and by now the back of her hair was soaked with his drool. Ellen ignored it and waited impatiently. Twenty minutes later she tried to put it out again. With a wet pop it slid out of her. The pop was followed by a gush of their combined juices down her legs.

Realising she was free, she shuffled out from under the big dog as fast as she could. He looked at her for a moment, and then ran off into the high grass. All alone, Ellen broke down. A loud sob escaped her mouth, and she collapsed onto the soft grass.

“What could be more humiliating or awful? I can’t even tell a single person about this. If anyone ever knew…” Ellen cried. After a few minutes, she gathered her emotions, and decided to get home and clean up before her parents could find out. She quickly gathered up her belongings and torn panties and headed home. She walked with her legs spread widely. Walking normally hurt her abused pussy.

When she arrived home she saw her mom’s car in the driveway. Shit, how late am I, she thought.

Knowing that she must look like shit, she crept into her bedroom window as quietly as she could. Silently, she changed her cloths then made her way to the bathroom. Before she made it there, her mum saw and intercepted her.

“Oh there you, you’re late– what happened to you? You’re all dirty.” Her mom asked, with genuine concern in her voice.

“Uh… I stayed late to go over some things with my one teacher, uh, on the way home I tripped on a branch and fell,” Ellen replied as convincingly as possible.

“Are you sure you’re OK? Well, get a shower,” her mom said. Ellen exhaled in relief. “I’m making dinner now. Your father is working late, so we’ll be on our own tonight.”

Ellen took a long hot shower. The water felt great, washing all the dirt and grime of her traumatising experience from her tired body. After the shower she ate dinner and spent the night with her mom, watching TV and chatting as casually as she was able.

Night came, and Ellen lay in her bed, thinking. She touched herself gently on her nether lips and realised that the dog hadn’t actually hurt her permanently in any way. In fact, he had never acted threatening; as long as she had done what he wanted. She pushed her finger further into her vagina. His cum filling her had felt so… good. I bet there is still a ton of his sperm swimming around within me.

“What is wrong with me? Having sex with dogs is wrong. And yet… It felt good. That, I cannot deny. If it felt good, what is so bad about it? He’s a fucking animal,” she argued back and forth with herself in her thoughts.

After thinking about it for almost an hour, she decided to go through the field again the next day on the way home. If the dog was there, she’d give herself to him freely. The pleasure he gave her was too good a thing to pass by. With those thoughts in mind, she finally let herself fall into deep sleep.


Ellen woke the next morning feeling more content and rested than she had been in a long time. She was still a little achy, but in a way it made her feel more alive. Slowly she got up and got dressed. Today she decided to wear another skirt, this one slightly shorter than the one she wore yesterday, and a white blouse. After getting dressed, she followed the smell of breakfast in the kitchen, where her mother was making bacon and eggs.

“‘Morning, mom.”

“Good morning, Hun,” her mom replied, smiling.

Soon after Ellen came out, her father did too. They greeted each other and they all sat down to eat. Stuffed, she got up from the table, retrieved her books from her room, said goodbye to her parents, and began her walk to college. This time she avoided the field, not wanting to run into the dog again prematurely.

Ellen’s day at college progressed like almost any other. This time, however, she thought about her episode with the German Shepherd the entire day, even drawing pictures of him in several classes. At lunch she paid half-attention to the conversations her friends were having. Several periods later, she was delighted to hear the sound of the last bell. Ellen already had her belongings packed up, and she rushed out of college, not stopping to chat with anyone. Her friends looked at each other and wondered why Ellen was acting so strange that day. Ellen walked to the field as fast as she could without arousing suspicion from anyone. Finally she got to the place she met the dog the day before.

“Dog? Are you here?” she called, thinking she’d have to name him soon. It just wasn’t right to be fucked by someone or something without knowing their name. Ellen decided to wait. She was a couple of minutes earlier than she had been the previous day. While she waited, she set her backpack down, and took off her panties. Recalling the day before, she began to get wet. She had been reluctant then, even raped, but now she was here on her own free will. Getting hornier by the minute, she laid down on a particularly soft looking tuft of grass and began to finger herself.

A few minutes later, at almost the same time as yesterday, he came out of the high grass. The huge German Shepherd looked at her, barked his greeting, then ran over to her. He nuzzled her playfully. Elen petted him, and he licked her face several times, getting saliva all over it. Not one to waste time, Ellen spread her legs and invited him to feast upon her.

“Here, boy. I’ve got something for you I know you’ll love.”

He didn’t waste any time either. Before Ellen knew it, his tongue was buried deep inside her pussy. His tongue wiggled around inside of her and Ellen squirmed in pleasure. In a few short minutes, she could feel the orgasm nearing. His rough dog tongue constantly stimulated her clit, making waves of pleasure spread through her entire body and her spine tingle. The orgasm hit her like a sack of bricks. Ellen arched her back, spread her legs as far as she could, and screamed in ecstasy. Her screams echoed off the trees surrounded the field and made a flock of birds fly into the air. Her vision blurred and got dark, she was that close to passing out. Unconsciously, she wrapped her legs around the dog’s head and pushed him into her deeper.

Finally coming down from her five-minute orgasm, she decided it was time for him to fuck her. He had certainly earned it. Ellen flipped around and climbed onto her hands and knees. The huge dog backed away for a moment, then mounted her, and wrapped his front paws around her waist. Ellen looked up at him, smiled, and kissed him. With one of her hands she reached down behind her and grabbed his red, hot cock, which had already emerged from its sheath. Carefully, she aligned it with her gaping, ready pussy.

“Oh God, it’s so much better when I’m willing… Okay, now fuck my brains out,” She said to him.

As if he understood her, the dog plunged his entire red cock deep into her vagina. Before long he began to thrust in and out of her wet pussy, slowly at first, but rapidly picking up speed. His rough fur brushed incessantly against her sensitive clitoris and her spine tingled pleasurably. Ellen humped him back eagerly, and soon they developed a rhythm together. With the constant stimulation of his fur on her skin, and his cock within her, Ellen didn’t last long. She came hard, and clamped down on his cock with her vaginal muscles. Her world exploded as the bliss consumed her.

“Ahhh! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Yes!” she cried.

Ellen came down from her orgasm, but the dog continued to fuck her at a frantic pace. Minutes later she came again. Not as powerful as her first, but far more powerful than anything she had experienced before yesterday. By this time her hair was again full of his saliva, which his tongue continued to drip down onto her hair and neck.

Getting close to coming himself, his knot began to swell inside of her, and his whole body tensed up. Prepared for it, his knot didn’t hurt as much as yesterday. After some initial discomfort, her pleasure began to increase from the tightness and fullness. Once the knot swelled fully, Ellen’s fate was sealed. He was going to cum into her deep, and there was nothing she could do about it. The German Shepherd growled, then began to unload his dog cum into her. The viscous fluid invaded her most intimate parts, seeping throughout her vagina and uterus. The feeling of that delicious heat filling her made her cum hard, one last time.

Both of them finally exhausted, they rested together, waiting for his knot to deflate. While they waited, Ellen tongue-kissed the dog, getting saliva all over her face in the process. Half an hour later, his knot finally came out, emitting a wet popping sound as it did. Fluids gushed, but she tried to keep as much of their combined juices in her by raising her back-end and lowering her head to the ground.

“I want to keep as much of you in me for as long as I can,” she said to the great dog.

Petting him affectionately she said, “I think I’m going to call you King. King, from now on I’m going to come here every day I can after college. From now on, I’m your bitch. You can fuck me and cum in me all you want.”

The End

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